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Standyou Core Features


We integrate our data analysis technique and developed parameters, with the verified data of the coaching institutes. Standyou creates an ecosystem where parents and students can take informed decision based on verified and trusted data.

Our platform

Standyou is a platform, where institutes exhibit their academic performance, selection results, institute information, batch information, achievements based on more than 60 parameters. We help in cracking engineering and medical exams, through data analysis of the coaching institutes and student records.

Our system

Standyou is not a classified or sponsored listing platform for any institute. Standyou does not provide advertisement platform, to any University, collage, coaching institute, books, exams or any other brand. we understand the value of students dreams thus all the data, profile and rankings are based on the verified and evident data, which can be fully trusted by the students and their parents.

Rating and review

The entire system of Standyou, is based on the accuracy and relevancy of information. Information on selection results, academic performance, institute information, batch information, achievements and other relevant information’s being presented for every listed institute. Standyou is a platform, where verified students rate and review the institutes on various parameters.

Data into conclusion

Standyou turns data into conclusion and allow students to take informed decision, according to their academic, reginal and financial requirement. We develop ranking of the institutes after data analysis, on the basis of rating and review, number of selections, percentage of sections, which can be filtered according to the regional preference.

Our approach

We analyse the academic records and requirements of the student, to provide best possible options of the institutes, to the student, after profile analysis of the institute. We give insights to the institutes for improvement, in teaching system, administrative system, test series and reading material, infrastructure and other suggestions, based on rating and review of students and parents.

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