Standyou is a course program discovery and an end-to-end scholarship-based admission processing platform that empowers students around the world to apply for scholarship-based international educational institutions, grants, and affordable educational opportunities available globally. Our end-to-end data-driven platform helps undergraduate and postgraduate students select the right course program and apply for the most affordable course programs worldwide. Our data-enabled platform and the team of experts help make the student’s profile fit for public universities, scholarship-based private universities, and external scholarships and grants. Our common application makes the application process easy, fast and affordable. Standyou only promotes free education because we believe that quality education is the right of everyone and should be accessible to all, irrespective of their financial condition.

Standyou Scholarship Assistance Program is designed for students who are ahead of time, The program helps the students make their profile fit for international scholarships, grants, and financial aid for higher education. The Program provides the students with a personalised scholarship report drafted by our scholarship experts based on the profile of the student on 150+ data points and connects the students with our scholarship consultants for report analysis through 1:1 Live video sessions. Standyou Scholarship Assistance Program has helped more than 15,000 students from more than 15 countries get a scholarship for higher education. Our Program puts the students on the fast track to success by connecting them to the best-fit scholarships and grants based on their profiles.

We are on a mission to make quality education affordable for all.

Standyou Scholarship Assistance Program

Our Program has helped 2000+ Students in getting scholarships of worth more than $ 10 Million in 8+ Study destinations


Live Video Session by our Data Mining experts for profiling in 150+ Data Points.

Scholarship Report

Personalihzed Scholarship Report Drafted by our Experts having 10+ Years of experience in Scholarship Disbursement and Bursaries. Our Scholarship Matching Algorithm and Team of scholarship consultants prepare your Personalized Scholarsip Report which gives you an edge over your competitors.

Scholarship Report Analysis Session

Live Video Session with Scholarship Experts & Scholarship Winners. The expert will help you in making your profile fit to get the scholarships. The Expert will guide you about academic grade requirements, Test Requirements, Test Preparation Strategies, writing SOP, getting LOR, Essays, CVs, Visa requirements and documentation.

Application & Documentation

The Scholarship Report and Our Scholarship expert will help you in writing your world-class globally accepted SOP and Essay based on your profile. The expert team will also help you in the University and Scholarship application process.

Standyou End-to-End Admission Assistance Program

We Help Students Get Admitted Into the Best International Educational Institutions around the world by proving end-to-end university admission support.

Search the Right Course Program and University

Our AI enabled platform helps you in finding the best course and university for you as per your educational interest, scores, profile and financials.

Fill the common application

Apply for your selected university and program by filling the online profile. Pay the application fees if any. Submit the required documents

Get Acceptance Letter

If your application gets accepted by the university you will receive the acceptance letter from the university.

It’s time for Visa Applicationy

With the help of our expert team apply and get the Visa.

Our end-to-end Assistance

Our team of experts will help you in documentation, visa applications and getting finance. You can chat with university representative and Standyou team by login into your dashboard.

Book Tickets and Fly

After receiving the University Acceptance letter and Visa you are all ready to start the journey to fulfill your career dreams.

Standyou at Glance

2000+ Scholarship Sessions

Scholarship Success rate of 95%

Scholarship Worth $ 10 Million Awarded

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