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Standyou core features


We have built the most sophisticated analytics and data driven online platform for the coaching institutes. We integrate our developed parameters to turn data into conclusion, Standyou creates an ecosystem where students can take informed decisions based on verified and trusted data.

Our platform

Standyou is a platform, where institutes exhibit their academic performance, selection results, institute information, batch information and achievements based on more than 60 parameters. The web platform of standyou provides a centralised academic solutions to the students.

Our system

Standyou is not a classified or sponsored listing platform for coaching institutes, it is completely data driven. We understand the value of students dreams thus all the data, profile and rankings are based on the verified and evident data, which can be fully trusted by the students.

Rating and review

The entire system of Standyou, is based on the accuracy and relevancy of information. Standyou provides a web platform where students rate and review their institutes on academic results, infrastructural facilities, teachers, and ancillary teaching.

Standyou Marketplace

Standyou provides a platform, where students can apply and take admission in any coaching institute. Standyou is a marketplace where students can avail discount in admission fee, buy coaching programs, test series, reading materials and other educational ancillary services.


Standyou provides a platform to the students, where students can claim scholarship from any coaching institute based on their past performance, achievements and after mentioning the reason of eligibility for scholarship.

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