A 12-Item Checklist Of Features And Amenities To Look For In Student Housing

Important Checklist of features and amenities to look for in student housing....

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Sep 23, 2022 11:34:13


A 12-Item Checklist Of Features And Amenities To Look For In Student Housing

When it comes to student housing, you should look for more than just a bedroom with a bathroom. After all, if you want to elevate your college life, your student housing must include amenities and features designed to enhance security and convenience. 

Unfortunately, not all student housing options are made equal. While some accommodations are built with students’ needs in mind and offer countless amenities for a more enjoyable experience, other housing options aren’t student-friendly.

Regardless of your preferences, whether you want to live with roommates or occupy a property by yourself, make sure to opt for quality student housing similar to https://www.thelandingrexburg.com/  To help you choose the best one for your needs, here is a checklist of features and amenities you should look for in student housing:


  1. All-Inclusive Bills

An all-inclusive bill basically means that the fee you pay to rent a student housing includes gas, water, electricity, and Internet expenses. It’s more cost-effective and efficient than paying separate bills for every monthly rent or service. Some student housing options may even have a cap limit for water and electricity usage included in your rent, so be sure to ask about it.   


  1. Quiet Study Area

Nothing beats a quiet study area in your chosen student housing, even if you can go to the nearest library in your locality or university. It is especially true if you prefer to study alone or study with concentration for exams. 

The best thing about student housing with a quiet study area is that you can quickly focus on studying as soon as your classes end without worrying about distractions. You can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to look for a quiet café or the nearest library. 

If you’re the type of student who prefers a study session with your circle of friends and classmates, look for student housing types that have study lounges or internet cafes. Such are the perfect places to check your print papers, emails, and study. So, depending on your preferences, choose a student residence with a well-constructed study area that suits your needs.


  1. Security Features

Whether or not it’s your first time living away from your parents, safety is a non-negotiable and crucial aspect to consider for your student housing. For this reason, one of the features or amenities you should look for is the property’s security systems. 

Choose a student housing with 24/7 security with secure entries and alarm systems to keep you and your belongings safe and protected. In addition, living in a new place can be quite scary. So, to feel secure and reassure your loved ones of your safety, check if your preferred student housing has the following security features:

  • Deadbolt locks

  • Alarm systems

  • Surveillance cameras

  • Ample outdoor and indoor lighting

If you don’t notice such security features in student housing, consider looking for other options. Aside from the installed security systems, it’s also crucial to ask the property manager about the door lock maintenance to ensure that the door locks won’t cause any problems over time.


  1. Parking 

In most student housing accommodations, parking can be a struggle. If you have a vehicle, it’s vital to check if your preferred student housing has an assigned parking area. 

Assigned parking can guarantee you a parking area. If you’re worried about snow or ice on your vehicle, look for student housing with underground or covered parking. It’s also essential to remember that parking can be free or have a separate charge for residents. Therefore, before you move to your chosen accommodation, ask about parking to avoid inconvenience.


  1. Good Water Supply

While security features are vital when checking student housing’s amenities, you should never skimp on a good water supply. Keep in mind that some local areas have a poor water supply. There are also instances when several students run showers simultaneously, and the water supply may not be equal, which can be inconvenient. 

So, to avoid any issues with the water supply, don’t forget to ask about it. Besides the stressors you go through as a college student, the poor water supply must be the last thing you should worry about.


  1. Transportation Links

Most students would prefer accommodation that’s near to the campus. However, if you can’t find student housing nearby, consider looking for other housing options that are accessible to various means of transportation. For example, your student accommodation must be adjacent to a train or bus station. 

Choosing accessible student housing isn’t only about convenience. As a student, there will be days when your classes will finish late. It isn’t safe for you to commute alone or walk alone late at night. Usually, students are the primary targets of criminals. When your student housing is near any transportation link, you can ensure that going home late at night won’t be a problem.


  1. Fitness Facilities

Your health is a critical aspect to consider when looking for student housing. It is particularly true since you’ll likely be stressed about schoolwork or exams, increasing your chances of stress eating or decreasing your immune system. That is why you must find student housing that provides an on-site gym where you can exercise for at least 30 minutes before you start your day. A workout from time to time can help boost concentration and general well-being.

Other student housing options also provide more fitness facilities, such as tennis courts, yoga classes, and basketball courts. Some luxurious student accommodation types even offer on-demand fitness using video technology that allows you to choose any workout from big television screens.


  1. Good And Stable Internet Connection

Several student housing options offer a stable and good internet connection as part of inclusions in the monthly rent. Whether you want to pay for the Wi-Fi as a separate bill or have it included in your rent, choose an option suitable for your budget and needs. Just ensure the connection is stable and won’t cause connectivity issues when you need it the most. 

As you go through every student housing, ask about the internet connection. It’s a must for all students. The internet is essential for homework and other purposes like entertainment or communication to keep you occupied.


  1. Laundry Facilities

For students, laundry isn’t fun and can be time-consuming. That is why it’s crucial to consider student housing with laundry facilities, such as a washer and dryer. Besides, looking for a Laundromat to wash clothes or bed sheets can be a nuisance. 

When your student housing has an on-site laundry facility, you can save time traveling to the nearest Laundromat and avoid the hassles involved during your visits. However, before you choose student housing with laundry facilities, ask about the cost first and weigh your options. Some student residences with such facilities can be pricey. 

If your budget allows it, it’s better to settle with student housing that has a dryer or washer. It may be an extra expense, but it’ll let you spend more time on important school activities, especially if it’s exam week.


  1. Shared Community Space

While rooms are for general privacy and sleeping, student housing with a shared community space can help improve one’s social skills. Moreover, a shared community space may foster a good sense of community and make students feel at home. 

Most student housing options have shared community areas that provide:

  • Ample seating and tables

  • Activities, such as air hockey, pool table, and ping pong table

  • Board games

  • Vending machines and coffee bar

Other landlords also maximize their shared community areas by appointing community ambassadors. Such ambassadors may create a series of events held in the shared community area. Most events may include karaoke contests, board games, and art contests to help students socialize and unwind.


  1. More Storage Space

Having more storage space in student housing is another extra amenity that’s great to have. Whether or not you’re a minimalist, you may accumulate more things as a college student. These may include your learning materials, papers, and books. Your room will look cluttered if there’s not enough storage space. 

The storage space must not only be found in your room. There should also be communal storage space where you can store your other things safely. For example, if you use a bicycle to travel to your campus, student housing that offers extra space to store your bike would be nice. This way, you can guarantee that you’ll have proper storage for prized possessions without any worries.


  1. On-Site Maintenance

Nobody wants the hassle of locating a handyman to repair a broken water tap or lighting fixture. The best purpose-built student housing offers on-site maintenance for utilities inside your room for easy and fast fixes of various malfunctions. It’s a plus for many students who have a busy schedule and don’t know how to repair basic utility problems.  



These are some of the many features and amenities you must look for in student housing. Before you finalize your decision and settle on your preferred student housing, ensure that all amenities or features fit your specific lifestyle preferences, needs, and budget.

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