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All of us have written exams after exams in our life, however, the one exam that can make all the difference to your career and your life is perhaps the JEE exam. Once you pass out of a good institution, you are set for life. A good job, a great career, and a good reputation is almost certain once you make it to a great engineering college.  

However, getting into them is not that easy, for you have to go through one of the most competitive exams ever, the JEE. The JEE Advanced exam otherwise called as the IIT JEE entrance examination is a selection test for the students for getting into the top IITs and certain other premier institutes of the country. The JEE Mains is the entrance examination for selection into NITs, BITs, IIITs, and other state government and private colleges.

The exam is one of the toughest in the world, hence it is mandatory that you choose a good coaching institute that trains you well for the big day. Of late a number of coaching institutes have come up and it can be confusing for one to choose the right option, choosing the wrong one can ruin an year, and at worst an entire career.

"There are some quality institutes" that aim at making the students succeed by providing quality faculty, great education, excellent material and great environment. Then there are many other “me too” coaching institute which are just functioning as a money making machine, putting the financial interests of the owners above the welfare of students.

One must choose wisely after comparing the given options in terms of the level of faculty, past results, quality of study material, fee, etc. For a student such comparison could be unnerving, time wasting, and confusing.  

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We hereby present the comparative review of some of the top coaching institutes in India that provide coaching for IIT JEE examination:


1. Allen Career Institute, Kota

This institution was started back in 1988 to train the students in all science subjects under the leadership of Shri Rajesh Maheshwari. They started with just 8 students and today they are a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to the noble efforts by the highly experienced and efficient teachers as well as the hard work of the students, this institute has given outstanding results year on year in both the JEE and NEET forums. ALLEN was the first ever institute to produce the top 3 ranks in the JEE Advanced Examination in the year 2016. The best of the teachers are employed for training the students for JEE Main and Advanced. The courses are well planned and ensure maximum output in a limited time span which caters to the requirements of both the regular school courses along with the general JEE pattern. The competitive environment that prevails in the institute motivates every child to try harder to achieve a good rank. The number of selections of ALLEN students in the Advanced examination has been rising year. ALLEN recorded a total of 3883 selections in IIT-JEE in the year 2016 which was preceded by 2373 selections in 2015. Regular doubt clearing and concept building classes ensure the overall development of the student. The study material is packed with questions of different levels inspired from previous year JEE question sets to acclimatize the students with the question patterns of the examinations. The test series conducted by the institute is very similar to the JEE examinations and help the students get used to the exam stress. Extra efforts are put behind the top 30 students to make them efficient in tackling any sort of problems in the exams.

ALLEN also provides distant learning programs for students. The entrance test to ALLEN is also accompanied with a scholarship based upon the marks secured. With the main center being at Kota, ALLEN has branches at 11 other locations. Hostel facility is also provided to the students.

Salient Features:

  • An interactive orientation session marks the beginning of the rigorous training session for the students. In this session, the parents are informed about the whole ALLEN system.
  • All the classrooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with the latest audio-video system to enhance the teaching experience. The classes are held in morning and evening and separate batches are formed for different mediums.
  • Expert faculty is employed to construct a comprehensive study material.
  • The regular motivational talks, prayers, oaths ensure the inculcation of Indian values into the students.
  • Well equipped laboratories help boost the practical knowledge of students.
  • One to one doubt removal classes carried out by the subject experts helps strengthen the concepts.
  • Periodic tests provide ample practice to the students.
  • Faculty feedback at regular intervals
  • Simulation Lab for Online Tests for proper acclimatization of the students.
  • Silver medals for meritorious students
  • A large number of scholarships for students of different courses


ALLEN Classes has been producing outstanding results in JEE Advanced examination (formerly IIT JEE) since its inception. In 2016, there were 3883 total qualifications in JEE Advanced from Allen Classes. 4 students were placed within the top 10 ranks and 25 in the top 100. Aman Bansal of the classroom programme bagged the first rank in the exam followed by Bhavesh Dhingra and Kunal Goyal bagging the second and third ranks respectively. In 2015 there was a total of 2373 selections and 7 were placed in top 50.


2. Resonance, Kota

Arguably the biggest differentiator between success and failure of the students is the faculty. This is where Resonance scores above the competition. The faculty in the institute are well experienced and provide excellent knowledge to the students. The faculty have to go through a rigorous recruitment process which includes Written Tests, Scrutiny of Applications, Demo lectures and Personal Interviews. Timely Faculty Training Programs are carried out in the institute which ensures that the faculty gets to know all the latest changes in the patterns and thereby change the teaching style and the material. The faculty members also provide the necessary motivation to the students apart from the normal classroom teaching.

RESONANCE has its branches spread over 27 different locations providing students all over India an access to quality training for JEE Mains and Advanced examinations. 9 to 18 lectures each of 1 hr 30 minutes duration are carried out per week. Each lecture is divided into different parts including the Daily Practice Problem Discussion, Sheet/Module Discussion and Theoretical learning. The Daily Practice Problems are given as home assignments to the students with an aim of recapitulation of all the concepts till date. The questions are well designed to make the students acquainted with the exam pattern.

The DPPs contain 6 to 8 questions with a preset time and marks. Regular Doubt Discussion Classes ensure a strong foundation for the students. The Periodic Assessment Tests (PATs) enhance the speed and accuracy of the students. RESONANCE has several fee structures which and students can choose one as per their preference. The JEE Advanced selections for them in the year 2016 metered as high as 5111 with 2344 being from the Kota centre. 24 students were within the top 150 ranks. RESONANCE also offers scholarships to students based on their career performance. It also provides the foundation courses for students from Class VIII.

Salient Features:

  • The faculty are experienced, competent, qualified and the core team consists of highly experienced academicians, most of whom are IITians and efficient administrators.
  • The teaching approach is student-centric and aims at boosting performance levels.
  • Various programmes include Classroom Contact Programmes, Pre foundation career care programmes, distance learning, and e-learning programmes.
  • Equal weightage is given to the board syllabus apart from the JEE syllabus.
  • The performance of the students is analyzed thoroughly at both micro and macro levels.
  • The Parents Teacher Meetings and the Parents Resonance Meetings ensure that the parents are well informed about the developments of their wards.
  • A steady grievance redressal system helps in the sort out of every problem of the students.
  • There are 28 study centers across the country with experienced teaching faculty in every center. 33 test centers in major cities for students enrolled in Distance Learning programmes.


RESONANCE Classes has been producing distinguished results since 2002 both in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations (earlier known as AIEEE and IIT JEE). The total number of selections is 28304 out of which 18428 are from classroom programmes and 9876 from distance learning programmes. In the JEE Advanced 2016, there were 5111 selections in all. Out of them, 24 students were placed in the top 150 ranks. The highest rank was achieved by Utkarsh Gupta of the Kota center which was an All India 17.


3. Aakash Institute, Delhi

When it comes to coaching for JEE, AAKASH is one of the first few names that come to mind. A strict administration and discipline is what MAKES Aakash successful. The faculty employed in various Aakash training centers are well experienced who have prior qualifications from various reputed institutes like NITs, IITs. The strict recruitment procedure of the faculty ensures selecting the best out of the lot which directly leads to better performance of the students in various competitive examinations including JEE, BITSAT.

The study material and the test papers are specially designed by the subject experts to make the students aware of the recent examination pattern. The bilingual study material bridges the language gap among the students. The Integrated Teaching Approach adopted by the institute makes the students ready for both the Board as well as the competitive exams. Special classes and revision classes are also carried out in order to increase the accuracy of the students and clear their doubts. The video-based lectures help the students keep up with the studies in case they missed something. In addition, their special feature iTutor is an innovative approach to make the learning process easier by providing necessary material on Tablets.

Regular Parent Teachers meetings are carried out to track the academic growth of the students. The library is well stocked with all necessary books and these books can be borrowed by the students. The institute takes care of the attendance of the students by strict monitoring.

The institute has recorded 6000+ selections in the JEE Mains this year. The highest rank achieved in 2016 was an AIR of 25. AAKASH also provides Distant Learning Programs for students. A scholarship program helps the students to get concessions on their course fees by performing well in the tests conducted by the institute. There are more than 30 AAKASH training centers spread across all the major locations of the country. AAKASH provides learning opportunities for NRI students as well.

Salient Features

  • Strict administrative rules and discipline for all the entities under the organization
  • Extremely well qualified and experienced faculty with in-depth knowledge of their subjects
  • Strict faculty recruitment methods including demo classes and written tests
  • The best efforts are put in for the preparation of the study material and the design of the questions is based on the latest exam pattern.
  • A conducive and competitive environment in the classrooms.
  • A well-designed teaching methodology that gives ample importance to the school boards as well.
  • Special classes, compensatory classes, revision classes and doubt clearing classes for the strengthening of concepts.
  • Bilingual study aids for students from different mediums.
  • iTutor: Redefining tablet-based learning
  • The motivational session for a moral boost of the students
  • Strategically chosen center locations.
  • Open merit scholarships
  • State of the art Library facilities for the students
  • Daily attendance monitoring and monthly performance report


AAKASH Institute has been producing tremendous results since last few years. AAKASHians have successfully acquired some of the golden All India Ranks in the JEE Advanced and the Mains examinations. In the JEE Main 2017 examination, the highest rank achieved by an AAKASH student is AIR 6. In the JEE Advanced, 2016 examination 18 students got positions within the top 100 and the highest rank of AIR 25 was bagged by Divya Chauhan, a student of the regular classroom program.


4. FIITJEE, Delhi

When it comes to choosing a coaching institute for your child, you are bombarded with a lot of options. Amidst the conundrum, FIITJEE stands out as a shining beacon. Created in 1992 with the vision of Mr. D.K. Goel, this institute has and continues to change the perspectives of IITJEE preparation in the country. It has been a boon for this engineering crazy nation which provides some of the best of tools to engineering aspirants. They learn from the best and aim to become the best.

Now its success story spreads far and beyond with students employed across the country and abroad and even some with their own companies. The values and academics taught at FIITJEE promise to leave an indelible mark on students of all age groups. The different programs start with classroom programs for students of classes 1 to 12, integrated school programs for classes 11 and 12 and even the hallmark correspondence program for students of classes 9 to 12. It really has it all to prepare students for IITs, NITs, NISER, IISERs, IISC and even various Olympiads in school. Recently students from FIITJEE have tasted success in NTSE and even the prestigious SAT to study abroad. In addition to junior colleges in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, and Vijayawada; the institute has numerous study centers at major locations.

Salient Features:

  • Comprehensive teaching method to strengthen the concepts of the students which helps them to get through the JEE Advanced and Mains examinations, Boards, KVPY and even Olympiads.
  • One to one attention for every student helps in the all-round development of the student and clearing of every single doubt of the student.
  • The study resources have been well designed based on experience and expertise. The assignment problems and concept flashbacks help the students get acquainted with the exam pattern.
  •  A large number of study centers spread across the country to impart quality education.
  • Special batches for extra meritorious students
  • A large number of scholarships for the deserving candidates


Their results speak for themselves. In 2016, 4423 FIITJEE students got selected in JEE advanced examination for the 19th consecutive year. Out of the total selections, 17 were placed in top 50, 35 in top 100, 181 in top 500. The FIITJEE students have bagged 2 Zonal, 11 State and 22 City Topper Ranks. The FIITJEE students have also excelled in CBSE board exams as well. About 1290 students scored above 95 percent and 4407 students scored above 90 percent.


5. Nucleus Education, Kota

NUCLEUS EDUCATION is one of the top contenders when it comes to providing training for the students for JEE Mains and Advanced examinations. The faculties of the institution are experienced and most have experience of teaching in one or the other premier coaching institutes. The faculties are the ex-HODs of ALLEN Institute. The various courses that the institute provides include a 2-year training program for the students studying in Class XI, a One year program for the students of Class XII and an Intensive Crash course for IIT JEE.

Nucleus Education has been providing high-quality results consistently since the last few years. The course plans are well designed in order to prepare the students for the Board exams as well as JEE. This gives the NUCLEUS EDUCATION students a lead in their school exams as well.

The practice problems provided to the students are designed in a scientific way that enables the students to obtain a 360-degree understanding of the concept. The coaching is provided from the grass root level. The interactive classroom lectures help the students realize their true potential. The Periodic Tests that are carried out provide a simulation of the actual JEE examination and other top engineering entrance examinations. The rich study material covers all the previously learned concepts and contains practice questions as well.

Salient Features:

  • The faculties and the subject experts are well experienced and are the ex-HODs of ALLEN Classes, which are well known for excellent results.
  • The result-oriented teaching methodology ensures that every necessary tip is provided to the students in order to tackle every possible question in the JEE Mains and Advanced Examinations
  • Competitive atmosphere in the classes where the students are motivated to enhance their performance.
  • The classrooms are well equipped with modern facilities to make the teaching process a lot more engaging.
  • The study material is carefully designed with relevant content for the all-round development of the students.
  • The periodic tests match in pattern and style with the actual JEE exam and help the students become well versed with the exam pattern and atmosphere.


With the result oriented approach, NUCLEUS EDUCATION has reached the pinnacle of success achieving the majority of the top 100 ranks in both the JEE Mains and Advanced examinations. NUCLEUS EDUCATION also bagged AIR 1 in 2014 with its student Chitrang Murdia trumping all other contestants. In the last 5 years, a total of 25 students have been placed within the top 100.


6. Career Point, Kota

CAREER POINT is one such coaching institutes one can depend on if he is truly aiming for a great result in the JEE examinations. With their primary vision being the exemplification of excellence and leadership in education, no stone is left unturned by the experienced faculty trying to provide the best coaching to the students for the JEE exam. GURUKUL is one among the many noble initiatives taken by the institute which provides integrated coaching within a residential school. These schools are currently in 2 locations including Kota and Mohali. These schools have all high-end classroom facilities in them which help in making the training process a lot easier and fun.

The Distance Learning Program provides the students with the best study material and a chance to appear in the test series. The test series conform almost totally with the actual JEE exam patterns and help in making the students acquainted with the question patterns and help them devise methods to cope with exam stresses. The e-Learning program provided by Career Point is the best of its kind where the students get access to a huge amount of content which includes problem sets, videos, quick reference guides, etc. through the internet.

Various exciting scholarship offers are provided by the institute which includes attractive offers like zero schooling fees, 90% discount on coaching fees, 15% early bird offer. These discounts are provided to the students who are meritorious in a scholarship exam called UDAAN. The coaching fees are comparable to all the institutes of the same segment. The students are also provided with hostel facilities for accommodation. CAREER POINT has also been providing coaching to the students by introducing integrated courses through tie-ups with several schools. The institution has recorded a total of 941 selections in 2015, improving it to 956 in 2016.

Salient Features:

  • An orientation session before the beginning of the classes that help the parents as well as the students to get accustomed to the prevailing system and derive maximum benefits from it.
  • Classroom sessions are highly interactive and the classrooms are equipped with all the required facilities to make the learning process fun and easier.
  • Daily practice problems that are provided for each concept are meant to be solved at home and aim to strengthen the related concept for the students.
  • The study material is well designed and caters to all the needs of the examination.
  • The periodic tests ensure that the students get enough practice before the main examination
  • The video lecture library comes handy for the students if they miss some of the classes.
  • Regular doubt clearing classes and personal care by one to one mentoring
  • Motivational speeches for morale boosting.


Career Point has been producing excellent results in the JEE competitive examinations. In the year 2016, there were 956 total selections and top ranks which included ranks 134, 256, 304, 339, 429, 498, 506, 524, and so on. Uddeshya Patel achieved a rank of 111 in the general category in the JEE Advanced examination, 2016 and Shubham Singh achieved a rank of 89 under the OBC category.



Arguably the most famous name in the coaching industry, BANSAL CLASSES are synonymous with JEE entrance. This institute provides a variety of coaching options to the students preparing for JEE Mains and Advanced which includes Classroom Training Program, Distance Learning Program, and Online Training Program. The institute has its branches all around the country and operates out of more than 24 locations. The variety of programs provided for students allows him to choose the one that suits him the best.

All the training programs are conducted by extremely professional and experienced faculty members. The students are provided concepts right from the grass root level in order to strengthen their foundation. The distance learning program covers the Achievers Comprehensive Course (ACC), All India Test Series (AITS), Bansal Test Preparation (BTP), etc. The institute also has an app to provide some material and test series on mobile. The tests are designed keeping the latest examination pattern in mind. The tests are followed by the disclosure of the solutions by which the students can check their performance. The All India Rank from the tests gives an approximate idea to the students regarding their position among all others. These tests are designed in a manner that they help improve the time management skills and the accuracy of the students.

The study material is packed with concepts and related question banks that provide the students with sufficient knowledge on the subject matter or concept. Out of the total 1850 Bansalites who appeared the JEE Advanced examination in 2016, 643 were selected out of which 3 got ranks within 100, 8 within 200, 11 within 500 and 27 within 1000. Bansal also provides foundation course for the students starting from Class VI. There is a reason behind the legacy.

Salient Features:

  • The teachers are provided with timely training to keep up with the changing trends and exam patterns
  • The teaching methodology is so designed that the students from every background can match the pace and can derive the maximum benefits.
  • The classroom sessions help the students to strengthen their concepts under the guidance of the best class subject experts.
  • The Distance Learning Programme provides the students with suitably designed study material packed with content so that the student can get acquainted with the kind of questions that have a high probability of appearing in the actual examination.
  • Online learning programme gives the students access to online video lectures and various concepts.
  • The iTab enhances the learning process of the students by facilitating learning from the tablet.


The results of the Bansal students have always been outstanding. In 2016, there were 643 selections out of the total 1850 students who appeared. 3 students were placed in the top 100 ranks, 8 within top 200, 11 within top 500, 27 within top 1000, 45 within top 2000 and 95 within top 5000. In 2015, SatvatJagwani of Kota center bagged the AIR 1 in the JEE Advanced examination.


8. Vibrant Academy

If you believe in excellence, you must have heard of Vibrant Academy. This coaching institute is a prime proponent in quality coaching in India for competitive exams. For students who aspire for studying at premier engineering institutes such as the IITs, Vibrant academy is the perfect place to be to prepare. Unlike other institutes which just rip the students and their parents off their money by just making the aspirants cram for multiple choice questions and formulas, Vibrant does the diametrically opposite. It creates the foundations first without worrying about the objectivity approach and strengthens them from the very core. This might sound really confusing, but the trick is to understand the basics at all costs instead of cramming and mugging up. That’ the right approach and Vibrant helps you do just that.

There exist integrated classroom programs for both school Olympiads and competitive exams where the frequency of classes is 6 days a week with exclusive doubt removal sessions. Then there is the regular classroom program where students attend 4 days a week. The courses are categorized as per the needs of students with admissions based on class 10 results and exciting scholarships. This lessens the burden upon parents who unwittingly pay lakhs to other institutes where the money takes precedence over students’ interests.

Salient Features:

The systematically designed curriculum apart from a stepwise theory teaching and testing the learned concepts makes the students ready to face the JEE Advanced examination.

The senior faculty design regular tests which help in building the temperament required to ace in the exams.

In order to inculcate the ethics of hard working and diligence in the students, various assignments are provided to the students which help in discovering their true potential.

Time to time doubt removal sessions is conducted which improve the confidence of the students with regards to the subjects.

The study materials are developed by the senior faculty members which are packed with the practice questions. These help the students get acquainted with the exam pattern.

The reading room facilities are available for the students. In addition, computer labs and science labs allow them to carry out practical tests.


In the JEE Main 2017, Vibrant Academy had an amazing 2949 selections from the regular classroom program and 1013 from the distance learning program. In JEE Advanced 2016, Rohit Chodhary bagged an All India Rank of 14 followed by Rohan Garg who bagged an AIR 18. 1404 students out of 2848 were selected in the JEE Advanced examination.



2007, this was the year when the newcomer, considered an underdog in the highly competitive coaching market proved to be an absolute disrupter. Motion coaching center has been a dark horse for pretty long. Quite new by industry standards, it is giving a tough time to the established giants and is on its way to becoming best in business. It has now become the fastest growing institute for the preparation of competitive exams. David and Goliath once again.

Located in the coaching hub of India, Kota, Motion provides the best amenities for students from air-conditioned classrooms to visual classroom aids, practical labs, state of the art library and a solution lab featuring tutors providing video lectures. The motion has now become synonymous with success as it ties up with schools to provide an integrated approach for preparation for students of classes 11 and 12. In its regular classroom programs, a pragmatic approach is taken for students of classes 11, 12 and 12+. There is also a lucrative early lead foundation program starting from students of classes 6 to 10. This takes a slow steady approach to develop the basics and giving them a strong foundation without excessive pressure. Mentored learning, a brainchild at their center helps the students by assigning a team of mentors who regularly attend the academic and personal concerns of students as well as counsel them.

The figures are ever increasing from 55 selections to IITs’ in 2008 to 667 in 2016. So, take MotionIITJEE coaching and prepare for the best by the best.

Salient Features:

  • Air-conditioned and tech equipped classrooms ensure that the students get the best studying atmosphere and give it a reputation of being one of the best classrooms available in Kota.
  • The virtual classroom program is one of the best initiatives taken by the academy.
  • The distance learning program is the best in class and provides the best study material to the students.
  • School integrated coaching facilities.
  • Interactive classroom session along with doubt clearing classes and regular homework checking.
  • The best part, students get to choose their teachers.
  • Regular tracking of the attendance and the results of each student.
  • Special care for meritorious students
  • Regular tests for the practice of students
  • Mentors for individual students


There was a total 667 number of selections out of the 1892 students who appeared the JEE Advanced examination in 2016. 4 students bagged positions within top 100 ranks, 14 within top 500 ranks, 29 among 1000 ranks. Out of the total selections 448 were from the Kota center. Mayank Singhal achieved an All India Rank of 34 and Preey Hiten Shah bagged an All India Rank of 16 in the JEE Advanced 2016.



Narayana coaching, The name is enough to lure students. A brand in itself, this 30-year-old coaching institute is perhaps the grand old man of competitive exam coaching. It is still going strong and leading after all these years with its hallowed classroom programs, distance learning courses and the brainchild of Narayana centers, the online coaching which was launched roughly a decade ago. The courses have been designed to take care of all the needs of the aspirants and help them come out successful in various competitions as well as Board examinations. Innovative strategies and techniques are adopted in the 19 centers, keeping students abreast of the ever-changing pattern of top-level engineering/medical entrance exams. The integrated programs range from 1 year to 5 years, which always take a methodical approach to inspire students and arm them with a killing instinct required to crack the exam. This involves rigorous doubt clearing session, mega and micro tests and revision of course in a systematic manner. The study materials provided by the Institute are one of the best in the country which has all the necessary tools required by aspirants. One of the greatest aspects of the institute is in its Rank Promoting Program which helps students to enhance ranks of already selected students to get into better institutes.

Salient Features:

  • One on one system
  • Each class is followed by a workout class
  • Subgrouping of the students based on the results in a series of tests allow the teachers to adopt a unique, style, speed and approach, and each subgroup is led by a teacher who closely analyzes with the performance of the students in the periodic tests and works towards their betterment and progress.
  • Weekly test on concepts, definitions, and formulae in all three subjects
  • A local and state rank for each student in the weekly tests which gives them an estimate of the likely position.
  • Activity-based learning that includes quizzes, group discussion, etc. where the students get to explore their full potential.
  • Provision of e-projects to the students.


There were a total 68 selections from the east Delhi center out of which 3 were placed in top 1000 ranks, 6 in top 2000 and 31 in top 5000 ranks. The students of Narayana Academy have been performing very well in the JEE examinations bagging a large number of selections year after year.


The students can choose from a wide variety of courses provided by these premier institutions based upon their requirements, preferences, and budget.

Of late the coaching institutes have been coming up with branches in all major cities across the country. This provides the students with easy access to quality training for IIT JEE entrance examinations. However, students should not just depend on these institutions solely for getting success in the exam.

It should be noted that while all the above options are comparable and in fact give students a good shot at success, however, the most important ingredient for success is the good old hard work and diligent effort on the part of the students. 

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