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Standyou Team

Oct 13, 2019 02:29:54


The success of medical aspirants depends largely on their pre-medical NEET examination performance. The NEET exam is a large stepping stone for the medical aspirants which they need to crack with good scores to become medical professionals. The NEET exam is conducted twice a tear by the National Testing Agency) twice a year. To increase your chances of selection in the NEET examinations, consistency is the key. One needs to have a consistent practice of NEET mock test series to compete for this highly competitive all India medical entrance examination. So where to find the best NEET test series? Here are the 10 best NEET mock test series guide available online by the expert faculties to help you prepare for the examination. The test series available on these portals is the replica of the actual NEET examination question papers. 

1. Embibe

Embibe provides NEET aspirants free mock test series formulated by the subject experts. The NEET mock tests are compiled on Embibe after analysis of the previous year question paper trends. The tests can be taken free of cost after successfully registering on the Embibe. The specific features of the NEET mock test series on Embibe are: 

  • Adaptive practice for time management 
  • Tips to increase the speed with video solutions by experts are available 
  • You can clear your doubts between 7 am to 1 am daily 
  • The test performance results provide analysis of every section to detect strengths and weaknesses 
  • You can bookmark important questions of mock test series attempted to keep track of mistakes 
  • You can win exciting points and badges with every attempt. 
  • Chapter summary notes available for quick revision 


2. Standyou

 Standyou provides real-time online mock tests for NEET aspirants. The questions of the mock test series are designed to replicate the actual NEET examination. The real-time test and analysis allow students to evaluate their performance with peers nationwide. The students can obtain an in-depth analysis of performance question-wise, chapter wise, and section-wise. Personalized feedback and recommendations of the expert faculty can help students get better preparation tips. The special features of our online NEET mock test series are: 

  • Aspiring students can enroll for the tests online by paying Rs. 30 Per Test.
  • Students can grasp opportunities to win cash prizes based on their performance in the test 
  • ‘Pay per test’ by Standyou are designed by the expert faculty 
  • Students only need to pay for the tests they want to appear and get a detailed analysis of their performance. 
  • Along with cash prizes the students can also get up to 100% scholarship in coaching institutes. 
  • The reward system also keeps students motivated. Furthermore, you can easily withdraw your winning Prize into your Bank account OR Paytm Wallet

Click here to download the Application. 

3. Toppr

Toppr hosts a series of NEET mock test series which includes question papers from the past. The NEET mock test series are curated by expert subject faculty. The app for NEET preparation has live video lectures, test series to a detailed analysis of performance and feedback along with video lectures to assist you throughout fir the best NEET preparation. The few highlights of the Toppr NEET preparation app includes: 


  • You can solve past NEET question papers or create your own and challenge your peers. This helps you be exam-ready by polishing your weak areas. 
  • You can clear your doubts with our team of experts available round the clock and resolve it instantly through the Doubts on Chat app. 
  • Learning courses are available for all subjects including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Notes and video lectures by subject experts are available for a better understanding of the subject. 


4. Vedantu

The Vedantu provides full-length NEET mock test series as well as subject wise test preparations. The question papers are crafted by the subject experts and contain questions that replicate the difficulty levels and patterns of the actual NEET exam. The highlights of our NEET preparation test series app are: 

  • Get trained from the best faculty of the country possessing over 10 years of experience 
  • Customized learning notes available based on the students learning pace and needs learn and practice NEET preparation test series from the comforts of your home 
  • 2-way interactive sessions available to clear your doubts and master every section of the NEET syllabus.


 ETOOS provides you with a series of mock test series for NEET preparation online. The mock test series are rendered by the esteemed faculties of Kota. Short-term video classes are available for NEET at nominal prices. The smart algorithms and the video recommendations provide the most accurate performance analysis of the students and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. The mock tests will help aspirants to not only improve the performance but helps to better the student’s presence of mind and speed. The features of our online Mock test series are: 

  • Etoos mobile app offers excellent mentors and impeccably designed study material combined with highly-engaging video lectures to assist every student to learn at their own pace. 
  • The ‘Doubt Clinic Page’ on the mobile app gives access to medical aspirants preparing for NEET the facility to post their queries and get it resolved by experts within 12 hours 
  • Previous NEET question papers are available with answer sheets 
  • Detailed performance analysis reported after every test series is attempted with tips to better your performance. 


6. Grade UP

With a pool of highly experienced faculty, our app caters to help students focus on the systematic study, optimum performance and a positive approach to generate confidence for students to perform well to crack the pre-medical NEET exam. Our mock test series are designed by experts with detailed solutions to all papers. Some of our key highlights of the mock test series are: 

  • The difficulty level of the mock test series replicates the actual NEET exam 
  • Detailed solutions with explanations for every question 
  • Deep performance analysis of every student to identify your strengths and weaknesses 
  • Comparative scores against the toppers and ranking based on your performance. 
  • 40+ series of mock tests available 
  • Interactive class live sessions for learning and doubt clearing. 
  • Weekly love tests with live doubt clearing sessions.  


7. OnlineTestSeries by Allen Career Institute


Allen NEET online test series hosts real-time tests and analysis which allows the students to evaluate their performance with the peers nationwide. Allen has been long distinguished as one of the leading apps for real-time mock test series curated by a well-versed faculty backed by live interactive learning and doubt clearing sessions. The key features of our online mock test series are: 


  • The questions are highly researched and curated by subject experts 
  • Difficulty questions are at par the difficulty level of the actual examinations 
  • Real-time tests and performance evaluation to identify your strengths and weaknesses 
  • Real-time doubt clearing interactive sessions with experts 
  • Test interface similar to the actual NEET exam 
  • Get comparative scores against the toppers of the nation and assess your rank among the thousands. 


8. All India Aakash Test Series

The NEET test series are available for the students in both online as well as offline mode. All India Aakash Test Series records 60% plus questions from the actual NEET test series. It follows a unique concept to pay for online test series after selection. Our test series highlights the following features: 

· Get the required practice you need for NEET with more than 500+ tests which cover every concept which is an integral part of the NEET syllabus

· Enrol and take weekly test practice chapter wise covering the vast NEET syllabus for rigorous practice

· Take the tests with the desired difficulty level to practice at your own pace

· Detailed performance analyses and recommendations to offer insights to improve your proficiency, time management and more.

· Expert faculty are available to clear all doubts and provide expert tips to perform well in exams.


9. Career Orbits

The NEET mock tests are prepared by the experts to assist medical aspirants to attempt the NEET examination with confidence. Career Orbits covers the exhaustive NEET syllabus which needs to be studied in detail. The mock test series are followed by detailed assessment and comparative analysis with other students. Some highlight features of our online test series are: 


  • The mock tests are created by the subject experts 
  • Use the online mock test series which provides question quality and pattern as per the actual NEET exam. 
  • We provide unlimited chapter-wise tests, unit tests, and full syllabus tests 
  • Save your time with instant results and solutions 


10. Entrance Prime 

Entrance Prime test series is one of the leading online coaching institutes for NEET preparation. Our mock test series for NEET preparation is curated by an expert faculty. You can prepare for NEET with unit-wise video lectures, chapter-wise lectures, and doubt-clearing sessions. The pros of our online test series preparation for NEET are: 

  • Every series of the test is prepared by the experienced faculty of the medical fraternity
  • The NEET test series are available with complete detailed solutions to improve understanding 
  • Revision lectures ad notes of the entire syllabus 
  • Topic-wise prepetition tests are available for the full syllabus as well as subject wise tests available 
  • Get access to study materials in a hassle-free manner 
  • Best video lectured by renowned faculty.  

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