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Nilesh Patil
Nilesh Patil

Aug 25, 2020 06:35:01

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Someone says that the biggest enemy of any human being is not present outside the body or in the surrounding environment. The main thing which every human has to know that the biggest enemy is present in his/her own body. This particular enemy is created in the mind. One thing is proved by science that mind is not present physically in the human body, but virtually it is present near the brain. The working of this mind is depending on which type of energy we provide or present in our surroundings. Whether the energy is positive or it may be negative, both types of energies are effect on the mind in very deeply. To overcome such problems there are psychiatrists and psychologists are present in the 21st century. 

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According to my opinion, the main things which effect on the human mind are social media sites, mobiles, internet, web browsing, computer, dangerous situations, work tension, chatting on social media, not talking or involving with family members or relatives, living alone without any friend or relatives. All things which are mentioned above are affecting the human mind. Due to this, the human body gets stressed. Up to the 20th century, there are no social media sites, no mobile, no internet hence they are tension free. Yes, I agree that work problems, family problems are there also for every human, but they share their problems with each other’s in the right manner and sort out problems with discussion. But nowadays no one wants to share their happiness, sadness, and problems. Due to this, every human being is locked himself in his mind which dangerous to the whole body and he/she does unexpected things due to tension. In our running life, we all weigh a huge tension in our mind and do our jobs. One thing we have to notice that if you are stressed, then the most lovable things will be boring for you. And to solve the particular problems of human beings there are psychiatrists and psychologists. And here in this article, what is the job of psychiatrists and psychologists? what is the difference, what are the duties? These all things we will discuss in the following.

First of all, I will explain about the psychiatrist. If somebody wants the definition of a psychiatrist, then according to my opinion, A psychiatrist is a doctor who can cure the mental disorder by giving them medical treatment or medical therapy. The psychiatrist term is the specialization of the doctor after completing the MBBS. A mental condition of any patient will be very critical, then the psychiatrist knows medical treatment through which a particular patient gets cure after a few days. In psychiatrist treatment, majorly they study the brain of the patient and try to understand what exactly happens. After scanning they start treatment immediately. After completing MBBS, the specialization of the psychiatrist is in mental disorder or psychiatric disorder. Generally, a psychiatrist is trained in three common things: treatment of the mental disorder, treatment of addiction, treatment of the sexual disorder.  A psychiatrist is a physician who having psychiatry specialization. The required Education for a psychiatrist is it may be in Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS), Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O). A psychiatrist has to check the patient through Computerized Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), PET, and blood testing.

Now we will discuss the psychologist. According to my opinion, the study of the mind and behavior of people is known as psychology. And psychologist is a person who studies the mind and behavior of people. One thing you have to clear in your mind that, psychologists are not medical doctors. The psychologist is very different from the psychiatrist. Psychologists can’t give you a medical treatment but they can counsel you about your life. A psychologist is very good at counseling and does better counseling than a psychiatrist. A psychologist helps people to deal with day to problems raised for a short time. A psychologist studies the normal and abnormal behavior of patients also emotion, feelings, mental condition by experimenting with patients. Now we will discuss education for psychologists. This will differ from the places. A person who completed B.A., M.A., can be the psychologist. Also, if you completed a Bachelor of psychology in honor or Master's degree in psychology which may be Psy.D. or Ph.D. A psychologist ca run a clinic, medical, community counseling, will maybe work in the forensic department, health organization, sport, and exercise training. Duties of psychologists are the deep study of brain function, observing of the behaviour of the client, Researching, Test for the pattern for an understanding of the client, sharing treatment problems with patient, writing an article, reports on each patient observation or study, counseling and supervising client in time to time. This all about the psychologist.

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I will explain the difference between them in briefly. Nowadays there are lots of question about psychiatrist and psychologist, that which one is better for treatment? Which one is good to cure mental disorders? If we stressed, then where should we go for treatment? Like this.



  1. Psychiatrist having a medical degree for running a clinic

  2. Use talk therapy, medications for treatment.

  3. Spending lots of time on medicine management to cure the patient

  4. They having a degree of psychiatrist which is specialization in doctor

  1. A psychologist doesn’t have a particular medical degree.

  2. Psychologists only use talk therapy, not medicine.

  3. The client having an appointment with the doctor for counseling.

  4. They having a degree in Psychology.






These are some basic and most important differences between psychiatrists and psychologists. Psychiatrists having a medical degree after completion of a bachelor's degree in the doctor. But in the case of a psychologist doesn’t have to complete a bachelor's degree in medicine. He/she may complete B.A. or M.A. or Ph.D. He will get Psy.D. after completing the course. A psychiatrist can cure a mental condition of patient by medication, talk therapy, various treatment procedure, and all. But in the case of Psychologist, a doctor can use only a talk therapy. Both experts give talk therapy but talk therapy of psychologists is more effective. Psychiatrists spend lots of time with patients while the client of the psychologist only has to attend counseling and routine check-up. As I mention above a psychiatrist having a degree that permits medication treatment. But psychologist doesn’t have a legal permission for medication treatment. A psychologist provides psychotherapy (talk therapy) which may involve a personal relationship, family problems, the behaviour of the client while a psychiatrist doesn’t involve in such things. According to my studies and analysis, the demand for psychiatrists rises between 14-17% in 2014-2024. And the demand for psychologists rises between 17-20% in 2014-2024.

       If you ask, which one is better, either psychiatrist or psychologist then, according to my opinion, both psychiatrists and psychologists are very important in their respective jobs and they can do their jobs very properly. There is no comparison between psychiatrist and psychologist them because both are very different as like two sides of coins.


       “If a patient recognizes any primary symptoms about mental disorder, first of all, he/she will prefer a primary care physician. Undertreatment, if symptoms will not stop then physicians refer a good psychologist. In under psychological treatment, if the patient doesn’t overcome he/she will be moved towards the psychiatrist which is the last and best option of medication treatment.”

       This is an example of the treatment of the mental disorder.

              This is all about the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists. In the end, I want to mention that.  The whole world is full of tensed people, shocked people, everyone is part of the problem in their respective life. I agree that there is no one without a problem but we have to left-back our problems, we have to forget our past and should move forward with positive and happy moments of our past. If we moving with our bad memories, unsolved problems in our life then it will be an invitation for a mental disorder. At the starting stage, it doesn’t feel that it will be the biggest enemy of our own body, but it will be after a few days. And it will be difficult to overcome such problems.

              If you feel mentally unstable then you have to do check-up with your family physician and get treatment regularly. Don’t be shy to visit a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Don’t think that what people say about you? What society will think about you? Just think about yourself and get treatment without any shame. What do people think about you? It doesn’t matter, what you think about yourself? It will matter. Always be happy then there is no need to visit a psychiatrist or psychologist.

              Someone says that “Laughter is the best medicine in the world” and this statement was proved by science. So, live a long life with the best memories and a better smile on the face.


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