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Homeopathy is popularly known as alternative medicine used by the different kinds of doctors. It is the thing that causes the symptoms of a disease in a healthy person must cure the same symptoms in an ill person. Remedies that are utilized by the homeopathic doctors may be including essential oils, herbs, and organic compounds, massage, etc. Most of the common diseases are cured by the homeopathic doctor. There are totally different ways for curing patients in homeopathy treatment. Naturally, homeopathic treatment takes a long time for curing an ailment than other treatments. This treatment works better for chronic and acute diseases.  The side effect of this type of treatment is almost negligible as compared to others. Homeopathic doctors are self-employed. They sometimes understand the people in a better way than other types of doctors. The future of the Homeopathic Doctor is becoming more promising in India and worldwide. Homeopathic doctors are having good scope all over India.

Duties or Responsibilities of a Homeopathic Doctor

List of duties or responsibilities which are required for a Homeopathic Doctor are as follows:

  • They should have enough patience to handle the patients properly.

  • They should have proper knowledge of software like medical software, spreadsheet software, accounting software.

  • They should be having good listening, speaking skills.

  • They should be critical thinkers and have complex problem-solving skills for case-study and management of patients.

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Skills required for becoming a Homeopathic Doctor

There is a list given below in which various skills are mentioned which are required for a Homeopathic Doctor:

  • Homeopathic Doctors should have good knowledge to identify and explain the disease to the patient and find good remedy for that.

  • They must have strong verbal and listening skills to communicate with the patient and his family.

  • They should be capable of diagnosing disease on the basis of its symptoms.

  • They should be punctual towards their job and have the ability to work for long hours.

  • They should be having the ability to develop a relationship with the patients and build their faith and trust.

  • They must have the patience to listen and study the disease of patient care.

  • They should possess a caring approach to motivate and guide the patients.

  • They must know the exact composition of the medicine and the technique for preparing it.

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Step-by-Step Process for becoming a Homeopathic Doctor

  1. The candidates who want to become a homeopathic doctor must pass class 12 board examinations with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. The candidate must secure 50% marks in aggregate.

  2. To pursue an undergraduate course a candidate must have to sit for NEET BHMS, an all India Entrance Examination for securing a position in medical colleges in India. The duration of the undergraduate homeopathy course or BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery) is of 5 and ½ years.

The BHMS curriculum includes various subjects and they are as follows:

Anatomy, Physiology including biochemistry, Organon of Medicine, Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy and Psychology, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Pathology and Microbiology, Practice of Medicine, Surgery etc.

  • After graduating with BHMS along with a one-year internship, a willing candidate may pursue MD in Homeopathy. The duration of the postgraduate course is 3 years.

  • This master course comprises of seven specializations and they are as follows:

  • Organon of Medicine with Homeopathic Philosophy

  • Homeopathic Materia Medica

  • Repertory

  • Practice of Medicine

  • Homeopathic Pharmacy

  • Pediatrics

  • Psychiatry

  1. After this get certified and also get license for this course with a valid certificate and license.

  2. The candidate should join local and national homeopathy associations to get the experience. The candidate can work in private clinics, private hospitals, and community centers.

  3. The candidate should collect enough knowledge by fulfilling his/her education requirements like attending homeopathic conferences and seminars, mentoring and supervising a homeopathic student, teaching homeopathic classes, etc.

The candidates are admitted in both undergraduate and postgraduate on the basis of merit.


There are several homeopathy colleges spread over different states in India. All of them are affiliated to the state health universities.

Entrance Exams

The entrance exam of all India level for this course is NEET (BHMS) for medical science students. It can vary for certain universities along with NEET (BHMS) they can also consider any other exam, particularly for their college or university.

Career Scopes for Homeopathic Doctor

There are various job opportunities for homeopathic doctors in India and worldwide. As this treatment is not having any side effects, many people rely on homeopathy treatments. Homeopathy treatment works better for both adults and children but in different ways. It is widely used for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases like allergies, cough and cold, migraines, depression and anxiety, premenstrual syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. Although, it takes longer time for the treatment of ailment than any other treatment but it is preferable due to its negligible side effects. After acquiring their degree and master's degree in homeopathy the candidates can work in private as well as government hospitals. Here is a list given below where the homeopathic professionals can work:

  1. They can work in government hospitals, private hospitals and dispensaries.

  2. They can work in NTPC, NHPC, Coal India, Railways etc. means in the public sector undertaking.

  3. They can work in various nursing homes, clinics, health departments and associations as a Private Practitioners.

  4. The candidates can work in the drug manufacturing units.

  5. They can also work in homeopathic pharmaceutical companies or can work as a Pharmacist.

  6. The candidates can work in Medical Tourism.

Those candidates who want to teach the students they can join medical colleges and universities as professors. They can also go towards research industries. They can also work for the medical journals and can publish their written articles in textbooks.


A highly experienced and skilled homeopathic doctor is well paid in India. The number of job opportunities in this field is very high. This type of job is having flexible work hours but may involve long working hours. There is growing demand for the homeopathic doctors due to increasing chronic and acute diseases in the people. This growing demand for the homeopathic doctors had lead to the creation of better job opportunities for the trained professionals. Homeopathic doctors are self-employed. They sometimes understand the people in a better way than other type of doctors. This is better career options for the medical aspirants with unique options. One must be careful and responsible enough for choosing this as a career option as this is unique in its own way.

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