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May 04, 2019 02:00:16


For the students of science, Resonance is synonymous with excellence. Each student of the country wishes to study in a premier institution like Resonance Nagpur. It is due to the excellence they provide to the students, wish helps them in attaining outstanding scores and getting into prestigious colleges.

Resonance is a world-class IIT-JEE preparation institute of India. The institution was incorporated in the year 2001, by Mr R.K. Verma in the city of Kota. Later on, the institution spread its wings to many other cities of India. For the past many years, Resonance Nagpur has been providing excellent coaching to the students of class 11th and 12th and shaping their careers as well.

 Courses offered by Resonance Nagpur:

Resonance Nagpur offers two basic modules, and then plenty of courses under them. The modules are:

  1. Classroom Program: There are 6 classroom programs for the students of Resonance. They are held on different timings to suit the schedule of different students and is convenient for them to attend. The programs are:

  • Abhyaas (JEE Mains)

  • Vishesh (JEE Advance + Mains)

  • Anoop (JEE Mains)

  • Vijeta JEE (Mains + Advance)

  • Aadhaar (JEE Mains)

  • Vikaas (JEE Mains + Advance)

  • Viraat (JEE Mains)

  • Viraat (JEE Mains + Advance)

Distance Learning Program: For the out-station students, who cannot make it to the regular classes, also have the option of distance learning. The name of this course is Viraat. It includes the following:

  • Complete study material

  • Daily files containing practice problems

  • All India test series

  • Revision packages

Fee structure of Resonance:




Lectures per week

Admission mode

Fee (in rupees)

Abhyaas (JEE Mains)

47 weeks

Class 12th

4-5 lectures per week

Direct admission

Rs 85,780

Anoop (JEE Mains)

39 weeks

Class 11th appearing

4 lectures per week

Direct admission

Rs 74,246

Aadhar (JEE Mains)

33 weeks

Class 11th appearing

3-4 lectures per week

Direct admission

Rs 72,800

Vishesh (JEE Mains + Advanced)

47 weeks

Class 12th appearing or cleared

3-4 lectures per week

Through ResoNet

Rs 1,40,600

Vijeta (JEE Mains + Advanced)

39 weeks

Class 11th appeared or passed students

4 lectures per week

Direct admission

Rs 1,37,069

Vikaas (JEE Mains + Advanced)

40 weeks

Class 10th appeared or passed students

3-4 lectures per week

Through ResoNet

Rs 1,31,800

Viraat (JEE Mains)

1-2 years

Students of class 11th-12th

Distance learning

Direct admission

Rs 1,31,800

Viraat (JEE Mains + Advanced)

1-2 years

Students of class 11th-12th

Distance learning

Direct admission

Rs 1,31,800

  • The figures of fee is in Indian rupees.

  • The above-mentioned fee is only for one academic year.

  • The total fee of the course includes the Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, Study Material Fee, Caution Money, along with GST @ 18%.

  • A student can pay the fee in two installments. The first installment is of 60%, whereas the next one is of 40% of the total fee.

  • There are a few special fee concessions available for the students.

  • A fine will be charged on late fees.

  • The registration charges at Resonance are Rs 1,000 for JEE Mains and Advanced

Admission procedure of Resonance:

Resonance Nagpur has a very simple and easy admission process. They offer both online and offline modes for admission to the prestigious courses of Resonance. Let us understand the process:

Online admission:

For seeking admission online, the candidate has to follow these steps-

  • Click on the option of Apply Online. Fill in the form and submit it.

  • Download and print the form, along with both the copies of Admit Cards.

  • Attach passport size photograph on both the cards.

  • You can pay the application fee online as well through credit card, debit card, and net banking.

  • Students appearing for ResoNet or ResoFast will receive their admit card 4 days. prior to the exam date. They can also find it online on the website.

  • The status of the application is visible on the website as well for the student’s convenience.

Offline Admission:

The students seeking offline admission must follow these steps-

  • The student must download the form available on the website of Resonance 

  • The filled form must be submitted to the office of Resonance Nagpur through the post, along with the fee.

  • In person, the student can submit the Rs 1,000 through cash or DD made in favor of the Resonance.

  • Students can also submit the fees through post or pay the order.

  • Online methods of payment, like credit card or debit card, and net banking is also available to the candidates.

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