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If you’re looking to be a business professional, you should persuade MBA. It is the only post-graduate degree that will prepare you for the real-world application. From dealing with people to building a sustainable business with apt management, the degree course will incorporate the prevalent skills in you. Choosing an international platform for MBA enhances all of the benefits of the MBA degree. You move in a culturally diverse environment and meet several students from all around the world. It builds your communication skills, and you socialize to build potential connections for the future.

Offering all of these benefits with the world’s top universities, United Kingdom stands as a dominant hub for international students. With over 300 universities and A-grade education where its top universities complete the list of the top institute, UK is a dream destination for several students around the globe. It attracts students from different backgrounds

Why an MBA in the UK

The United Kingdom prevails as the world leader in terms of education. It has at least four institutes among the top ten of the world, while several others throughout the top 100 universities. The validity of an MBA degree from the UK is world-class and works anywhere. It is also held in high regard, and it would land a higher paying job with a rich prospect to the students. The universities also offer a complete international platform for the students to explore their options.


Apart from the obvious educational benefits, The UK is the wealthiest nation and available in the European Continent. Hence, students will have plenty of opportunities to explore their vast lands. They can explore the rich history, learn about various cultures, appreciate art, and also visit the dream destinations for many, like Paris and London. It is a grandeur opportunity for any student to create a lifetime of memories while they also persuade a strong career. Another enticing factor about MBA in the UK is the duration of the course.


All you need to know about the MBA in the UK


While the majority of the countries offer around two years of MBA course, UK offers a single year or 21 months at maximum for their MBA Courses. Hence, it becomes cost-effective and time-saving for many people who seek to build a strong carrier foundation faster. You can save an entire year, which you can use to build a stronger portfolio for yourself or to persuade any other degree or diploma if you desire. There are many things you can do.


As you’re going to study in the most prestigious of nations, it is going to be pricey. The tuition fees and other expenses of the MBA will cost you anywhere from 30 Lakhs to 1 Crore per year. This estimation is without the expenses of living under consideration. It is only for persuading MBA in the UK. However, the good news is that there are several rewarding scholarship programs. They can marginally cut down your costs and expenses. Some of the well-known scholarship programs even offer completely free MBA degree course for the students, if one is eligible for it. Even if you self-afford the entire degree, the future is going to be rewarding.


You will get 16 months of Visa Validity for a single year course. Hence, you can spend the remaining months trying to land a job in the UK, or find it somewhere else. Regardless of where you may search for the job, it is going to come back in massively rich returns. After attaining an MBA degree, you’re looking at around 90 Lakhs to 1 crore per anum for your average salary package. It makes the entire single costly year for you worth persuading and pushing through. It is especially true for those who prove to be brilliant or persuade the degree from top universities.

Top Universities for MBA in the UK

Given below is the list of top universities, according to their rank in the UK. The table also shows the yearly cost in the estimation to pursue an MBA with them. You should note that there are over 300 universities in the UK and these are the top 15. If you do not like them or their fees, you can always opt for the other universities that are not given on the list and still build a strong foundation for your business and management career.



College Name


Course Name

Annual Fees INR (Approx)


University of Oxford

Oxford, UK


67 Lakhs


University of Cambridge

Cambridge, UK


60 Lakhs


London School of Economics and Political Science

London, UK

MSc in Management

43 Lakhs


University of Warwick

Coventry, UK


46 Lakhs


University College London

London, UK

Management MSc

37 Lakhs


University of Bristol

Bristol, UK

MSc Management

31 Lakhs


University of Bath

Bath, UK


42 Lakhs


Lancaster University

Lancaster, UK


32 Lakhs


CITY University of London

London, UK


50 Lakhs


Durham University

Durham, UK


36 Lakhs


University of St.Andrews

St. Andrews, UK

M.Litt in Management

36 Lakhs


University of Leeds

Leeds, UK


34 Lakhs


University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, UK


37 Lakhs


Coventry University

Coventry, UK


27 Lakhs


Cardiff University

Cardiff, UK


27 Lakhs


Eligibility Criteria for the MBA

There are varying requirements and criteria for different universities in the UK.

  • Work Experience: It is not Mandatory to have work experience for MBA in the UK. However, if you’re opting for higher grade institutes, it is advisable to have at least two years of work experience of being a practitioner of business management.
  • Bachelor's Degree: You can apply with any bachelor’s degree. There is no requirement of only management degrees, and it is one of the flexibility of studying in the UK.
  • GMAT Score: A competitively high GMAT score will take you a long way. It will always add some plus points for you.
  • Essay: An essay about the MBA to the universities. It should showcase the reasoning for you to join the institute and highlight the plans to impress the administration to consider the application.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Get one from your workplace and your institute. Both of these letters of recommendation will help you accumulate more positive points from the admission administration — the more the merrier.

How to Apply

Applying for MBA admission in the UK is similar to any other international application in the world.

  • Fill out the university form with correct information
  • Attach all the documents with it. Do not use staplers, use paper clips
  • The Documents required would be Identification, financial and bank statements to ensure you can afford the education, medical certification, statement of marks from bachelors, and 10 + 2.
  • Other document requirements will be listed along with the application of the University.
  • You will need a valid passport and Visa.
  • You can apply for Visa after getting a letter of offer from the Univerisity. It will make the process easier. However, do research and see if there is a waiting period for Visa before applying. It is adequate to apply for Visa around 12 months prior, while you’re gaining professional experience.

Cost of Living in the UK

The cost of an MBA was already covered above. However, living cost in the UK varies. At an average, by accounting all the necessities like rents, food, phone, and other luxuries, it will cost around 30 thousand INR per week or around 1 lakh per month. Additionally, it also depends on the module of the MBA you take. There are shorter duration programs for MBA available that would reduce the cost of tuition and other fees while you will have to spend time longer in the UK.  Overall, it will be a remarkable experience that will transform you into a complete professional

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