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Rakshita Jain
Rakshita Jain

Feb 06, 2020 04:39:21


The island continent, Australia is one of the favorite places for foreign students including Indians to study MBBS. The reason for the popularity of this continent as an excellent option in pursuing MBBS is its impressive infrastructure, plenty of research programs and high quality of education. This country is highly popular among Indian students to study MBBS abroad. Its inclusive lifestyle, highly fine working environment and excellent standards of education are some top attractions for Indian as well as other foreign students to come and study MBBS there.

Another most important thing about MBBS in Australia is that it is MCI approved. This means that unlike some other countries, the Australian MBBS degree doesn't require any screening test by MCI to start practice in India. You should just have a valid medical license and registration in MCI.

However, studying MBBS in Australia should be economically affordable also to make it possible for students to reside and study there.

Firstly, there are two levels to take admission in MBBS in any Australian University. These are:

Undergraduate program:

It is a six-year-long study program that involves both theoretical as well as practical training. For entering this program, students are required to be at least 17 years old and must have completed higher secondary from any reputed board.  An English proficiency test IELTS and entrance test from either UMAT or UCAT needs to be qualified. Also, NEET should be cleared of the Indian student.

Graduate program:

If you have completed a graduate degree then you are eligible for this program. This is a 4-year long program that includes two years of clinical training.

MBBS from Australia is not less expensive as compared to other countries. Due to its quality of education and work environment, the fee for International students in pursuing MBBS can be a little hard to afford but Australia offers a large number of scholarships and other academic help to students in need. But still, an estimate of fee structure and other expenses should be known to everyone willing to pursue MBBS from Australia. Therefore, here is the list of some top colleges and their fee structure:

1. University of Melbourne:

This is one of the top universities in Australia and the world. University of Melbourne every year invites a number of international applicants for graduate as well as undergraduate level MBBS programs. If talking about its fee structure, the tuition fee per year depends on your chosen subject of study as shown below.

Undergraduate course





Fee/ year





Other than this tuition fee, International students also need to pay for student Visa and Student Service and Amenities fee (SSAF). This SSAF is taken by Universities to support various recreational and co-curricular activities of the semester. This is charged by the Australian government every year and costs about A$154 and A$115 for full-time and part-time respectively.

2. University of Sydney:

The University of Sydney is one of the regular top 50 universities in the world. It is also a top university in terms of graduate employability and medical in Australia.

The tuition fee as an average is A$64,500 for MBBS undergraduate program at this University. Along with tuition fees, these universities also charge some additional course costs that include books, materials, and equipment. Student service and amenities fees and overseas health cover are also mandatory for International students.

Additional living cost is approximated by at least $1,690 per month for accommodation, food, utilities and entertainment for the student per month but it may vary according to the living standard.

3. Flinders University:

This is another one of the top universities in Australia in terms of full-time employment and teaching quality. Situated in Adelaide, this University offers the undergraduate course of six years in three fields. These fields are Clinical science, Medical science, and paramedic science. It also provides a postgraduate course in Doctor of Medicine and Paramedic science.

A$64,000 is the annual tuition fee for one year. This does not include other additional expenses and additional course fees.

4. James Cook University:

This university is awarded a 5/5 star rating from Good Universities Guide for graduate employment. This means that graduates from this University can find employment within 4 months of graduation. James Cook University is known to provide world-class education and practical knowledge of the world and its problems.

Bachelor course                                 Clinical Science(Hons)                         

Dental Surgery                                                                                                         


Fee/ year





4 years

5 years

6 years


5. University of Queensland:

The University of Queensland is one of the leading Universities of Australia for research and teaching. It has the most comprehensive study pattern and a very friendly living environment. Situated in the capital city of Queensland, it provides vast opportunities for learning and recreation.

The tuition fee for this University is A$12,900 per semester. Overseas Student health cover, visa charges, living costs, etc are some other expenses.

6. University of Adelaide:

The University is known for its student-friendly environment and in budget lifestyle. It comes in the top 1% universities of the world and has given a number of Nobel Laureates to the world.

Fee is as follows-

Tuition fees 2020 (12 units): $12,000

Estimated Living Expenses: $8,000

Overseas Student Health Cover: $380

Total: $17,380 - $20,880 AUD

Living Expenditure

Australia and its high expense education make it a pricey location for International students but it's quality and world-class education still attracts many students to pursue their MBBS degree.

About A$21,000 is estimated to be living expenses of one year for an International student and other normal expenses like groceries, gas, transport, entertainment and food are excluded from this.

If calculated roughly, about A$350 is the worth. Therefore, the total expense of living calculated will be:

Living Expense: A$21,000

Food and other: A$350

Total: A$21,350

Total Expenditure

The tuition fee included with SSAF, student visa, medical insurance, etc. for an International student is about A$75,000 as an average. This amount is due to additional charges of SSAF, student visa, and additional facilities. Along with this, a rough approximate of A$21,350 is added to this tuition fee that makes it a total of about A$1,00,000 for a year to study MBBS in Australia.

If estimated for masters, this figure will rise further as the Annual tuition fee for masters in medical in Australia costs about A$80,000-A$97,000 per year. However, the duration of masters is less than a bachelor's.

Also, the cost of living highly depends on the city you are living in and the standard of living you choose. For example, capital cities like Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, etc are comparatively more expensive than others. Some other choices like how you choose to travel, where you are willing to stay and what type of food you want also decide your overall expenditure.

Scholarships and Fellowships

To make the study of International students affordable, Australian Education institutions provide many scholarships. These scholarships can be for graduates or undergraduates but it is always advised to apply for them early. Some of these scholarships are:

1. Australia Awards Scholarship: Students from the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East region willing to study in Australia can apply for this scholarship. It is available for UG as well as PG courses. This is a highly recommended scholarship because it covers almost all expenses of the student.

2. Destination Australia Awards: Another scholarship for International students is Destination Australia Scholarship. About A$15,000 is awarded to almost a thousand students every year in this scholarship.

3. Adelaide Scholarship International (ASI): If you are studying at the University of Adelaide, then you are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is given in tuition fees of PG or Ph.D. degrees.

4. Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS): Given by Flinders University to Masters or Ph.D. students.

5. University of Sydney International Scholarships: This is for International students studying at the University of Sydney and is available for PG students also.

However, most Australian scholarships don't include all expenses in their scholarship therefore students can rely on them for their studies. Instead, they can look for scholarships by their country's government and education department for better subsidy.

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