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Rakshita Jain
Rakshita Jain

Jan 24, 2020 01:45:06


Canada, situated in North America is well known for its high standard education and technological learnings for both Canadian as well as foreign students across the globe. MBBS is one of the most popular degree courses offered by Canada which is affordable as well as worthy. There are many reasons due to which Canada has become of the most preferred choices for the students of other countries to pursue MBBS degree course. Its education is known for its hands-on training, rigorous nature as well as high standard of education.

It is also an economical choice for other degree courses like Engineering, Psychology, Medicine, Technologies, etc. It also opens the door for researches in the field of your choice and provides you various part-time as well as full-time jobs that you can do to support yourself financially. Many colleges in Canada offer an MBBS degree to Canadian as well as foreign students. But before talking about them, let's talk about the eligibility criteria for admission of a foreign student in any Canadian college for MBBS.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Canadian College:

Here, is the list of some most important eligibility requirements one must satisfy to be allowed admission in a Canadian MBBS college:

Undergraduate Degree:  Canadian colleges require an undergraduate degree in Science or Biology to pursue MBBS. However, in Quebec, 10+2 qualification along with a 1-year diploma course in CEGEP is required.

NEET: NEET exam clearance is mandatory for Indian students to pursue their MBBS in Canada.

MCAT: MCAT stands for the Medical College Admission Test and passing this basic entrance exam is needed to take admission in MBBS colleges. However, there are also some colleges that give admission without this test.

English Language Test proficiency: You can choose one from TOEFL or IELTS to show your proficiency in the English language. Minimum bands required for IELTS is 6.5 and score of 80 is required for TOEFL.

Canadian passport and visa are required for foreign students.

Genuine copies of all educational qualifications and two passport size photos will also be required. 

Some Exceptions:

  1. Northern Ontario School of Medicine doesn't demand MCAT qualification for giving admission.

  2. The University of Ottawa also doesn't ask for MCAT scores from International students due to their bilingual way of teaching. 

All these requirements must be fulfilled for admission in any reputed MBBS college of Canada.

There are many Universities in Canada known for providing quality education to Indian as well as other foreign students. But there are also many false information platforms that are misleading Indian students who are willing to study MBBS abroad. Therefore, MCI (Medical Council of India) has approved some colleges for Indian students to pursue their MBBS in Canada. These colleges are approved on the basis of their education standard and their attitude towards International students.

The list includes three colleges which are MCI approved:

1. Jimma University, Ethiopia:

Jimma University holds 2928th rank in the world ranking and 2nd in the country for providing MBBS degree to International students. Founded in 1983, this university welcomes international students who have potential and want to study courses of their choice. Tuition fee of the University for Medicine speciality certificate courses (Internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics etc.) is approximately C$4658/year and C$135/credit/semester for medicine.

Documents required involve academic documents, passport, photographs, proof of payment, and letter of recommendation, student visa and health insurance.


2. Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada:

This College is known for its global Excellency in medical speciality and practices. It highly promotes advance health care and facilities. It also contributes in scholarships and collaborations which medical specialists to provide best to its students. Its tuition fee ranges from C$3660 to C$4000 depending on the speciality course you want to pursue.


3. St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine:

It is the third MCI approved college which is famous for providing affordable and high-class education. Veterinary education and small size classes are some other impressive features of this university. Situated in the developed and beautiful island of Grand Cayman, the University provides good standard of living. The tuition fee for clinical sciences is C$19,400 approx and English proficiency test (TOEFL) is mandatory for students without English as the principal language.

Other than these MCI approved colleges, there are some other colleges and Universities in Canada which are well-known for MBBS degree and inviting International students but on a very small scale. 

Let's discuss the location, entrance scores and other aspects of some of these Universities (not MCI approved):


University of Alberta: 

The University of Alberta is one of the best-known colleges for MBBS in Canada due to its world-class education and competitive tuition fees. It is situated in the most affordable urban areas of Canada. It offers three courses in nursing for International students. These include B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons) and B.Sc. bilingual. 

Its tuition fee for international students is approximately C$27000 and C$13,231.

The University provides an environment for work and also enough opportunities to get more exposure to Canadian culture and lifestyles. It also avails many housing options and holds its place in the top 150 World's leading universities. Situated in the fastest growing city of Canada, Edmonton, it is surrounded with beautiful landscapes and mountains. The university provides many scholarships too. 

Basic requirements to be eligible to apply for this university includes MCAT with a minimum score of 124 for Alberta residents and an English language proficiency test has to be cleared with a minimum score of 90 in TOEFL. The admission fee is 94 USD. 

List of important documents to be submitted for admission:

  • TOEFL, IELTS or any other equivalent English Language proficiency test score.

  • High school documents, certificates and diplomas, and their official English translation.


Queen's University:

This is one of the most popular universities to pursue MBBS in Canada. A maximum of five international students (non-Canadian residents) is admitted to Queen's University every year in the first year of its medical program. 

Candidates have to clear MCAT as an eligibility criterion of admission in this University. 

One autobiographical sketch is also asked for by Queen's University to give a picture of the candidate's achievements and other specifications. This autobiographical sketch should involve awards and accomplishments, formal education, researches, volunteer activities, and extra-curricular activities, etc. with a proper presenting way to impress the admission jury. 

Also, three references letters with accompanying Confidential Assessment is to be submitted by the candidate as a part of his/her application.

English Language Proficiency Tests like TOEFL requires a score of 100 at least to be able to study in this Medical school conducted all in English. 

Interview of candidates with successful file review is also conducted to evaluate their non-academic qualities. For further info, one can visit 


University of Calgary:

The University of Calgary is one of the top research-intensive universities in Canada. Its institute the Cumming School of Medicine is an intimate school on a smaller basis. Its admission and other requirements are less demanding than the other schools and the tuition fee is affordable too. However, the University of Calgary is the most overlooked option due to its location. 

It is an excellent option for those looking to enter the field sooner. With specific programs by the university, international students can be admitted here. Its requirements are similar to the requirements of Queen's University. This includes MCAT (not for Alberta residents), interview and three letters of reference. Its tuition fee is C $15,012.

 University of Manitoba:

This university is a public research university situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Erected by the Manitoba Medical Alumni Association, it is dedicated to graduates who laid down their lives in wars of the empire. Its Max Rady College of Medicine is considered one of the best colleges for pursuing MBBS in Canada. International students applying from high school must:

  • Meet the general entrance requirement based on the country of study. These requirements can be found on the official website of the University by clicking the Common International Curricula. For example, if you belong to Asia then you must have high school graduation with a minimum 70% average in three (3) senior-level courses with at least 60% in English or first language literature. 

  • English language proficiency: In addition to academic requirements, students must also meet the English language proficiency requirements. This may be done by writing a standardised test such as:

  1. IELTS (6.5 overall band score)

  2. TOEFL IBT (86 total score with a min. of 20 in each component) 

Direct entry admission requirements for Health science and science are Equivalent minimum 85% average over the following senior-level courses, with no less than 60% in each course:

  1. English

  2. Senior-level Mathematics

  3. One subject from Biology, Physics, Computer Science or Chemistry


Fee for international students for nursing is $19,100 and for science is $18000 after including International differential fee. In addition to this, University provides residence facility also for students which cost from $7400 to $13,800.


 University of Western Ontario:

The university application process includes an English language proficiency tests like other universities for those whose first language is not English. If the test is IELTS (International English Language Testing Service), a minimum overall band score of 6.5 is necessary and if it’s TOEFL (test of English as a Foreign Language) then a minimum of 83 scores is required. 

Its other requirements differ from the country of the student and his study pattern. Along with 12th, it requires mark sheet documents of 10th standard also for completing academic document requirements.

For pursuing Nursing studies from the University also requires Biology, Chemistry, English, and Maths as student's senior-level subjects whereas for a Medical Science courses, Chemistry, Biology, and Calculus are the required subjects.

The tuition fee for the course in this University is C$39,836 for nursing and C$38,611 for Medical science. Including other expenses like residence, food, internet, etc. costs approx C$64,907 and C$62,752 for the on-campus and off-campus choice of the student.


Canadian Mennonite University:

Canadian Mennonite University is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is also considered an excellent option to study MBBS in Canada. The university was founded in 1999 and formed after the merging of three colleges namely, Menno Simons College, Concord College, and Canadian Mennonite Bible College.

For those International students taking full-time courses, living will be charged about C$15,000. Many scholarships are also available for students to provide financial aid like Leadership Scholarship, Academic Merit Scholarship, etc. 

The eligibility requirement of Canadian Mennonite University is the same as those by other universities mentioned above. English Proficiency Test is a must for those with a first language other than English.


McGill University:

McGill University is an open research university named after James McGill to respect his contribution to the university. Faculty at the university also include some Nobel Prize winners which are a very attractive point for students interested in researches.

The university provides MD, CM course of four years with best practices in learning theory and incorporation of modern technologies into renovated classroom spaces.

The tuition fee for the course is C$36,954 and other expenses are approximately C$12,000 for one year. TOEFL score of 100 or IELTS score of 6.5 is demanded to consider your admission to the University. A bachelor's course in nursing or dental health is also available.


University of British Columbia:

It has its campus in Vancouver and Okanagan. Its document requirement involves Higher Secondary School Certificate awarded in Standard XII. Certificates or Photocopies (if certified by school principal) are required for admission procedure of the University and English proficiency test from any one of the nine ways which you can see from the link 

The tuition fee is estimated at C$39,573 and your residence and other expenses will be in total C$58,000.


University of Regina:

The University of Regina is one of Canada’s top 10 comprehensive universities. The student to faculty ratio is 20:1 so that students get to know professors and other faculty better and have the required attention from them. It is situated at a safe, affordable place in Canada and provides a high standard of living.

The online application fee is C$100 and documents required involve school-certified documents of examination results from both 10th and 12th year. A copy of the passport and English proficiency test is also required for the procedure. The options in ELP tests can be checked from the link provided.

Once you get selected you can get fee details and other information from the official website of the university.


University of Waterloo:

The best highlight for drawing to the University of Waterloo is its renowned academic programs, world-leading co-operative education, and teaching and research excellence. It is ranked consistently as Canada’s most innovative university.

Tuition Fee for one year is C$31,170 and total expenses would by C$19,903. Admission requirements and eligibility are the same as other universities.

These are the top universities that are highly recommended to pursue MBBS in Canada. High standard of education and living along with scholarship programs and other working opportunities like campus jobs makes Canada an excellent option to go for MBBS. 

There are many other colleges also in Canada known for providing quality education in Medical Science to Indians as well as other foreign students. These are:

  • University of Ottawa
  • Dalhousie University
  • Humber College
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Concordia University
  • Fanshawe College
  • Conestoga College
  • Ryerson University
  • Western University
  • McMaster University
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  • University of Victoria
  • University of Fraser Valley
  • Trinity Western University
  • Laval University

Some Advantages of studying MBBS in Canada are:

  • World-class education and inspirational environment with excellent infrastructure.
  • Canada is considered a pioneer in the field of research and has the world's best universities in the field of research.
  • Lots of scholarships available to provide financial aid to the students and make the study of MBBS affordable in a foreign country.
  • Along with the study programs, Canada also provides excellent job opportunities and impressive salary packages.
  • Having an International degree is itself a respectful achievement.

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