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Dipti Singh
Dipti Singh

May 01, 2019 04:18:33


SSC which stands for Staff Selection Commission is an organization under The Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the GOI and in Subordinate Offices. Its Headquarter is in New Delhi, The Capital of the country. Today’s youth is highly inspired and motivated by the idea of this organization and everyone looks forward to joining government jobs, thus there is a lot of competition in this field and as a result, the examination conducted at the brim is difficult and requires practice, determination, knowledge, and hard work.  Every year SSC conducts the SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination for recruiting non-gazetted officers to various government jobs. Coaching Plays a vital role when it comes to selection in exams like SSC, Check out Best SSC Coaching Institutes in Delhi. 

In India, every government job aspirant is well aware of the SSC exams. Well, if you are unaware about it, SSC stands of Staff Selection Commission. The exam is conducted to recruit the Grade B and Grade C employees for the various Government offices, departments, and ministries as well. It comprises of four stages or tiers. The first two stages are online exams, whereas the last two are offline. Online test series and mock tests for SSC preparation are available easily everywhere. You need to practice hard to succeed in this exam.

Preparing for SSC can be a rigorous and daunting task even more so if it is your first attempt at it. But, you can make it easy if you follow the right strategy. It is essential to complete your preparation a few months ago so that you can have ample time to revise what you have studied. The best way to gain confidence and remove the exam jitters is through online test series and mock tests for SSC preparation. Here, mock test series can help you ace at the D-day.

Benefits of giving online tests:

Majority of the aspirants rely on Online test series and mock tests for SSC preparation. These tests have been preparing the students each year and helping them realize their dream. Let us take a look at the various benefits of them: 

Prepares as per the pattern:

The online tests are carefully designed as per the pattern of the Staff Selection Commission - Combined Graduate Level (SSC CGL) exam. The students get to know the exact pattern of the exam and gain insights on how to crack it. It gives them knowledge about the frequently asked questions or topics.  


The predominant benefits of taking only test series are that it provides convenience. A candidate can take these tests as per their schedule and convenience. There is no need to go to coaching classes. What’s even better is that one can focus solely on the weak areas as well.

Provides solutions:

A mock test paper comes with answers and solved solutions as well. It gives the candidate a chance to go back and rectify their mistakes. The chance of making the same mistakes goes down, and the overall performance improves.


Availing the coaching or personalized classes can amount to be very costly. Whereas, online mock tests are a cost-effective option. There are plenty of websites that offer absolutely free test series question papers. Although there are a few that are paid, even they do not amount much as compared to coachings. 

SSC currently functions as an autonomous body that is mainly engaged in conducting competitive exams for recruitment to various posts in the SSC departments organizations. In the previous years, SSC has conducted various exams as given below:

  • SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination (SSC CGL)
  • SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam (SSC CHSL)
  • Junior Engineer
  • Hindi Translator
  • SSC GD Constable
  • SSC Multitasking
  • Scientific Assistant Post
  • Selection Post
  • Central Police Organization
  • Stenographer

These exams with no doubt require assertiveness and definitely leadership qualities but before that, it is very important to study and prepare for the exams properly. The world is digital and everything is available online including the test series and mock tests for any competitive exam preparation. The list for famous websites where SSC online mock tests are available are mentioned below:

1) Testbook ( CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, Stenographer )

2) SmartKeeda  ( CGL, CHSL )

3) KD Campus ( CGL, CPO )

4) Paramount ( CGL, CHSL, CPO, JE, MTS)

5) Examper ( CGL, CHSL, CPO )

6) GradeUp

7) TCYOnline

8) Talent Sprint ( CGL, CHSL, CPO )

9) Career Power and Bankers Adda ( CGL, CHSL, CPO, JE, MTS, Stenographer)

10) Super Profs ( CGL, CHSL, CPO )

11) Wifi Study ( CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS )

12) Vidya Guru ( CGL )

13) Career Launcher ( CGL, CHSL, Stenographer )

14) Edulogiq ( CGL )

All these educational online websites have mock question papers, video lectures, offers online test series and practice tests for several exams, with detailed performance analysis and solutions. Some of the websites also provide monthly subscription with video solutions to all kinds of questions and smart analysis.

Best online mock tests:

If you are looking out for online test series and mock tests for SSC preparation, you are at the right place. Read on to find out the best test series and mock tests:

KD Campus:

If you are looking for mock tests that can prepare you for the actual exam, then KD Campus is the right place for you. It fairs well on the criteria of toughness. What makes it different from the other platforms is the fact that the test papers are very much similar to the actual exam. This gives an opportunity for the candidates to prepare for the D-day for the beginning and assess their performance accordingly. By taking around 20-30 tests, a candidate can judge their level. It will tell you the average performance, and it might be the marks that you score in the final exam. Take a margin of 10-15 marks that can go either way. Rest, you can know your score through the mock tests of KD Campus. The only downside here is that the test series is a little expensive.


Testbook is one of the prominent platform used by the candidates who clear the SSC CGL exam every year. Almost all of them recommend it, due to the evident advantages it possesses. The test series of Testbook is available at very affordable rates. The candidates do not need to spend much on it, just to prepare for the exam. Apart from that, the level of these tests is average. The questions are neither too hard and nor too easy. The mediocre level prepares the candidate for every possible outcome. It also gives the results in percentile, making it easier to compare. More and more participants are adding up on this platform due to the excellent test papers available here.


For the candidates seeking the most difficult set of mock tests, Oliveboard will give you exactly that. They design the mock tests on higher difficulty level so as to prepare the students for the extreme case scenarios. After giving these tests, a candidate can easily ace a difficult exam as well. The tests of Oliveboard stresses more on the question papers of the previous year. There are very few websites and portals which focus on old papers. Owing to this, Oliveboard stands out among all other platforms. The fee for the test series is slightly on the higher end. But, it offers an interesting feature of free mock tests on Sundays as well. Although it is only for the SSC CHSL exam.


Over the last few years, SSCtube has become the most popular online platform for mock tests of SSC. It offers a unique and attractive offer of free live mock test, that is held every Sunday. The tests of SSCtube vary from slightly tough to moderately tough, giving a wide spectrum of questions to prepare. It gives the students a reality check about their score, even if the actual paper comes out as tough. As the time for the exam approaches, their tests match up to the actual exam pattern. The candidates can ascertain their actual performance level and work on the weak areas then. Their free mock tests are very convenient. However, the packages are also well-priced. They are affordable and can be bought for thorough preparation.

Top Rankers:

Top Rankers is yet another platform that offers online mock tests for the preparation of SSC CGL exam. The level and pattern of their tests are very much identical to the actual exams. They are moderately difficult, being easier than the extremely difficult tests, yet higher than the books. A candidate must avail their courses if they wish to get a vast knowledge through a plethora of questions. Their tests can easily prepare them for the actual exam.


What most of the tests miss out on is the explanation of the answers. And, if you are facing difficulty in seeking this, you can rely on Paramount. They have expertise in giving a detailed explanation of each answer. It is so extensive that the candidates can easily find out their mistakes and rectify them, leaving no space for errors or confusions. This benefits the most on attempting the final paper, and the majority of the weak areas are worked upon. The tests are moderately difficult and rely heavily on previous year papers. A candidate can stay in touch with the pattern of the actual exam and prepare accordingly. The packages are not too expensive and fair well in terms of price.


GradeUp is a new yet optimum platform for online preparation of SSC. It has a very interactive and compact user interface, which is identical to that of CGL examination. They offer a series of tests, ranging in the difficulty level. Majority of the SSC aspirants are registered on GradeUp and give their mock tests. This fact enables a participant to compete on a larger scale and assess their performance. It gives them a reality check as to where they stand in comparison to so many candidates. They also provide a detailed analysis of the answers. Not only that, the solutions of GradeUp has the least number of errors. You can rely on GradeUp for thorough and optimum preparation.


LearnAir is an application that is devoted to the preparation of SSC CGL examination. It contains more than 10,000 questions that give extensive knowledge about the various topics covered under the exam pattern. The striking feature about this platform is the fact that it gives the facility of getting solutions by experts. All you have to do is post your query or problem, and an expert will help solve it for you. Apart from that, they offer current affairs with vocabulary resources as well. The candidates can assess the free mock tests. These tests are on all India level. Along with it, the candidate can also know their rankings all over India after the mock tests. It helps them compete with a larger pool of participants and know their current performance level.

Online preparation is also easy to understand, there are more advantages than disadvantages in seeking knowledge online. It is more effective and comfortable. There is no requirement of paper-based study material. The study sources are also all time available. An important topic and regular notifications are sent via. SMS and emails, Doubts can be solved and their solutions are also instantly provided. There is the flexibility of deciding one’s own study duration. The best of digital India is that internet is accessible everywhere even in remote areas so the reach becomes wider. Online coaching is time-saving and there is more credibility. A person can study from the comfort of his/ her home. The cost is very low as compared to whatever a physical institution would provide.

These online websites have planned Test series with All India Rank and performance analytics on web and app. Provides free tests from several prominent Coaching Institutes. They have an entire whole package at one place, videos (in Micro SD format), e-books, test series packs, video solutions, correspondence courses, and notes. It also gives plenty of optionality in terms of test packages to choose from.  It Provides videos lectures, digital notes, practice questions, revision modules and All India Test Series as a package.

Sites like Test series, SmartKeeda, KD campus, Paramount and examper provides proper test series which also have previous year question paper with their solutions whereas other websites like Talent print, Super prof, wifi study, etc. provide online videos, offline videos, Demo videos, study material, test series, and test solutions. Every website has its own costs attached to these studies and they vary from time to time. For example: for KD campus the cost is around 200- 2000 rs. Whereas for Examper it is mostly free but a few packs cost Rs. 100- 200 per pack.

There is a wide variety of options available for the preparation of SSC exam through online platform. The basic paper of an SSC examination includes the following section

1) General Knowledge

The syllabus specified by SSC for GK section includes Indian polity, History, Geography, Awards & honors, sports, general science, and others.

2) Quantitative Aptitude

The above mentioned online websites offer questions & answers varying from simple to tougher ones along with their relevant study material.

3) General English and Comprehension

This section is very crucial and a scoring subject if the basics are known correctly. It takes less time as compared to Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning.

4) General Intelligence and Reasoning

After Quantitative Aptitude, this is the most time-consuming section comprised of confusing questions in SSC exams. So, the precise understanding of each topic and type of questions is essential.

 SSC Coaching has become an important part of the process of winning competitive examinations. Apart from all the skills the students have it is also very necessary to have a concrete and concise preparation with the help of teachers, study materials and mock examination.  Essential elements for SSC preparation at home through the online portal:

  • SSC Syllabus

Get acquainted with the syllabus of the exam for which you are going to appear. This is the very first stage of the preparation. Avoid over the study of unnecessary topics and understudy of the listed topics. It is recommended that first formulate a table or a list of topics for each section before going to study and figure out your strong and weak areas. So, you can prepare them accordingly.

  • Proper study material

SSC basically, asks questions from the very general academic subjects. for ensuring success in the exam, it is essential to gather appropriate study materials. It is advisable to refer some standard writers and publication’s books.

  • A daily schedule

A timetable is the most adopted and systematic way to complete the preparation and for attaining the success in many aspects of your life. Time is a very useful and scarce resource. 

  • Proper time management

 Every candidate either the selected one or the repeater, all of them have 24 hours a day in which the difference is created. Do not make an impractical and disproportionate timetable. Allocate time to each subject as per the topics density and complexity. Adhere to the timetable and make changes in it time to time as per the need.

  • An online help from test series and mock tests

Do not miss to take online assistance in preparation. You can find almost everything that is required for the success in SSC exam including study material, guidance and various shortcut tricks instantly in a single click ahead.

  • Short notes for quick memory

It is appropriate to prepare short notes on each topic, which you find important and revisable before the examination. It is essential in case of General knowledge and English. Because just before the exam, it is not possible to go through each chapter of the respective books.

  • Previous year question papers

Collect the SSC previous year papers of last five years and practice all questions. It will give you clarity about the type of questions, number of questions, and their respective difficulty level. Besides this, previous year question papers are also necessary because SSC sometimes repeats the questions.

  • Self-analysis by testing your knowledge

There are two methods of testing the acquired knowledge: First, attempt the random questions from your book and second, practice online test series. Practicing test series will give you the experience of an actual online exam and will give you the full report of your progress. So, you can do needful improvements.

  • Proper Practice

It is rightly said: “Practice makes a man perfect.” So, practice as much as you can for each subject and topic. Practice minimizes the chances of error and maintains a flow of attempting questions in real exam.

Preparing for SSC CGL exam is not a cakewalk. It requires months of dedication, hard work, and diligence, along with a strategic study plan. In addition to that, constant practice through online test series and mock tests for SSC preparation is a must. And, only regular mock tests can help one prepare for the final exam and give them enough confidence. Therefore, it is essential to enroll in a test series program online to prepare for the final exam, the right way. Choose one platform from the ones mentioned above and say goodbye to exam jitters.   

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