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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”     ~  Malcolm X


Education is the basic need for each and every person. Without education, a person cannot have good oral skills and good manners. Education is a powerful tool to change anyone's life. In recent times, education has become the most eminent tool. The importance of education has grown widely. The world is modernizing every day and there are thousands of things around us that are made with experience and advancement therefore every person should be educated. The education which is now being taught in colleges is advanced education. It teaches different skills and builds personality. One type of education is  formal education. It is that type of education which is planned for the softening of the student conduct when it comes to higher education. It provides diverse education given in post-secondary institutions of schooling.

Whenever we think of education then "knowledge" comes into our mind. Knowledge is basically the gaining of information. Also its a good tool for improving our skills, manners, and ethics. It makes the individual a better human being and tells the individual about their rights and duties towards their family, society as well as for the whole nation. Some students can gain this knowledge with the help of education by going to school and colleges. But due to the financial crisis, some students are not able to continue their studies. As the cost of education for higher studies is increasing day by day so to ensure that every individual dream reaches to its final destination "scholarships" become a better option to achieve one's aim. Nowadays higher education becomes very important as it leads the individual to have good communication skills, social skills and it also leads the individual to have a greater sense of responsibility. It provides a better sense of accomplishment as with proper higher education we can reach to the product of talent and hard work.

 Nowadays the higher education system is enlarging to a large extent and many colleges, which provide higher education, have been made to enhance it. Higher education institutions include not only universities and colleges but it provides experience in several trades that helps the individual to grow further and have experience in some real-world fields such as medicine, law, business, journalism public policy, architecture, etc.  These demand a lot of allowance for studying which everyone cannot afford. There are some people who are exceptionally great in knowledge and skills but could not afford for higher studies so these students have an opportunity to solve their difficulty and they can simply apply for scholarships.

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Importance of scholarships in higher education

Scholarships provide assistance to those people who do not have huge amount of money to pay for education. As we know that talented individuals should be trained further so that they can create some great technological innovations which would be helpful to mankind. So scholarships are provided to these people who have talent but they don't have financial aid. An example to this would be where the student would have to score the required percentage so that he is eligible to avail the facilities and benefits of the scholarships. For example to be eligible for the scholarship the student has to score 70% to get a scholarship for higher education. This criteria of providing higher education also find that individuals talented so providing the scholarship to such a person would mold him into a gentleman.

The scholarship comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. There are countless reasons that a student would have to apply for financial aid or receive the gifted funding to attend the school/college. The institutions and organizations providing scholarships to students must take care to accurately manage their finances to ensure strong relationships with donors and recipients. Implementing scholarship management software is an effective way to keep watch on this activity.

Scholarships give an opportunity for many students to earn an education. Without any help or aid from an outside source, students may have trouble paying for the degree they need in order to enter the workforce and become a contributing member of society. In addition, roughly two-thirds of all college graduates are burdened with student loans upon leaving school. Due to constantly rising in tuition prices, these loans at an average is $20,000. As compared to the debt experienced by students in the early 1990s, this is a 50 percent increase in it. In a country where a college degree is important during a job search, scholarships decrease the financial strain on many students. The funds for scholarships come from a variety of different sources. Private, individual donors make a large contribution to their alma mater to provide education for new students. Annual fundraising events across the different counties donate proceeds to scholarships

Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students

Scholarships are important not only for college programs but also for school or post-education achievement. Some of the benefits of scholarships are listed below : -

1.    Increasing Cost Of Education

The rise in the cost of college, school, and university fees is the first reason why scholarships are helpful for a student.  We can see that every year, there is at least a 5% increase in tuition fee, particularly for international students. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to enroll in programs that are fully funded and keep a student out of all the financial stress so as to maintain the continuity of higher education.

2. Economic sector

Higher education lets the individual to provide a competitive edge in the career market. As we see that in economic times we are living in today, finding jobs is not guaranteed. The number of people unemployed is still relatively high in today’s era and the number of new career opportunities isn’t nearly enough to put people in jobs they are seeking. As a job seeker, if anyone competing with a high number of experienced workers who’ve been out of the workforce for a while and is also seeking work. Higher education gives the person an opportunity to succeed in today’s global economy. Modern universities provide their students with various aimed at preparing them for different economic sectors, helping them to stay and progress in the labor market for long, programs that make a huge difference for labor market outcomes and keep pace with changes in the global economy and changes in the innovation process. Universities promote lifelong learning; they offer opportunities to engage and attract professionals into training and professional development. 

3. Student Loan Rate is shooting up

As per recent surveys, at an average of 55 percent, many of the urban families are engaged in mortgages and loans to send their students for higher studies.  On top of that, the loan rate in banks increases every year and this is why scholarships are becoming important. They put the parents to ease and release them from the financial pressure thereby helping them to continue further studies.

4.  Basic Living Expenses

College and university students also have to deal with food and travel costs. These costs build up slowly and tend to cause a lot of hassle for students as well as for parents. It becomes more difficult to deal with if the student and his family have already paid too much for the tuition fee but receiving a scholarship takes care of all these costs is highly beneficial.

5.   Study Abroad

The scholarship is the best way that a student can fulfill his or her dream of studying abroad. Applying for a reputed and prestigious program helps academically as well as personally. This means that students are able to get global exposure and they can develop their interpersonal skills. Scholarships offered by well-established institutions generally cover all the expenses of a student and hence provide financial aid to them.

Know about LOR  

6. Getting a Degree of Your Choice

Sometimes, it is not the cost of the institution but it’s the cost of a higher degree program that is too high. Such programs that are out of financial reach can be easily taken up through scholarships. Opting for a good and fully funded program helps a student to manage the degree of his or her choice.

Scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK

7. Having an Upper-Hand over Others

Attaining a scholarship has its share of financial benefits, but there’s also an exceptional personal benefit. These programs also help the individual to add it in the resume.  Additionally, it also conveys that a student is extremely dedicated and has worked hard all his/her life. Thus, the students who receive scholarships are automatically given more preference than others when it comes to job interviews.      

8. Respect and Appreciation

Getting a scholarship on one’s abilities helps an individual to earn respect not just in the eyes of others but also in his eyes too.  It will mean that he/she recognizes strengths and weakness and are willing to improve in areas where they are lacking.

At last, I would like to conclude that education makes an individual a better person and teaches them various skills. It enhances the intellect and the ability to make rational decisions. It helps the individual growth of a candidate. Hence, scholarships become an important part of higher education so that this world can have more educated and experienced people.

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