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            BEST 5 IITJEE Preparation Books    

IITJEE exam is considered to be the most important exam for all those students who aspire to be an engineer. This exam is not so easy to crack. You need to prepare for IITJEE from 11th class itself so that you can secure a good rank and have a good chance of getting admission in the prestigious IIT’s of India. The more early you start studying, more are the chances of you getting admission.

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is what you need to work hard on. Make your concepts clear in these subjects for the IITJEE exam. Now the question arise what books you should be consulting while preparing for IITJEE. You need more than your regular NCERT books to clear this exam. We’ll be listing some of the best books that you can study from.


Concept of Physics (Part 1 and Part 2) by HC Verma.

Price - Rs 364 (each book)

Pages - 464(Vol 1), 441(Vol 2)

From clearing your basic concepts of physics to making you understand more advanced concepts, this book does it all. It is the most popular book among IITians. It is one the best books to refer to when preparing for IITJEE. The language is easy and the chapters are arranged very systematically. Each and every chapter is very well explained in a methodical manner.

Toppers Review - “Almost every JEE topper would recommend you this book because of its methodical approach and simple language. The problems given in the book are similar to what you will get in the IITJEE exam so it will prove beneficial if you from this book.”

IITJEE Physics by DC Pandey

Price - Rs 250 - 300

Pages - 416

The chapters in this book are very well explained. It has a lot of problem solving questions. The basic concepts of physics are also explained in the book. There are a lot of sample problems and their solutions are also explained properly. This book also prepares you for JEE Advanced along with JEE Mains. The chapter is more detailed and nicely illustrated.

Toppers Review “This book will help you in understanding and solving the problems with ease. It also makes you understand the concepts of basic physics clearly. This book has a question bank too where you would get many good questions to practice.”


Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov

Price - Rs 150

Pages - 537

When your concepts are clear, move on to this book for more advanced problem solving exercises. These problems would also help you understand some topics more clearly. It has both easy as well as difficult problems. This book will help you build your numerical solving skills.

Toppers Review “You should at least go through this book once when you are preparing for IITJEE. The mechanics and thermodynamics chapters should be actually prepared form this book.”


Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker

Price - Rs 700

Pages - 804

It is not the typical Physics that you used to study all these years. It uses the daily life examples to explain the simple concepts of physics. The laboratory experiments are also explained. The problem is very well explained and helps in brushing your problem solving skills.

Toppers Review - “This book provides a lot of information on the fundamental principles of physics that are needed to be understood. It will surely help the JEE aspirants a lot.”


Physics for IITJEE by BM Sharma

Price - Rs 800

Pages - 952

This book covers all the concepts that are required for JEE. The theory is explained in a very impressive manner. It also teaches you how to solve the numerical and the right approach towards it. It will also help you prepare for JEE advanced. It also has a lot of problem oriented questions.

Toppers Review - “A very handy book to prepare for the IITJEE. This will teach you to solve the problems with ease and very fast which is essential when you appear for the exam.”



Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd

Price - Rs 750

Pages - 1508

The chapters are explained in a detailed manner with all the concepts being very clear. The syllabus that you need to study for IITJEE is available in this book. The solved questions explain the topic clearly.

Toppers Review – “Start studying from this book as soon as possible to prepare for the exam. It has all that you need to study for clearing the exam. The topics are explained in a very good manner and you can understand everything very easily.”


Organic Chemistry by OP Tandon

Price - Rs 900

Pages - 714

It the best book available for physical and inorganic chemistry. The chapters are very elaborate in explained in simple and easy language. It provides in-depth knowledge of important chemical reactions. There are many solved and unsolved questions for practicing.

Toppers Review – “This book will surely help you to prepare for IITJEE. The concepts are made detailed and very clear. The reactions are also clearly explained. Questions given for practice will also provide you good knowledge.”


Organic Chemistry by MS Chouhan

Price - Rs 600

Pages - 1156

This book would help you to understand the mechanisms and structures properly. The book has 23 chapters and has all the chapters explained in a detailed manner. You will also get the elaborate explanations of all the reactions and their mechanisms.

Toppers Review - “This book will help a lot in the preparation for IITJEE. Along with studying for JEE mains, this book will also be useful when preparing for JEE advanced.”


A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Peter Sykes

Price - Rs 500

Pages - 428

Its approach towards explaining the topics is what makes this book so popular among the IIT JEE aspirants. Organic reaction mechanisms are well explained. Problem oriented sample questions and practice questions are also available.

Toppers Review - “The information provided in this book is more than enough of what you require to study for IITJEE. All the chapters are explained in clear and simple language. It a must read book for IITJEE.”


Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee

Price - Rs 250

Pages - 874

This book stands out when it comes to numerical problem based study. This book actually do not explain you the theory part. It is basically for numericals only. This book will help you in brushing up you numerical solving skills.

Toppers Review - “This book is strongly recommended for numerical solving practice. It will help you in easily solving the numericals. Make this book a part of all the books that you are studying for exam.”



Objective Mathematics for JEE by RD Sharma

Price - Rs 900

Pages - 1098

It covers almost every aspect of the syllabus for JEE. The theory concepts are also described in an extensive manner. The example questions are solved in a very explanatory way. There are a lot of questions available to practice from.

Toppers Review - “It is good choice to study from this book. This book helps in understanding the concept clearly, hence enhancing JEE preparation immensely.”


Mathematics for JEE Mains by G Tewani

Price - Rs 800

Pages - 908

This book has covered complete syllabus of the JEE exam. It has all types of questions and previous years question papers are also given in this book. Solutions of the book are explained clearly.

Toppers Review - “This book covers every type of questions that you can get in the exam. The solved questions are very beneficial in understanding the concept. It is actually a great deal to prepare from this book.”


Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight

Price - Rs 200

Pages - 520

This book has good algebra related questions. The questions have diversity and will help you a lot in preparing for the exam. It has a lot of solved examples. The illustration of the solved examples is nicely done. There are easy questions as wells as difficult questions available in this book.

Toppers Review - “This book proves to be very useful when it comes to preparing to JEE Mains as well as Advanced. It has good algebra related questions.”


Problem Plus in IIT Mathematics by A Das Gupta

Price - Rs 700

Pages - 727

It is good collection of solved and unsolved questions for JEE. This book contains some of the best questions that you should study. The chapters contain facts and formulae’s. There are many solved questions given in the book.

Toppers Review - “It is a very well arranged book. The level of difficulty of questions increases as you proceed in the chapter. This book gives you good value for money you invested.”


Problems in CALCULUS OF ONE VARIABLE by I.A. Maron

Price - Rs 100

Pages - 424

This book covers complete one variable calculus syllabus of JEE. The theory is explained in brief and precise manner. There are solved examples which are explained in detail. There are a lot of unsolved questions too. All the chapters are arranged in a systematic way.

- “If you are preparing for IITJEE, then this book is one of the best books available in the market. This book will help you gaining mastery over calculus if you go through the book thoroughly.”Toppers Review.

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