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Standyou Team
Standyou Team

Oct 17, 2019 04:47:54


Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is a common entrance exam for engineering to get admission into prestigious universities, mostly IITs, all across India. It is divided into two: JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is more arduous than JEE Mains and requires dedication, patience, and perseverance. In order to prepare better and get acquainted with the structure of the examination, mock tests are necessary. They also help you give an idea about time management and your approach during the final exam. So, here are some sites that will help you prepare and learn better with their unique tactics.


1. Toppr

Toppr offers a unique methodology for each student. You are free to create your path with the help of the experts available 24x7. Their database is full of theories, concepts, videos, and other interesting articles which will help students prepare for their examination. The website is also great for other competitive examinations and boards as it covers the school curriculum for state-level examinations too. It has a rich database full of helpful information, which will help the students take the JEE Main Mock tests and evaluate themselves. It is best for those who like to self-study without any interference. You will be able to study according to your plans with appropriate guidance.


2. Standyou 

It is perhaps one of the best methods available for any student. Standyou is a Pay Per Test Platform where students can win real cash prize  with 100% scholarship in coaching institute based on their performance in the test. Standyou also ensures that the subject experts prepare the tests with brilliant quality. The ‘live test’ feature of the website ensures that each student receives a different set of questions for the test at the same time. Apart from expert evaluation, global ranking, and performance report, you can also predict future results. The most exciting prospect of the site is the ability to earn. Your hard work will not go to waste as you can earn money by performing great in the test. The rewards are according to the percentile global score. It is one of the best ways for students to finance themselves and prepare with a global level of competition. The reward system also keeps students motivated. Furthermore, you can easily withdraw your winning Prize into your Bank account OR Paytm Wallet. Click here to download the Application. 


3. National Testing Agency 

NTA is often known for taking tenders regarding the preparation or evaluation of actual competitive exams. It means that they have one of the finest track records for the best JEE Mock Tests. You can explore their site and gain access to the collection of best test papers. Prepared by experts covering a wide spectrum of subjects, you will find everything you need and more. If you are someone who likes to study from the source materials and books and only requires test papers, this is the best website to do it.


4. Vedantu

Vedantu is an online education platform. It is precisely like an institute available at the ease of your PC or Smartphone. You can take admission and interact with highly experienced teaching staff. There are several live facilities like Live Audio Call and Live classes. You can also record and replay the live sessions later for a deeper understanding of the subject or topic. It has all the standard procedures you would expect from an institution from classes, tests, and evaluation. However, you also get the benefit of getting tests regarding a specific topic or subject. Furthermore, it is the best way for students to conserve time and energy by connecting to an educational body like Vedantu on their mobile phones due to its ease of access.


5. Onlinetestseries by Allen Career Institute

The best faculties prepare Allen Career Institute's Online test series. It is available for the students to make self-assessment regarding their progress in competitive preparation. The tests meet the international standards for high competency. You will get a personalized report and analyses regarding your performance, which will highlight your strengths and weakness to help you focus better. It is an assessment platform with several JEE Mock Tests avails at their disposal. If you encounter any issue, Onlinetestseries has fantastic customer support to help you with your queries. It is also available in the form of a mobile app for easier access


6. Embibe

Embibe takes an innovate approach towards education. It is an AI-driven platform designed to help each student individually. There are several different examinations and subjects Embibe covers. Its search box will cover all the related topics and news as you interact with it. Embibe is supported by sponsors like Reliance and Forbes who have put confidence in creative minds with un-staggering determination. Furthermore, the website also covers government examinations. In short, you will be well-versed in any examination. The site is rich in data and information regarding any subject and topic. It is similar to having a digital assistant designed to educate you, a digital teacher, one might say. There are many feasible plans and fee structures available, making it easier for students to receive a quality education and guidance regarding their preparation for JEE Mains and other vital examinations.


7. myPat

My Pat creates customized test papers according to your established goals. After which, you will receive results almost instantly with the evaluation of your strengths and weakness. Hence, it saves a lot of time for anyone who requires a quick evaluation requiring a certain aspect of their performance. There is a personalized dashboard available for each individual. However, many experts are waiting to provide you with resolutions regarding any doubt and query you might have. Thus, My Pat is one of the emerging platforms with a fantastic collection of tests.


8. GradeUp

Free quizzes for playful learning and online mock tests, Gradeup is a real-time website. It allows students from across the globe to interact with each other. The website consistently provides news and notifications regarding the subject and examination each student is working towards. Students are free to conduct live sessions with teachers for a better understanding of the subject. There are test series and free videos available for the students. Additionally, the site is connected to the significant databases across the world from where they get their information. They even provide admit cards and result links among others, to make it easier for the students to access everything. It is essentially like an online educational institute.

These eight sites offer a fantastic platform for any student. If you can focus on the curriculum provided by any single one of these, you will be able to go a long way. Most of these offer affordable admission and fees. Some like Standyou even incentivize learning, increasing the efficiency of the student with external rewards. Interactive layouts, easy understanding, professional teaching staff, quicker evaluation all help students focus and understand better. Students will find themselves getting the right direction and guidance they always required. These platforms will ensure your score according to the efforts you put and enrich your understanding regarding any subject or topic. The self-evaluations and scoreboards will keep anyone motivated to do better. Hopefully, you won’t need anything else after these websites.

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