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May 24, 2019 11:15:09

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Each year, over half a million aspirants from different parts of India sit for the UPSC examination with the hopes of securing an honorable position in the government sector. With so many candidates striving to actualize their lifelong dream, it has become rather herculean to ace the Civil Services Exam. Nevertheless, one can pass the UPSC exam with the right guidance and preparation strategy. But it is very essential to make certain that aspirants choose the most reliable UPSC coaching center in order to outshine other candidates. Lucknow has turned into a major hub for UPSC coaching in India with lakhs of aspirants migrating to the city to increase their chances of being successful. This blog will cover everything that you need to know about the Best UPSC coaching in Lucknow.

How To Choose The Best UPSC Coaching Institute In Lucknow?

When it comes to selecting a coaching institute for UPSC preparation in Lucknow, there is no dearth of options in the city. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to choose the best coaching institute to qualify for the UPSC exam and boost success rates. An aspirant should never rush with the choices as taking the wrong decision and getting enrolled in just any coaching centers could be very detrimental for his/her preparation. In addition to that, factors such as the institute’s fees structure, course pattern, and distance from your place of residence should be considered before arriving at a decision. In this blog, we have a compiled a list of the best UPSC coaching institute in Lucknow so that you can make the right selection without any considerable difficulty.

Best UPSC Coaching Institute In Lucknow



ALS IAS is a renowned name in the coaching industry. Aspirants from across India relocate to Lucknow just to uplift their UPSC exam preparation with the professional coaching offered at ALS IAS. Being the best coaching institute in India, ALS IAS has successfully assisted a great deal of UPSC aspirants with their dreams of acing the Civil Services Exam. In addition to providing students with A1 study material, ALS follows effectual teaching methodologies for ensuring improved outcomes. This inordinately famed coaching institute for UPSC preparation offers the required guidance to students to ascertain that they can manage time effectively and secure the best scores.

Features Of ALS IAS

  • Highly skilled and adept faculty to ensure that students get to gain knowledge from the best experts in the market.
  • Top-notch infrastructure and smart classrooms to cater to the modern day needs of zealous UPSC aspirants.
  • Specially designed study plan to help students carry on with their preparation in an organized manner.
  • Expert seminars, tutorials, and conference sessions are regularly held for the betterment of students.

2. Vision IAS

The Lucknow-based coaching institute for UPSC preparation, Vision IAS has gained a great deal of popularity among UPSC aspirants with the outstanding results that it has delivered in the last few years. The Institute adheres to a straightforward and practical approach to providing aspirants with the required assistance so that they can make their preparation better. The sole motive of Vision IAS is to employ a dynamic strategy to provide students with the best coaching assistance and help them understand the needs of the UPSC examination. It is one of the few UPSC coaching institutes in Lucknow that adheres to an interactive learning approach and provides aspirants with facilities such as discussion with the faculty members via telephone and email to give a significant boost to the preparation of candidates. Underlying factors such as time availability and level of competence are taken into consideration by the highly qualified faculty at Vision IAS to help students cope with the ever-rising competition. With its simple yet practical strategy, Vision IAS has helped a plethora of candidates crack the UPSC examination to date.

Features Of Vision IAS

  • Distance learning module for aspirants to provide them with step by step guidance and instructions to make them efficient at attempting the UPSC exam paper.
  • Special classroom programs for making aspirants stand out from other candidates.
  • Perpetual test series and doubt clearing sessions are conducted by the faculty to help struggling students with exam preparation.

3. Prayatna IAS

Prayatna IAS is a very well known name in the coaching industry. It guides the endeavors of aspirants and gives their preparation a final touch so that they can realize their dreams of cracking the UPSC examination. The staff at Prayatna IAS is highly experienced and qualified. Effective teaching methods are employed to enhance the conceptual understanding of the students. Besides ensuring timely coverage of syllabus, experts also focus on improving the thought processes and linguistic skills of students for increased chances of acing the UPSC examination. Most essentially, the candidate-centered mentorship can give the aspirants a notable edge over their competitors.

Features Of Prayatna IAS

  • Individual dialogue and counseling sessions with candidates.
  • Unique pedagogical style and sufficient demo classes.
  • In-depth analysis of student’s performance in the regular tests to spot their weak points.
  • Small batch size with up to 30-40 students each class.
  • Comprehensive lectures to ameliorate the cognition of candidates.

4.Race IAS

Race IAS was brought into existence with the prime purpose of boosting the knowledge and competitiveness of aspirants to increase their likelihood of clearing the UPSC examination. With highly advanced teaching methods, Race IAS helps students build analytical skills and strengthen their fact-based knowledge. Besides providing students with special assistance for efficacious learning, Race IAS keeps them motivated throughout their journey so that they are able to give their best when the opportunity arises. Candidates get to learn about time management to improve their paper attempting speed. Not only that, this Lucknow-based coaching institute for UPSC preparation makes sure that everything from study material to the pattern of teaching is in accordance with the current standard so that students get to prepare in the best way possible.

Features Of Race IAS

  • High-quality study material and modern teaching techniques to keep students well prepared for the final examination
  • Personal attention is given to candidates for perpetual monitoring so that their weak areas can be identified and the faculty can take the correct measures to help them improve as quickly as possible.
  • Inordinately proficient faculty that holds years of experience in offering coaching assistance to UPSC aspirants.
  • Courses of varying durations for candidates with different qualifications.
  • A competitive learning environment that keeps the students motivated to outdo other aspirants.

5. Chayan IAS

Chayan IAS is a very renowned coaching institute for UPSC preparation in Lucknow. The best thing about this coaching center is that it has a very cordial environment for studies, which makes it easier for aspirants to adjust to the institute. The study material offered by this coaching institute for UPSC preparation is of top-grade quality. Not just that, it is designed keeping in mind the ever-changing dynamics of the Civil Services Exam to help aspirants tackle difficulties. The teachers at Chayan IAS are quite learned and hold decades of experience in offering UPSC coaching to students. Keeping everything else at bay, Chayan IAS has delivered exceptional results by helping aspirants attain their dream of securing the most revered posts in the government sector. 

Features Of Chayan IAS

  • Mock tests and doubt sessions are conducted regularly to keep students overall performance from declining.
  • Students are given individual attention by experts to ensure that they are not facing any difficulty with grasping the concepts.
  • Student-friendly atmosphere to provide aspirants with an enjoyable learning experience.
  • Extra classes on demand of students to ameliorate their UPSC exam preparation.
  • Effective and up to date study plan designed by the Chayan's expert faculty.


6.Sharda IAS

Ever since its very inception, Sharda IAS has helped a multitude of students in cracking the Civil Services Exam and achieving their ultimate goal. Besides having delivered exceptional results, the Sharda IAS coaching institute is highly renowned for UPSC preparation in Lucknow. In addition to preparing candidates for the most herculean and sought after the competitive exam in India, Sharda IAS places a great deal of emphasis on improving the candidate's capacity to be original and retain newly learned concepts without any hardship. The faculty at SHARDA IAS is inordinately qualified and talented. With years of experience in preparing students for UPSC examination, Sharda IAS has become a prominent coaching institute in Lucknow.

Features Of Sharda IAS

  • Classroom programs designed by qualified experts to help students prepare better.
  • Extra emphasis is placed upon essential areas such as current affairs so that students can develop a flair for it.
  • Continual test series to keep a consistent check on the student’s performance.

7. Sarthak IAS

It was Mr R. Mohan who established Sarthak IAS coaching institute in Lucknow to help aspiring candidates pass the UPSC exam with flying colors. Sarthak institute is considered to be a pioneer of UPSC coaching in Lucknow and the facility at the coaching center holds decades of experience which they utilize to provide students with the best learning experience. Over time, Sarthak IAS has produced a multitude of toppers with efficacious and high-quality teaching procedures. The innovative and advanced methodologies of UPSC experts help students make their preparation stronger so that they can turn their dreams into reality.

Features Of Sarthak IAS

  • Free of cost demo classes for the convenience of students.
  • Highly dedicated and adept faculty that works hard round the clock to deliver excellent results.
  • Free internet service available at the coaching centre for students to clear their doubts online.
  • Mock tests are held on a regular basis to supplement the preparation of students.

8. Prepare IAS


Prepare IAS is one of the most renowned UPSC coaching institute in Lucknow. The institute employs an innovative teaching procedure to make the learning experience more enjoyable for students. The course is designed in accordance with the updated syllabus while keeping the changing patterns in mind. Their excellent strategy makes it easier for students to strengthen their grasp on essential concepts. Prepare IAS professionally prepares the students and identifies their weak points so that they can benefit from the expert guidance. Besides providing the best coaching for UPSC exam, Prepare IAS helps aspirants develop competence so that they can succeed in all phases of life without any difficulty.

Features Of Prepare IAS

  • Dedicated faculty that works in collaboration to enhance a candidate's overall performance in the UPSC exam.
  • Regular tests are conducted to keep a check on the student’s performance.
  • Utmost importance is given to individual requirements of candidates.
  • Expert study plans to ensure timely completion of syllabus.
  • Interactive learning sessions to encourage student participation

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Final Words

It is a known fact that cracking the UPSC examination is not a pushover in the least bit. However, one can qualify the Civil Services Exam with the right guidance and direction. For this reason, it becomes necessary to seek professional coaching for the UPSC exam. It is so because joining the best coaching institute can increase the chances of success and give them an ostensible edge over other candidates. Last but not least, skim through this blog and select the best UPSC coaching institute in Lucknow to realize your dreams of working in the government sector.


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