Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

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Nilesh Patil
Nilesh Patil

Dec 21, 2020 10:04:05

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In every country, lots of students having the desire to study in a foreign country. But some of them had the opportunity to travel outside the country. Studying outside the country is not helpful to you to become a successful man in your life. Lots of student’s wish will not be completed. And if the student got a chance to take admission in a foreign country. After that, if a student came from the middle class then it will be very difficult to manage the expense. Because due to studying in a foreign country there are college fees, hostels, academic expense, day to day expense and one more most important thing is added in this list that is nothing but “traveling”. A student is only responsible for traveling from their home country to the country where he or she got admission. If you got this chance for abroad studies you have to be very careful with the entire admission process or the best colleges and also have to search that whether the surrounding environment is best for study or not? whether the college having well campus or not? you must have to talk to the alumni of the college, take their feedback regarding the college, search that whether the teaching faculty is good or not? which language is preferred to teaching the students? it must be English because English is a very flexible language and also it is universally accepted. These factors will definitely affect your career so you have to be very careful.

Just for information MBBS stands for “Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae” which is Latin words. It simply means that Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. This MBBS course can be done in India and also outside of India that in a foreign country. If you are thinking about completing the MBBS course in a foreign country there are lots of countries that will definitely provide a good environment for study and also the reserved seat for foreign students. Russia is also going to provide the chance of studying MBBS degree in their country for foreign students. But as a coin has two sides like heads and tails. Just like this, studying MBBS in Russia has lots of advantages and on the other hand, there are also disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia.  Hello everyone my self Nilesh Patil and I am here to write about the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia. So below we will see one by one the disadvantage of studying MBBS in Russia and I will try to explain it also.

1. Weather Condition:

              As all of us know that the Russian countries are famous for their cold surrounding environment. For approximately 3 to 5 months the temperature of all Russian countries is below 00. So it will become problematic for the student to maintain their body temperature. If a student can’t be able to maintain this temperature that he or she will suffer from many diseases or illness problems. Putting the focus on this problem’s solution, the structure of the house is designed as maximum heat will be in the building. Most of the houses having an air conditioner for maintaining the normal temperature. If the student wants to go outside the hostel room or the college then he or she has to take care of their health and have to wear warm clothes. 

2. Hostel and Food:

              Lots of students were preferred to stay in the Hostel during all academic years. But as all of us know that if the students are more and no. of rooms are less then students have to rent for the room which is present near the college campus. Renting a room outside the college campus is much expensive than the hostel. Also if you are not getting a chance to stay in the hostel that is renting a room, then you have to rent for the two-time dinner and one time breakfast also. And most important thing is, we don’t know whatever we are going to eat is good or not because it does not come under the college campus. So this is also a kind of problem, hence I would like to put this point in the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia.

3. Safety towards Students:

              In the Russian countries, most of the people are carrying guns with them. I don’t think that they having the license or not. But somehow it has become the craziest thing to those people who transferred to Russia or people who go to Russia only for vacation purposes. Carrying a gun is a feared thing to understand to the people who came from India. The most important thing is if a student comes outside the college campus then the health safety of that student is totally dependent on him only.  Most of the colleges from the Russian countries will not allow the students to not interfacing the matters which occur outside of the college premises. That’s why as a student you must have to follow the rules which are totally designed by the college campus and try not to come outside the college.

4. Language of Teaching:

              As all of we know that, the Russian people are very loyal to their respective tradition. Mostly they are not going to accept the other countries culture. That’s why lots of colleges were going to teach the courses or we can say teaching MBBS in Russian only. And it will become very difficult for the Indian student to understand what's exactly going on? In this condition, students must have to learn the basics of the Russian language. Hence, whenever you are going to take admission in Russian countries for studying MBBS then you must have to check the language of teaching. If the language of teaching is flexible and understandable to you then and then only you can take the admission.

5.  Required Time:

              In India, you can complete the bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery (MBBS) within 6 years and in Russia, you can complete the bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery in 6 years. If the time required in both countries is the same to complete the MBBS degree then why should a student journey to Russian countries for studying MBBS? It will be a total waste of money. Because you have to pay all fees regarding college and hostels and besides, you have to pay for traveling to Russia and have to pay for the returning to the home. So this will be a major disadvantage of studying MBBS in Russian countries. If you want to study MBBS abroad then you must have to apply in the Philippine country because you can complete your MBBS in just 4 years in this country. Just be aware of the cheater agents who tell you that you can complete your MBBS in 4 years in Russia. It is totally impossible to complete MBBS in just 4 years in Russian countries.

6. Addiction to unwanted things:

              In Russian countries, they are following the modern culture that is partying, night out and so many things. and such things are very dangerous to the young generation of students. The mind of students is diverting towards the bad things and definitely, it will be affecting the career of students. Nowadays there are lots of cases of drug addiction or alcohol addiction at the age of approximately two 27. And most of them are college students. So if you are interested in studying MBBS in Russia then try to get the hostel room and that hostel must be under the control of the medical college. Just protect yourself to get addicted to such disasters in your life that’s it.


If you want to study of completing your bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery that is MBBS, then you must have to crack the examination call “Medical Council of India Screening Test” which is the MCI test. This is one kind of admission test that is held by the government of India. If you will be able to crack this test then and then only you have the chance to taking admission in a Russian country and completing your MBBS degree. But don’t worry this examination is not as tough as the NEET. If you can crack the NEET then you can easily crack the MCI Test.

              Now I would like to stop here. Whenever you are going to take admission in Russian countries for MBBS then just take a glance at the advantages and also Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia. Wishing you a great career and bright future..!

Thanking You….!

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