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Credit Passing System in South Korea

Credit System Overview

1. Credit Hours: Each course in a South Korean university is assigned a certain number of credits, typically based on the number of hours spent in class per week. For example, a course meeting for one hour per week for a semester usually equates to one credit.

2. Full-time Enrollment: Full-time students are usually required to enroll in a certain minimum number of credits per semester. This number can vary by university but is often around 12 to 15 credits.

3. Maximum Credits: There is also usually a maximum limit on the number of credits a student can take per semester, often around 18 to 21 credits.

4. Course Load: The course load in a semester and the number of credits a student can take may depend on their academic standing, major requirements, and university policies.

Earning Credits

  • Attendance and Participation: Regular attendance and active participation in classes are often necessary.

  • Examinations and Assignments: Performance in exams, quizzes, and various assignments also plays a crucial role in earning credits.

Graduation Requirements

  • To graduate, students must accumulate a specific number of credits, which varies depending on the program and degree. For undergraduate programs, this typically ranges from 120 to 140 credits.

Transfer Credits

  • Students who transfer from one university to another within South Korea or from international universities may be able to transfer some credits, subject to the receiving university's policies.

GPA Calculation

  • The GPA (Grade Point Average) is calculated based on the grades earned in courses and their respective credit values. The grading scale can vary between universities but often ranges from A+ (excellent) to F (fail).

International Students

  • For international students, especially those on exchange programs, it's crucial to understand how credits earned in South Korea will transfer back to their home institution’s credit system.

Other Considerations

  • Language of Instruction: For courses taught in Korean, language proficiency can impact a student's ability to earn credits.

  • Course Availability: The availability of certain courses and their credit values might differ each semester.

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