How to prepare study timetable with simple steps?

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Hetal Kabra
Hetal Kabra

May 22, 2019 03:05:33


The students who want to score nice marks in their exam need to make sure that they help of the best study timetable. It is really important that you consider taking help of the easy method to prepare a timetable. There are some students who try to prepare a timetable which is impossible to follow. When the new academic session starts, the students should start planning for their time table. This can help you to study in a better way and it would be easier to score nice marks in the exam. You can be able to reach your top potential if you will consider using the study timetable while learning anything.  

The timetable can help you to stay focused and you can also be able to maintain a proper study balance.  You don’t need to use cramming technique to learn anything during exam time and this can definitely help you to finish your subject topics before the time. It might be difficult for you to make proper balance if you don’t use the timetable to study.

Find out social dates and deadlines 

The first thing you need to do is that you make an effective timetable on which you will write all the necessary dates. You have to note down your social and academic commitments both. You need to write down about the deadlines of assignments, homework and exam times.  Make sure that you remember to write down important occasions and other commitments which you have to complete in this year. When you will get to know about the important dates, then it would be easier for you to study it. You will be able to stay prepared for it in advance and this can definitely help you to win half of the fight. 

Major date’s preparation

There are certain major dates for which you might have to prepare for a long time. When you are known about the key events, it can help you to decide the time which you need for its preparation.  Make sure that you don’t dedicate all of your time to a particular event preparation but you have to create a balance in the time table.  Whether you have to attend your friend’s wedding or you have to give an exam, it is really necessary that you filter out the most important events at first and then focus on the less crucial events.

Scheduling classes and other activities

It is really important that you are able to balance your free time and that can only happen if you will use your free time for your hobbies or passion. You can use your evenings and weekends to do your favorite things. When you will know the exact amount of time which is left as free time, then you can find out the time which you need to take out for studying. You need to give priority to the important works in the free time and then you should have fun in the rest of the time.

What are some tips to prepare a time table?

There are lots of people who try to make a balanced timetable but it becomes very difficult for them to prepare a timetable which would be really useful for them in future. From an early age, it would be beneficial for you if you learn to make a time table. It can definitely help to become successful at your work and you won’t’ regret giving some time to prepare your time table for achieving any goal. Here are some steps which you need to follow if you want to prepare for this examination:

  • Write down responsibilities

At first, you need to write down your responsibilities and this can help you to decide the time for every responsibility. You can decide in advance about the subject which you need to give the most of your time. When you will plan everything in advance, then it would be easier for you to take Always write the holidays and the birthdays with which it would be easier for you to get the best service. Even if you forget something, you can write it down later and that’s why you need to leave a little space for it.

  • Collect assignment information

You need to find out the timing of every class of your school so that it can be easier for you to manage the study according to it. The papers, projects, and assignments play a major role in studies and you need to collect all the information related to this.  

  • Choose the best time to study

You need to spend some time thinking about the perfect time when you have the strongest concentration power. If you are a night person, then you have to manage your studies according to that and if you are a morning person, then you can study according to that. Always plan to study your subject in the peak hours to gain the maximum benefit out of it.

  • Make a format for timetable

You need to take out a piece of paper on which you can decide the format for the timetable. You can also use the spreadsheet method or you can use an online tool to create a timetable. Although, it will be better if you prefer to draw timetable with your hands because it would be easier to remember for you.

  • Start filling your timetable

It is really crucial that you decide to start filling up the timetable properly. The timetable should be the same every week and you can also build some customized timetables for weekends. Make sure that you keep the exception for holidays and birthday events. Remember that you try to mark the important things with a highlighter as this can grab your attention even when you aren't’ directly looking at the time table. When you are filling up the timetable, you need to make sure that you don’t make it look crowded. If you won’t be able to understand the things written in it, then it would become more boring for you and that’s why you should try to stay specific and clear while writing time table.

  • Scheduling breaks

Breaks are really important when you want to stay without feeling stressed. There are some people who don’t prefer to take breaks when they are studying but that’s really a bad idea. If you won’t take a break, then your brain would start feeling like exploding. If you don’t want this to happen, then you should plan breaks of ten minutes after you study for half an hour.

  • Try to stay specific

It is really important that you try to stay as specific as you can. You need to make sure that you write down the important targets which you need to achieve. You shouldn't give hints in the timetable otherwise it would be really difficult for you to maintain that timetable. You should try to be specific about the time and your goals so that you don’t feel by difficulty in meeting those goals. Check Out Top Books for JEE Preparation. 

  • Make it look nice

It is really crucial that you make it look attractive so that it can be easily remembered. The things which are pleasant to your eyes can stay in your mind for a longer time and that’s why it would be better if you decide to make the timetable creative. This would help you to make it look better as compared to anything else. 

  • Put it on the wall

After you have prepared the timetable, you need to make sure that you place it on the wall so that you can see it all the time. This would make you remember that exact time when you have to study a particular subject. If you can’t stick it on the wall, then you can also stick it into your wardrobe. It is your choice to find the perfect location for the timetable.

So, these are some steps which you need to follow to study according to your timetable. All you need to make sure is that you don’t stress about the timetable. It is really crucial that you keep revising the timetable in your head so that you don’t forget to follow it.  There are lots of people who make a timetable to achieve their study goals but forget to follow that but you shouldn’t do this with yourself. If you want to achieve your study goals, then you should follow your time table seriously.

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