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Bhakti Revar
Bhakti Revar

Jul 13, 2020 03:50:12


Master of business administration is one of the courses which are under high demand in students as well as employers across the globe. A student with an MBA degree will be having a higher chance to get hired by employers. The amazing thing about this course is that it provides the basic and simplest knowledge about things that makes a business successful such as leadership qualities, management, business techniques, etc. An MBA course is available in most of the countries all across the world and is usually preferred by people who have a good amount of work experience in a particular field and want to excel there skills. The ability of an MBA course in many universities makes it a little bit underrated as it is not only the course that matter but it’s the university as well. Pursuing MBA from a reputed University can always be helpful on the long run and can increase the chances of getting hired at one’s dream job. MBA course can be completed through any stream and is extremely helpful not only to the people belonging to the commerce field but to other fields as well. If you are looking for a course that can give an upper edge to your career and help you earn your dream salary then MBA is your cup of tea.

Master of business administration can be pursued through various universities but pursuing the course from well-known universities of the world can make it even more useful for one’s career. The universities of Canada provide one of the best qualities of MBA education. The fact that applications of students for pursuing an MBA through Canada are currently skyrocketing and the application has decreased considerably for students to pursue an MBA from other nations such as the USA and the UK.

Students generally dream of pursuing education from abroad. However, pursuing education from abroad can only be fruitful when you have pursued education from the best universities. So if you are looking for a destination where you can pursue the best quality of education with reachable expenses then Canada can be the best place. Now you might be wondering out of all the places, why Canada can be the best-chosen destination? It is true that there are various other countries which provide MBA course without any work experience but Canada can be better placed to pursue this course without any significant work experience due to the following reasons:-

  • The welcoming culture of Canada and the helpful nature of its people can always be very relaxing for a newbie. The friendly behavior and no ragging policy in the universities of Canada have made it easier for foreign students to settle there.
  • Various government policies provide work permits to the students when taken education from the universities and even encourage them to get permanent residence in Canada which is completely opposite to the anti-immigration policy in the USA.
  • Affordable living and scholarship programs make it even more helpful for the students to live an economically stable life. The work permit in Canada helps the students to get better jobs and explore their talents.

Some other universities which do not require work experience to pursue an MBA in Canada are as follows:-

New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver campus:-

General management MBA, MBA with a concentration in finance are the MBA courses offered by this university for students with relatively no work experience. $954 CAD is the per credit cost, the student's fees is $210 CAD and the application fee costs up to $50 USD. Spring, summer, and fall are the three seasons when an application to the universities are been made which means applicants can make applications in the month of January, May, and September. There are few scholarship programs for students by the college itself with certain criteria to be matched in order to achieve the scholarship. Overall, college can be a really good destination for students to pursue an MBA without work experience.

Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Colombia:-

Thompson Rivers University offers an MBA Course tailor-made by it, named as TRU MBA. The course costs $30,571. The course offers intake in the first week of month of September, May and January. There are no particular scholarships provided by the University for this Course however general scholarships available by the government can be achieved by the applicants of this course.

Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia. :-

Master of business administration in community economic development is offered by Cape Breton University. No particular scholarships are been provided by the University to the students pursuing this course however, other government scholarships can be of use for these students if they are eligible. This course costs approximately, $20, 013. This course offers an intake in the last week of month of March and April.

The Sprott school of business, Ontario:-

A full-time course on weekdays is available under the name the Sprott MBA offered by the Sprott school of business. The intake is available only in the first week of March. The fees of this course are approximately $55,000. Students pursuing this course are eligible for the scholarships provided by this University.

University of Windsor Ontario:-

The University of Windsor offers three courses in MBA that is the Odette MBA, MBA in professional accounting specialization, MBA for managers and professionals. The fees of these courses range from $7,757 to $13, 725 approximately depending on the chosen course. The university accepts applications only once a year that is in the month of March.

Brock university’s Goodman School of business:-

Brooks University’s Goodman School of Business offers full-time as well as part-time MBA without work experience to its students. Three scholarships are being provided by the University to the students pursuing MBA. The intake of students in the university is during the month of August January and September. The fees of the university cost between GNE $58,000 to $70,000 approximately.

Know the Eligibility criteria for MBA in Canada 

Rowe School of Business Dalhousie University:-

The Rowe School of Business provides a corporate residency MBA along with 4 different scholarship programs with various eligibility criteria. $72,183 is the approximate fees of the course offered by the university. Mid-January is the deadline to apply for this course at the university.

  1. University of Alberta School of Business, Edmonton

  2. Sobey School of Business, St. Mary’s University 

  3. Smith College of Business, Queen’s University

  4. Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfred Laurier University

  5. The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto 

  6. Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto

Life of Indian student in Canada 

Things required in substitution to work experience:-

The final year marks sheet of degree college:-

When work experience is not been counted for an MBA course there are definitely certain criteria that should be fulfilled. Having good grades in the final year as well as other years of Degree College is very important. Having a good score in the bachelor’s degree can be very important to secure admission to a good college in Canada. Not only final year marks but submitting marks of all the years of Degree College can be useful to show the consistent performance and hard work of the student.

Involvement in extracurricular activities:-

While not having work experience in an MBA course a person must prove to be very active. To secure admission in a good college of MBA it is very important for a student to have a good amount of involvement in extracurricular activities that are performed during their college times. This proves the enthusiasm and interest of the student in things going around them.

Involvement in volunteering work and community service:-

If a student has performed activities that involve volunteering work or any type of community service then the chances of getting enrolment in a good MBA college of Canada increases. This type of work done helps to prove good communication skills which are usually required in the corporate sector. The communication skills used during this work act as a substitute to the ones which are used at the corporate sector level.

Having any kind of entrepreneurial experience in college:-

It is more likely for a student to get enrolled in a good MBA college of Canada if he or she has any kind of entrepreneurial experience during their college time as it shows the quality of leadership and interest in their chosen field, which can definitely act as a substitute for work experience.

Having a good score in English proficiency exams:-

IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP, etc. are of the English proficiency exams that are required to immigrate to Canada. Having a good score in such exams can give an upper edge to your application and can even get you admitted to one of your dream universities.

Resume and Statement of purpose:-

It might sound a bit different but to get admission in your dream college of Canada without any work experience can be made possible with ease if you have a quality resume describing the perfect picture of yourself with an equally good statement of purpose showing your enthusiasm for the course. Having good writing skills can be expressed by your statement of purpose which will help you to make sure that the College authority knows about your skills.

GMAT score:-

Currently, most of the Canadian universities who provide MBA without work experience have also eradicated the system of compulsory GMAT score but if you have one then it can be helpful. It’s not a necessary requirement for getting into the university but it can make your application even more appealing to the authority thus increasing your chances of getting an admission.

MBA in Canada without work experience can be made possible with good academic and extracurricular activities. It’s just a matter of determination and dedication. All that matters is that one should always be passionate about their own work and should thrive to achieve the best.

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