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MBA is one of the most sought after professional post-graduate degree. It showcases a candidate’s potential and expertise in the field of business and management. More people are applying for an MBA than any other post-graduate degree due to the opportunity to work in multi-national companies. Its value magnifies when you pursue it from an international institute. With the growing popularity of ‘study-abroad’ programs and international education systems, people are applying for top universities across the globe. Canada stands as one of the most preferred nations for students to study.

Why an MBA from Canada

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world and also one of the most-educated with the highest literacy rate. To further augment its prestige, seven universities fall amongst the list of top 150 universities around the world. The government of Canada pays explicit attention to the quality of education. Canada offers one of the most affordable platforms to persuade MBA. It also holds a remarkably high placement value for the students. 

Culturally rich and diverse, Canada offers a fantastic climate and mesmeric landscapes. A student can explore its vast lands and create wonderful memories while also pursuing a degree. People in Canada warmly welcome anyone in their familiar embrace, one of the kindest folks you will ever meet. It is also easier to get a student visa for Canada. Furthermore, courses below the duration of 6 months do not require any visa. All of these points further reinforce the preference of people for Canada.

Top Canadian Institutes for MBA

Seven top universities in Canada falls among the list of top 150 universities. Despite being among the top, they are still conveniently affordable. There are many scholarship programs each university supports and promotes for those who can not afford entire fees. If you find it challenging to enroll into any of these universities or find them to be very costly, several other universities are also offering commendable education to the students.



Global Ranking


University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management



Western University – Ivey Business School



Queen’s University- Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business



Schulich School of Business, York University



HEC Montreal



McGill University – DesautelsFaculty of Management



The University of British Columbia – Sauder School of Business



There are various modules and designs of MBA courses the universities in Canada offer. They range from accelerated to fulltime, even part-time and executive degrees are available. Choose the one that you find appropriate according to your requirements.

MBA Courses and Duration

There are different options for MBA courses available for a student to apply for, in Canadian University. Each module also has varying duration offered according to the institute. In other words, it overall depends on the university you’re applying to and the course you’re opting for.

  • Full-Time MBA: A full-time MBA can last from 10 months to two years; most of them end in about 20 months. It is the standard MBA degree that is a balanced choice for any student seeking to have a comprehensive education system and enjoy their life at the same time.


  • Part-Time MBA: This one can go from 32 months to up to a maximum of 6 years. It is suitable for those who are seeking to make a living for themselves while they also pursue MBA for better prospects in the future. Usually, people in some form of a job field, tend to apply for part-time MBA. However, for those in the corporate world, an Executive MBA is a better choice.


  • Executive MBA: An executive MBA degree course lasts from anywhere between 13 to 20 months. It is for those professionals who are already a part of the management or corporate world. The program intends to offer them an opportunity to persuade a higher grade of education while they also earn work-experience.


  • Accelerated MBA: It is a speedy course where a student can work double hard to attain an MBA. Instead of a couple of hours per day, a student will have increased hours of classes to catch up with the course faster. The examination may be tougher. It takes from around 8 months to a single year. This MBA option is suitable for those who are accustomed to strenuous and exhaustive study schedules and seek to save valuable time, like years or months.

Cost of pursuing MBA

Varying on the type of Institute and MBA course you enrolled in, the tuition fees range anywhere from $30,000 to $110,000. However, there are many scholarship programs available that make education even easier and much more affordable. An executive MBA degree starts from $70,000 and scales up to $110,000.

Apart from that, by considering factors like living rent, utilities, and other important factors, it can cost around $2,000 per month for a comfortable lifestyle. It can go up to $30,000 to $40,000 of the annual average.


Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Canada

There isn’t an extensive list of qualifications required by Canadian institutes. Compared to other international institutes, it is an additional benefit, a relief each student receives. Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Canada is minimalistic, with some standard qualifications and procedures like:

  • Bachelor Degree: A student is allowed to have a bachelor's degree from any stream. It does not matter whether they are from the same line or not. However, it will be more in their favor is they have a relative bachelor's degree.


  • Work Experience: Offering a resume with work experience certificate certainly scores several positive points for the candidate. However, it is not mandatory to provide an experience letter. If one does produce one, then it should be of at least 12 months to be considered a valid work experience certificate.


  • English Proficiency Test: For any non-native English speaker, it is important to qualify IELTS and TOEFL to receive the qualification. These certifications also help them in acquiring visa faster.


  • GMAT:  A good GMAT score is necessary, especially if you’re opting for admission in top universities.


Application Process of MBA in Canada

The most lengthy process for MBA in Canada is the application procedure. While all other formalities are easy, this one will take easily around 18 months. So it is paramount for you to start preparing for MBA in Canada 20 months prior. It will enable you to complete all the formalities, acquire the required experience, and conduct thorough research. After that, you can continue with the application process. The documents you will need to apply are as following:

  • Academic Qualifications: You will have to get a copy of 10+2 and the bachelor's degree mark sheets and passing certificates with a statement of marks.
  • Test Documents: Proof of IELTS/TOEFL and GMAT qualification with a statement of arks.
  • Financial Documents: Bank Statement via Passbook, and other credential information to ensure that you can afford the education.
  • Experience Letter: Documents like resume and experience letter from working as a professional in the field.
  • Letter of Recommendation: It is always a great asset to acquire a letter of recommendation. You can attain it from your supervisors and the college you pursued your bachelor's degree in, as they may have experienced your work ethics and methodologies closely
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): It is a vital part of the application that any university will check first. A student has to state the reasoning to join the institute and their plans with the degree.
  • Admission Essay: Some institutes require a student also to write an admission essay separately. However, SOP covers the formality most of the time.
  • Visa Documentation: Show proof of visa documentation, especially if you applied for one. Usually, you will acquire a student visa after getting an offer letter from the institute.


If you’re eligible for admission, you will receive an Offer Letter that you will have to sign and send back. An offer letter’s copy will also help you attain the student’s visa faster. There is an additional perk to pursuing an MBA in Canada. After qualification, a student can decide to apply for the citizenship of Canada and achieve a permanent residency to establish a professional career in Canada and nurture a prospering life.

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