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The united states of America are home to several prestigious and remarkable universities. Living the American dream for golden opportunities has been an ambition for students around the globe. It is especially dominant for post-graduate degrees like MBA. The exceptional education quality for masters comes with excessive requirements. There are many things for you to consider before you can move further with your dreams.

Why an MBA from the USA

A degree in MBA is proof that a person is proficient in business and management. In today’s economically evolving and challenging world, the degree is an invaluable asset for any individual seeking rich working prospects. From starting their business to applying for a dream job in the corporate world, an MBA degree proves to be the most vital asset. This factor is multiplied, the appeal and the benefits of the degree multiplies when it arrives from a prosperous and developed country with a commendable education system like the USA.

Top Universities in USA for MBA

Several universities stand amongst the top-ranking institutes around the globe, in the USA. There are famous Harward, Yale, and Stanfords, and there is no doubt that they will make it to the list. Here is the list of all the top fifteen universities, according to their ranking in the provisions of MBA qualification. Keep note that these are according to the quality of education regarding an MBA degree; it is not an overall ranking.  There is also the statement of their annual fees in Indian Rupees. It is according to their per-yearly fees and does not take other expenses like living and leisures, under consideration.




Annual Fees INR (Approx)


Harward University

Cambridge, USA

80 Lakhs


Stanford University

Stanford, USA

73 Lakhs


The University of Chicago

Chicago, USA

62 Lakhs


University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, USA

69 Lakhs


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, USA

73 Lakhs


Northwestern University

Evanston, USA

1 crore


Columbia University

New York, USA

65 Lakhs


Princeton University

Princeton, USA

51 Lakhs


University of California – Berkeley Campus

Berkeley, USA

65 Lakhs


University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, USA

62 Lakhs


New York University

New York, USA

78 Lakhs


Duke University

Durham, USA

82 Lakhs


University of California – Los Angeles Campus

Los Angeles, USA

66 Lakhs


Yale University

New Haven, USA

72 Lakhs


Dartmouth College

Hanover, USA

60 Lakhs


Cost of persuading MBA in the USA

Many factors are contributing to the overall annual cost of pursuing an MBA in the USA. While the table mentioned above lists down the top universities, there are many other options available for people to opt for. Cheaper and sustainable in a similar manner, and they will still offer remarkable prospects to the students. The matter of fact is that regardless of the institute you choose, as long as it is a decently founded system, you can flourish greatly in the international platform, or in the USA.

There are two modules of colleges available in the USA that determine their fees structure.

1. Public College: These tend to be more affordable and offer cheaper fees structure than the private colleges. The average range of tuition fees per year is around ten to twenty thousand USD per year.

2. Private College: The average tuition cost of a private college starts from 15 to 35,000 USD. However, the prestigious universities have higher fees structure.

Apart from the college fees and other leisures, the cost of living in the USA can be around 1,200 USD per month. The average rent is around 500, and groceries cost about $150. But there are also other essentials like Phone and utilities to consider. Hence, it would be around $1,200. That is when a person is careful about their expenses. 


Documents and Eligibility Criteria for MBA in the USA

MBA from America is one of the most sought after qualifications. However, as flourishing as it is, it still requires a similar level of expertise and qualifications. The following are the eligibility requirement for a student to persuade an MBA in the USA:

  • At least sixteen years of education experience. In other words, after completing 10+2, a student should have an additional four years of education, including the bachelor.
  • Most of the universities also ask for work experience from 2 to 10 years, and it depends on the standards a university follows. Some do not require any work experience, but it always acts as a plus point.
  • Students who have a different Master’s Degree are also qualified to opt for MBA in the respective institute.
  • GMAT And GRE are the two examination qualifications every student requires to pass, to be considered for admission to a university.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, admission procedures have additional documentation requirements like:

  • Letter of recommendation. Most of the universities require two or three letters of recommendation.
  • A student has to give an SOP (Statement of Purpose) under 500 words limit. It explains why the student wishes to join the institute and their future goals.
  • Most of the universities also ask for a resume, CV according to their work experience. It usually contains all the necessary information like date of birth and other important information. A work experience certificate is also required, sometimes.
  • Universities usually have a unique requirement of academic qualifications from passing certificates to the statement of marks. It is usually present in the admission application a student submits.
  • Photocopies or scanned copies of documents like passport and other identification documents.
  • Certifications for various extra-curricular activities is always beneficial when presented.
  • The proof of scores in GRE/GMAT and other tests. It should be clear, and the score should be above 600
  • Proof of the qualification in TOEFL. Also known as the English proficiency test.
  • There will be a requirement for the student to write an essay and present it.

Admission Process:

The admission procedure is divided into three-part:

  • Pre-Application is the part where you will apply for the universities and undergo all the evaluation processes to ensure you qualify for the application in an institute in the USA.
  • The application process will accumulate all of your documents, including the ones asked by the university. This one should be strongly prepared, professional, and comprehensive. It is the most important process as it will determine whether you will be considered for admission or not.
  • The post-application process is usually easier. This is the part where you will get a visa and other verification. There is usually an interview in line where a student would have to present themselves. It is usually the easiest out of the three and cracking the interview lands for assured admission. 

Duration of MBA in the USA

There are around three prevalent modules of opting for an MBA in the USA.

  • You can choose the standard two years of MBA degree. It will take complete two years to qualify for it.
  • There is an accelerated MBA degree that will cover the entire two years of studies in a single year with extra academic hours and examinations. Most students opt for it when they don’t have too much time to spend on regular academics. But it can get rather laborious.
  • There is a third option where it is a Part-time MBA and can take up to 3 years to finish. It is ideal for students who seek to work and pursue an MBA at the same time. A flexible option that most of the international students like to apply for.

However, the standard two years MBA degree remains a primary choice for the majority of people around the globe.

The validity of an MBA degree from the USA

There are different levels of international grades that universities get divided into. Regardless of the grades, the majority of USA institutes have attained international recognition of their degree programs. In simple words, an MBA from the USA is valid all around the globe. Although there may be some additional examination or qualification requirements in different countries, as per their customs, MBA remains a standard qualification.

For many of the nations, by persuading an MBA in some of the top universities, you’re opening yourself for a plethora of opportunities. Countries like India, Africa, and others acknowledge MBA from the USA in high regard.  It has an international platform, and you will be exposed to a potential job market, especially of the USA, for the two years of the MBA course. There are several rich prospects one can apply for, and the returns are great.

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