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Swati Verma
Swati Verma

Jan 16, 2020 11:55:56


Georgia is at the juncture of Western Europe and Eastern Asia. The country comes by as the preferred destination for Indian students who are looking to pursue their MBBS education in a European country.

Among the nations traditionally chosen by Indian students for their overseas medical education, Georgia is a new destination. Several factors about Georgia make it a prime destination for Indian medical students. They include moderate climate conditions and the finest of infrastructure.

MBBS in Georgia

Georgia, with a 100% literacy rate is a fine destination to go and pursue medical education. It is not just Indian students who go to Georgia for pursuing their medical education. Students from all places across the world aspire to pursue medical education come to Georgia. It is the quality of medical education in Georgia that attracts overseas students.

Fees for medical education in Georgia are more affordable as compared to other overseas countries. 

Medical universities across Georgia are recognized by WHO and MCI. Hence following their MBBS education, the pass outs are empowered to practice medicine from any place in the world. State-of-the-art medical infrastructure and affordable fees are the two factors that characterize medical education across Georgia. When a student has the potential, he can turn out to be an excellent doctor by studying medicine in Georgia.

Medical education in Georgia is also preferable because the procedure for getting admission in a Georgian medical university is relatively easier. There is no need to take an entrance examination. Marks obtained in the 12th standard are sufficient criteria for getting admission into a Georgian university. 

Overall, an MBBS course in Georgia lasts for 6 years. This involves 5 years of classroom learning and practical hands-on working experience. Then a student does 1 year of internship.

After the student is through with the 6 years of learning, he is granted an MBBS degree. Thereafter, one can practice medicine in India as well. Following getting the MBBS degree, a student can instantaneously apply for the FMGE screening test. Upon clearing the same, he can start practicing medicine in India.

Let us see why studying medicine in Georgia is a good decision?

MBBS Admission in Georgia 

People across India are frequently familiar that many Indian students pursue their MBBS from Russia or Ukraine. They are not sure that studying medical from Ukraine is such a good idea. But studying medical from Georgia can be a very lucrative decision. Let us see why:

  • English is the primary language for medical education in Georgia.

  • Top medical colleges across Georgia find recognition by MCI and the WHO.

  • When students get their medical education in Georgia, they get to be a part of several national and international conferences.

  • This gives them access to firsthand knowledge imparted by international experts.

  • With the leading medical faculties, the students can do internships.

  • Fees in Georgian medical universities are lower as compared to other overseas countries.

  • For a student who has budget constraints, Georgia is the single best option.

  • Faculties in Georgian universities are very friendly and welcoming.

  • At present 5000 Indian students are pursuing their medical degrees in Georgia.

  • The student to teacher ratio is 20: 1.

  • Several prime facilities are made available, including lodging and meals.

  • Georgia is a politically stable country, which makes it a safe county to live and study medicine in.

  • Separate hostelling facilities are made available for boys and girls.

  • Commutation facilities are matchless.

  • The food facilities for students are healthy and hygienic.


Duration of course:

  • The total duration of the medical course is six years. Five years of classroom + practical education combined with a 1-year internship.
  • Five years of theoretical and practical education is subdivided into 10 semesters. Each semester has 30 credits. Hence, the total number of credits is 300.
  • The internship phase allows medical students to work in prominent healthcare facilities. They are hence equipped with first-hand working experience, which helps them at every stage in their medical career.


Fees for medical education in Georgia:

Fees for medical education across Georgia are variable across Universities. The students must hence with inquire about the fees before taking admission to a Georgian medical university. It is on the lower side, as compared to other foreign universities.

Let us take a look at the educational fees across the top Georgian universities.


University’s name

Yearly Tuition Fees

Monthly Hostel Fees

Tbiliski State University

6000 USD

160 -260 USD

Akaki Tsereteli State University

3750 USD

160 -260 USD

European University

5000 USD

160 -260 USD

University of Georgia

6000 USD

160 -260 USD

Tbilisi Open University

4500 USD

160 -260 USD

Caucasus International University

6000 USD

160 -260 USD

New Vision University

7000 USD

160 -260 USD


While the tuition fees in Georgian medical universities lies in the line of USD 4,000 to 5,500 yearly, the cost of accommodation is nearly USD 3120, which is reasonable. This is one of the reasons why students come to Georgia from all places in the world.

In general, parents/guardians of students must be prepared to spend 25-26 lakhs in case their child plans to pursue medical education in Georgia. But a range of bright prospects opens up for MBBS pass-outs from Georgia. This includes practicing medicine in India.

Let us now take a look at the benefits that come by studying Medicine in Georgia:

  • Universities are recognized by MCI, New Delhi.

  • Getting a visa is no difficulty.

  • It is not just MCI, but many International organizations such as UNESCO and WHO that recognize Georgian Medical Universities.

  • The fees are cost-effective.

  • Georgia is in Europe and has a European lifestyle.

  • Their focus lies not on theoretical but practical aspects of education.

  • Studying in an undergraduate or a postgraduate medicine course from Georgia opens up a range of lucrative job prospects for the students.

  • The faculties are well qualified and highly experienced. They are from many different countries.

Job prospects after pursuing medical education in Georgia:

After Indian medical students clear the MCI screening test for pursuing medicine in India, the job prospects are the same as those for Indian students. Moreover, the fees are lesser than those in Indian medical colleges. This makes it a win-win situation for Indian medical students from Georgia. 

As MCI recognizes Georgian medical colleges, the job prospects are more or less the same as those for the students qualifying from Indian medical universities.

Moreover, Georgia, being a European country opens up a range of job prospects across Europe. A medical student can alternately practice medicine in Georgia as well.

List of MCI-approved medical colleges in Georgia –

· European Teaching University    

· The New Vision Medical University

· Batumi ShotaRustaveli State University

· “AIETI” Medical School

· David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia

· AkakiTsereteli State University

· Georgian American University

· PetreShotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy

· LLC Caucasus International University, Tbilisi, Georgia

· Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia

· University of Georgia

MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students

An Indian student must make sure that he takes admission in an MCI approved Georgian medical university only if he intends to study medicine in Georgia. Otherwise, he is going to face problems with practice medicine in India. Alternately, it is important to go through a Georgian medical university’s website and check out their reputation over the internet. Once enrolled, one does not have a choice. So, research well before enrolling to be on the safer side.

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