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Studying abroad has become a prominent choice among students over the years. Especially with a profession like medicine, anyone would want to become a part of a globally recognised institution where one can explore the best of the opportunities. In India, students seem to prefer studying MBBS from abroad for various reasons. Firstly, the admission process is much simpler in comparison, which certainly sheds the load of anxiety prompted by the thought of getting admitted to a university. Students can opt for English or any other language as their medium of study. The tuition fee is relatively low, and the obligation to pay donations or capitation fees becomes obsolete.

There is a long list of countries that are known to house top tier medical institutions, including Georgia. Over the years, Georgia has garnered a lot of praise and attention due to its unparalleled education system. Indian aspirants have seemed to grow an affinity towards the region as well. The country's uninterrupted growth has managed to accrue a lot of educational credit to its name, which has resulted in a much more reputed position and global representation.

Medical Studies in Georgia

Students are often found exercising the option of pursuing medicine in Georgia. The country definitely lives up to the expectations of providing low-cost affordable education while maintaining international standards. Georgia was one of the first countries to gain a 100% literacy rate, which certainly gives an edge to the region over other places. WHO and MCI recognize the majority of the medical institutions housed by the country. The degree rewarded by these institutions is often seen on a pedestal of global recognition.

The overall cost of living is quite low and cheap, similar to the Indian standards, but much of a superior standard, making it a viable option for Indian aspirants. No entrance exams are conducted in order to avail of admissions. Students can make use of sufficient discounts on travel within the country. The Curriculum is taught in English in most of the universities. Medical colleges in Georgia are equipped with world-class facilities. The admission process doesn't involve paying lakhs of donations or capitation fees, which is a sigh of relief for the students. Once selected, it is easy to avail student visa. Nominal cases of visa rejection have been observed. The curriculum is a brilliant amalgamation practical and theoretical knowledge. Students are exposed to remarkable opportunities, ensuring an exponential growth in performance.

About Georgia

Residing at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia is a sovereign state located on the coast of the Black Sea. Earlier regarded as the Republic of Georgia, the country was under the hem of the Soviet Union, but now it is the Independent Republic. Georgia houses a population of about 5 million. 1.3 million of which reside in the Capital known as Tbilisi. The country is engulfed by mountainous peaks, with Caucasus mountains running through the heart of the land.  Most of the denizens speak their first language, i.e. Georgian. Traces of other languages can also be heard, i.e., Azerbaijani, Russian, Armenian, etc. The currency of Georgia is known as Lari. Owing to the towering hills on the north and the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern coast, the climate of the land is humid and subtropical, with most of the states experiencing longer days of summer and short, mild winters.

Georgia witnesses a turnover of 10,000 international students every year, making it a renowned study destination. Aspirants all around the world dream to set foot in the country in order to gain high academic credit. Each year, more and more students opt for courses in Georgia and become a part of the prominent student body. International students find the country to be welcoming and safe. Language is not much of a barrier as the country features institutions that offer English as a medium to teach. Students are provided with an array of discounts associated with travel or entertainment. Moving to an unknown land calls for a cultural shift, which might be a little too overwhelming and hard to deal with, but the country's warming hospitality eventually makes your heart feel at home.

Medical Curriculum

Aspirants aiming for an operating license or medical specialization in Europe, MBBS in Georgia, is the rightful option to choose. Apart from this, there some major advantages provided to the students, which are what makes Georgia different from others. Firstly, MBBS admission in Georgia does not require any of the language tests. The Universities do not ask for donations or capitation fees. International students with high academic credit are rewarded with full-time scholarships. The curriculum is taught in English for a period of 5+1 years. The entire fee structure makes education quite affordable.

Georgia houses 30 of the top universities present in Europe, 17 of which are MCI approved. The Universities are equipped with world-class facilities and modern technology. The medical degree offered by Georgian universities is globally accepted and are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, and MCI. Georgia is also on the list of World Directory of Medical Faculties.

What is MCI?

The Medical Council Of India (MCI) was established as a statutory body with the motive of dissipating premium standards for medical education in India until the National Medical was formed. The Council grants accreditation to Medical institutions, recognized medical qualifications, practitioner's license and supervises medical practice in India.

Medical Institutes in Georgia posses a WHO and MCI (Medical Council of India) recognition. The MD degree qualifies the student to give the MCI screening test in order to become a medical professional. As a result, you become eligible to work in any country across the once the degree is rewarded.

MBBS in Georgia


List of MCI approved colleges in Georgia

  1. Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

  2. New Vision University, Tbilisi

  3. David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia

  4. David Tvildiani Medical University

  5. European University

  6. AIETI Medical School

  7. Akaki Tsereteli State University

  8. High Medical School “Ayeti”

  9. Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University

  10. Kutaisi Medical Institute “Kutaisi”

  11. LLC Caucasus International University, Tbilisi

  12. Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy

  13. Tbilisi Medical University “Hippocrates”

  14. Tbilisi Public University “Metekhi”

  15. Tbilisi State Medical University

  16. Geomedi Medical University Georgia


Fee Structure of Top Universities

Medical Universities

Tuition Fee Per Month

Hostel Fee Per Month

European University

3.5 Lakhs INR


17,956 INR


Akaki Tsereteli University

2.7 lakhs INR

14,374 INR

David Tvildiani Medical University

5.7 Lakhs INR

17,956 INR

University of Georgia

4.3  lakhs INR


 17,956 INR


Ivane Javakhishvillo Tbilisi State University

4.3 Lakhs INR

14,364 INR

Batumi Shota Rustavelli  State University

4.6 Lakhs INR

14,364 INR

New Vision University, Georgia

5.3 Lakhs INR

17,956 INR

Geo Medi Medical University

2.2 Lakhs INR


Caucasus International University

3.2 Lakhs INR


Tbilisi State Medical University

4.2 Lakhs INR



Eligibility Criteria

Georgian Institutes have minimalistic requirements for the admission. W

- The applicant must be a minimum of 17 years old. Maximum can go up to 24 years.

- A student should have qualified high school with a minimum of 45% marks and overall passing certificate.

- In the case of a postgraduate degree, students should have passed the bachelor’s degree with at least 45% of marks to be considered for admission.

- You will also need the NEET qualification of the year you’re applying in.

- The applicants must possess basic English language writing, speaking understanding ability. If not English, then they should have proficiency in one of the other Georgian languages.


Requisite Documents

These are the documents that are indispensable for admission in Georgia’s college and to move into the country. You need to have:

-A copy of the 10th and 12th Class Marksheet with a statement of marks that you will attach with the application forum. Keep the originals with you.

-Transfer Certificate and Passing certificate provided by college or school.

-Birth Certificate (In English) or Marksheet with birthdate for the Date Of Birth and Age proof.

-Migration Certificate

-Scanned NEET Scorecard that shows that you’ve qualified it in the same year.

-Guardian's Bank statement confirming you are in the condition to afford the fee and living costs. At least for the first year.

-Acceptance/Invitation letter from the university will be required for the Visa application.

-Health and Travel Insurance Certificate

-Passport size photographs that match international passport protocols and standards.


Admission Process

Step 1. – Go to the portal and fill up the online form with the correct details. Applicants are also required to pay a certain amount for the filling of the form.

Step 2. – Once filled, the applicant will receive an acceptance/invitation letter from the Medical university he/she applied to.

Step 3. – After a period of 25- 30 days, the applicant receives the offer letter. Once received, he/she has to pay the requisite course fee.

Step 4. – After paying the fee, applicants can initiate the visa process. The visa support takes up to 30 days in order to issue the Visa. Invitation letter from institutes helps in speeding up the process.

Step 5. – Avail the visa card and book your tickets to embark on a new journey.


Cost of living

Georgia is one of the most affordable countries to live and study, and students come from around the world to get world-class education besides making a great saving in their education-related expenses as well.

Accommodation choices in Georgia are much more affordable and cheap as compared to other countries. Even with low-cost expenses, the quality of living and education is not compromised. The world-class services and top-tier education system has attracted a large assemblage of international students over the years.

The universities provide a variety of residential choices that students can explore. The majority of the institutions offer on-campus accommodations to students. Even if the students share the most pricey apartment in the city of Tbilisi, the expense will not cross more than 300 USD per month, which is worth every penny, given the facilities provided to the students.

The monthly expenditure spent on food is somewhere around Rs.6720. On electricity, the monthly allowance would sum up to somewhere around Rs. 1710. The accommodation would cost somewhere around Rs. 9000-17000. Transportation costs would round off to Rs. 670. The entire month's expenditure would sum up to be around 21000 to 28000 INR.

Any other utility and necessity like shopping, Wi-Fi, or eating outside may cost additionally. But some services offer free internet and other leisure.


Presently, Georgia has managed to acquire a remarkable reputation among Indian students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad.

Hailed, as a prominent educational center, Georgia has proven to be a premium study destination. The facilities provided by the country contribute to a cheerful and relaxed lifestyle. As per the statistical records, the crime rates are fairly nominal, therefore providing a safe space to international students. Georgia stands among the 10 most safe and low crime rate nations across the globe.

The weather is fairly pleasant and similar to that of India. The temperature ranges from 6 to 15 degrees Celsius during winters. Summers are not too hot, with soft summery breeze brushing past your face, Georgia displays a delightful atmosphere.

Georgia offers reasonable lodgings to International students. The majority of the colleges feature on-campus accommodation options, which students can opt for. Otherwise, students can go for other accommodation choices, such as taking a room on the lease or a PG.

The on-campus hostels are equipped with a typical kitchen that students can make use of. The culinary scene of the place has matured starkly over the years and has become an interesting blend of cultures.

Over the years, the region had witnessed a high demand for Indian food, which has resulted in a sharp rise in Indian restaurants. Improved transportation provides thorough connectivity within the country. The cost of living in Georgia is 2.5 times cheaper than the USA and three folds cheaper than the UK.

Considering all these factors, Georgia has proven to be an unmatched combination of affordability and quality.

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