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Our Professional LOR writers expertly craft the best possible letter of recommendation for your needs and specifications

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Standyou LOR Writing Services

Research and LOR drafting by the industry expert

Your LOR Project Tracking by the personal project manager

LOR Proofreading and Turnitin check by both Technical and Language experts

Delivery, Correction and Feedback for 100% Satisfaction

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Our LOR Related Service Pricing

LOR of up to 400 Words

Rs. 2,000

LOR of up to 800 Words

Rs. 3,800

LOR of up to 1200 Words

Rs. 5,500

LOR of up to 1600 Words

Rs. 6,400

LOR of up to 2000 Words

Rs. 7,500
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How Standyou LOR Writing Service Works

  • Visit   and click on the resource section to submit your LOR writing requirements.
  • After submitting your LOR writing requirements, Our team will discuss your LOR requirements in detail and send you the price quotation for our LOR Writing Service within 1 working day.
  • After making 50% of your payment, Our team will send you a questionnaire with a set of questions, which help our LOR experts draft the best-personalised LOR for you.
  • Based on the answers submitted by you, The first draft of the LOR will be prepared within the committed deadline and sent to you.
  • Based on your feedback, the final draft of the LOR is prepared and sent to our QA team for quality assurance.
  • After making a pending payment by you, The Final draft of your LOR will be delivered to you within the stipulated time.

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