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What is MBBS?

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). The MBBS degree is a professional undergraduate degree for people who want to become a doctor. A student who completes his or her MBBS degree becomes an expert medical professional. The degree is of five years and six months during which 1 year is for an internship. So it's 5 ½  year degree. The Internships are at health centers, camps, hospitals, and sometimes even at NGOs(Non- profit organizations). Within the MBBS course, the student is taught anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, community health & medicine, pediatrics, and surgery. An MBBS student can further do specialization in various sectors like Nephrology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Anesthesiology, Organ Transplantation, Endocrine, and General Surgery, etc.

Are you aspiring to study MBBS abroad?

If yes, then you must consider the Universities in Poland for MBBS. The colleges in Poland offer a top-quality MBBS degree at low-cost if compared to other universities in some European countries. Due to this reason, Poland has been a hot- spot for Indian students aspiring to study Medicine degrees. It is one of the great places to study abroad.

Universities for MBBS in Poland:

The following are some of the Universities of Poland for MBBS:

  1. Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University

  2. Poznan University of Medical Sciences

  3. Medical University of Gdansk

  4. Medical University of Lublin

  5. Medical University of Wroclaw

  6. Nicolaus Copernicus University

  7. Medical University of Silesia

  8. University of Warmia and Mazury

  9. Warsaw Medical Academy

  10. Medical University of Lodz

MBBS in Poland for Indian Students 

MBBS in Poland FEES:

The fees for pursuing an MBBS degree in Poland are approximately between 9000-15000 USD Per annum which is approximately up to 7 lakh to 12 lakh rupees and according to the university. Along with that the hostel fees is around 200 to 260 USD which is approximately equal to 15 thousand to 20 thousand Per Month. The medical degree is for six years in total. So for a year the Fees to study in Poland will be 45 lakhs to 72 lakhs approximately. Many scholarships also are offered to international students by the Poland Universities. The students should enquire about this by visiting the official websites of the specified colleges.

There is an Education loan assistance for Indian students. This helps them by giving loans. The repayment of the loan starts after almost 2 years after graduation that is after two years of getting the degree of MBBS. For seeking loans the students should have a valid student ID.

Universities for MBBS in Poland, their FEES, requirements and other details:

The following are some of the most effective universities for MBBS in Poland and their details:

  • Medical University of Lodz

The fees for MBBS in the Medical University of Lodz is approximately 3500 USD - 12800 USD that is equal to 3 lakh to 10 lakh.

  • Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University

The Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University is almost 600 years old. It is located in Kraków, Poland. The fees for MBBS in this University is approximately 96000 USD that is approximately 7 lakh rupees in India.

  • Karol Marcinkowski Medical University

Karol Marcinkowski medical university is located in Poznań, Poland. The fees for MBBS in this University is approximately 55000 USD that is Rs. 3850000 approximately in india.

  • Medical University of Gdansk

The Medical University of Gdansk ranks within 300 in the world ranking. It is located at Gdańsk, Poland. The fees for MBBS in this University is approximately 72000 USD which is Rs. 5040000 approximately in India.

  • Medical University of Lublin

Medical University of Lublin is the most preferred option. It ranked as 5899 among the whole world and the country rank of this university is 68. Medical university of Lublin is located in Lublin, Poland. The fees for MBBS in this University is approximately 69000 USD that is Rs. 4830000 (Approx.) In India.

  • Medical University of Wroclaw

The Medical University of Wroclaw is Located at Wrocław, Poland. The fees for MBBS in this University is approximately 75000 USD that is Rs. 5250000 (Approx.) In India.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus University

Nicolaus Copernicus university was started in 1945. It holds a 954 rank world rank and its country rank is 10. Nicolaus Copernicus University is located at Toruń, Poland. The fees for MBBS in this University is approximately 35000 USD  that is Rs. 2450000 (Approx.) In India.

  • The Medical University of Silesia

The Medical University of Silesia was established in 1948. Its country rank is 47. The Medical University of Silesia is located at Katowice, Poland. The fees for MBBS in this University is approximately 57000 USD that is Rs. 3990000 (Approx.) in India.

  • University of Warmia and Mazury

University of warmia and mazury was established in the year 1999. Its rank is 1231 in world rank. The University of Warmia and Mazury is located in Olsztyn, Poland. The fees for MBBS in this University is approximately 75000 USD  that is Rs. 5250000 (Approx.) in India.

  • Warsaw Medical Academy

Warsaw Medical Academy was established in the year 1950. Warsaw Medical Academy is located in Warsaw, Poland. The fees for MBBS at this University are approximately 81000 USD that is Rs. 5670000 (Approx.) In India.

MBBS in Poland requirements:

The student aspiring to study MBBS in Poland should be preparing for it well in advance. To pursue an MBBS degree in Poland the required score in 10+2 should be 75% in PCB. Also, the aspirant should have cleared NEET (entrance exam for medical students). The aspirant should be able to speak and understand the English language.

The admissions there in Poland starts in April every year and are open till the month of October. The student's age must be above 17. The aspirants willing to take admission in MBBS should visit the official site of the required University. Then fill the application form and submit the copies of the documents asked. After that, they will announce the results whether you are selected or not. Then once the registration is done then the student has to pay some amount of fees. After that, the main thing is to Confirm the VISA.

The following documents are required while taking the admissions:

  • The application form of the University

  • Documents of class 10 and 12

  • 10 passport size photographs

  • Birth Certificate

  • Certificate of Medical Fitness

  • Copy of student’s passport

  • A document of language proficiency

  • Admission Process for MBBS in Poland

MBBS in Poland, Why Study MBBS in Poland?

Thousands of students who aspire to study medicine have gone to Poland. The education pattern and syllabus are just the same as that of the other countries in Europe. MBBS in Poland is of 6 years with a 1-year internship which is compulsory. The universities in Poland have a great infrastructure along with a highly qualified teaching system.

The universities take domestic as well as international students. Students from all over the world are seen to study MBBS in Poland. The universities have well qualified and experienced professors. Also, the universities have a great infrastructured campus with a friendly environment. The MBBS batches are taken in small groups and practical demonstrations are also taken.

Due to these reasons, Poland is one of the most preferred countries for the MBBS degree. Also, many Indian students are attracted to Poland Universities, and many take admission every year. The living and admission cost is favorable to the aspirants. Also, the weather here is favorable and suitable to the international students. One more thing the colleges here are one of the best MBBS colleges overall the world.

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