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Poland has a long history of providing quality higher education and it is considered as one of the best study abroad destinations. There are a lot of reasons such as their comprehensive education environment, well-qualified Teachers, Updated types of equipment and extraordinary great infrastructure. The procedure of Medical Study in Poland is quite similar to European countries. It has the rank of 23 in the International Student Assessment Programme. It is also considered to be a high ranked country concerning human development. Especially, when it is a matter of studying MBBS, Indian students always preferred Poland. Indian students can complete their MBBS from any Medical University in Poland because WHO and as well as Medical Council of India approves the Medical Degree of Poland. Let us briefly discuss the MBBS in Poland, application deadline, expenses, education cost, advantages, disadvantages and more.

Covered Academic Years

All MBBS Universities in Poland offer 6 years courses program in Medicine. The MBBS in Poland for Pharmacy takes normally 4 years. Students in Poland can also prefer a 5 years Dentistry program. Various types of courses are offering by so many Universities that students can view and then apply according to their likings.

Application Deadline

All Willing Students should submit their Application until March, 2020.

Fees Structure & Expenses

Here is the fee structure for some top MCI approved Medical Universities of Poland

The hostel fee for all medical students estimates to around 3000 USD per year that means 40 to 50 lakhs inclusive of all expenses.

The overall cost of studying medicine in Poland estimates from 40 to 50 lakhs inclusive of all expenses.

Why do MBBS from POLAND?

The medical degree from Poland is approved by both WHO and the MCI, so Indian students can rely confidently on any medical university in Poland without any confusion to pursue their careers. After completion of their medical degree, they normally take screening test organizes by MCI and become a well-qualified doctor in India. There are lots of other benefits to Indian students if they choose to do MBBS from Poland.

1-Overall education cost is quite low and affordable for Indian Students.

2-As a part of the medical curriculum, Indian students can easily get an education in English and there is no need to learn any other language.

3-There is no need to do any special courses such as IELTS OR TOEFL to become a qualified MBBS in Poland.

4-As all Poland medical Universities maintain International Standard of education so around 75% MBBS graduate from Poland, practice medicine in European countries easily without any hurdle.

5-Poland also issues a blue card to International students and offers them to settle their and practice in their country which is no doubt a big chance for Indian students to make their versatile career.

6-For all academically strong candidates get a scholarship from the Universities in Poland of the country they are from.

7-There is also a great chance of one-year internship program in Government and private hospitals which are included in the course.

8- Climate condition in Poland is most comforting and manageable because it’s quite similar to Russia. Indian students would love to know that there is no chance of facing burning summer and freezing winters.

Each University gives chance at least 500 students to take admission without any entrance examination, so there is only the need for a good track record in academics and anybody can easily get admission.


Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students Studying MBBS in Poland

Beware of Fraud Study Abroad Consultants

As the number of Indian students opting to get higher education abroad, the number of frauds related to it is also increasing every day. Due to very less knowledge and complex process of studying abroad, Fraud agents make them their target easily. People from smaller towns or big cities are a vulnerable target of such cheater agents. In case, if you are unaware of these fraud study consultants, you can read these all common types of fraud they usually do. By reading their common types of fraud techniques, students can stay attentive, escape their money and understand their corrupt schemes.

The first thing students should notice that the agent is sending them to a recognized University. Always make sure you are getting what you paid for, so never say yes for a non-recognized University. You will get a valuable degree only if you enter in a recognized institution by the concerned authority of that country.

Never let them submit any fake documents, fake bank statements or fake academic document because all these leading to blacklisting later on. Blacklisting will spoil and destroy your dreams of getting higher education in abroad.

Every recognized University has its official website, where students can check all necessary details related to their course, facilities and accommodation offered by the institution and more importantly their actual fees. A student should verify this carefully whether he will be getting a permanent job or a valid degree after completing the course, they are applying to.

Never believe in false claims of agents that, they can assure visas to students with their high links with any person working in Embassy. Only the Embassy of the concerned country is responsible to issue a visa to any student and no agent holds this authority.

Do not just simply rely on any agent because it’s quite important to check, if he is holding proper authorization of providing student visas. Note: A university always informs you regarding the application status whether they accept it or not. Students always get proper acknowledgments regarding the payments as well whenever they make payments to any institution. If they are not getting any acknowledgment, so it is a high alarm for them to be aware and raise it.


Courses, Syllabus of MBBS in POLAND

Courses offered by the Top Medical Universities in Poland

Undergraduate Medical Course       6 years MBBS in Poland program

Graduate entry Medical Course       4 years accelerated program

Dentistry program                            5 to 5.5 years MDS program

Pharmacy program                          5 years pharmacy program

Nursing Course                                3 years B.Sc.Nursing program

Ph.D. Course                                   3 years medical Ph.D. program


M.D. Program Syllabus

The M.D. program is based on Polish Curriculum at medical Universities in Poland. The duration of this program is 6 years. It is specially designed for International Students who have graduated with good grades in basic science subjects and English.

Medicine Course Syllabus

The course of Medicine is divided into two parts Preclinical studies and Clinical Studies.

Preclinical studies: It is a 3 years program in which Universities gradually introduced the clinical aspects of Anatomy, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medical Biology, Physiology study, Histology and Embryology.

Clinical studies: During the next three years, Students get the Clinical knowledge and proper training regarding that and one-year elective clinical practice.

Students are awarded the Medical degree of Doctrine which is also known as M.D. as soon as they clear all of the required examinations for both theoretical and clinical subjects.

Education Pattern and Language Issue for MBBS in POLAND

The pattern of MBBS in Poland is quite similar to European countries. The standard and infrastructure of its Universities both are also up to the standards of Europe. Universities in Poland normally follow the syllabus, successfully studying in many countries of Europe. This is the reason that Indian students mostly preferred the Poland Universities for their MBBS degree. The Medical degree from Poland will also give them a chance to practice their degree in any European country easily.  It also has a high rank in the International Student Assessment Programme. It is also considered to be a high ranked country concerning human development. On the other side, language issue is one of the biggest issues while studying in Poland. Although teachers mostly try to use English as a medium during the studies but use of local language by the professors many times, creates problems for the Indian Students. Various students prefer to learn the local languages to keep the flow of communication smooth but in such cases; their focus completely drifts from their actual studies to learning and understanding the new language. This is also the biggest reason for losing the concentration of students in their medical studies. Learning and understanding the vocabulary of a very new language is not a cakewalk and it requires much time. Also various students who graduated with Local languages usually fail to clear the MCI screening test.

Documents required for MBBS in POLAND

Here is the list of required documents for the admission of MBBS in Poland:

Admission Procedure for MBBS in POLAND

All Poland Universities and Colleges normally start the admission process of students in the months of April, May and June which lasts till September. Indian students, who are willing to take admission in any Poland University, should apply right after getting the results of higher secondary examinations.

The proper admission procedure is as follows:

Accommodation during MBBS in POLAND

As similar to all European countries, accommodation is quite easy and convenient in Poland. Students can find a very good place to live there at cheap rates. Students can easily get accommodation according to their choice and many Universities also offer affordable accommodation facilities to their students. Indian students also can get separate accommodation where only Indian students used to stay. The cost of accommodation is mandatory along with the tuition fees however single and shared both accommodations are offered by the hostels. Three rooms accommodation is also available along with kitchen space for any group of friends.

Intake for India Students for MBBS in POLAND

Interested students should be prepared for the admission process in advance. Although admissions open in April each year in all Universities of Poland, However Indian students are required to submit the applications to the Universities at least up to the middle of October.

The validity of MBBS degree in India 

MBBS degree from Poland is 100% valid in India. It’s worth your money and time as well to study MBBS in Poland because after completing this you just need to pass the MCI screening test in India and you can practice your degree there. Several doctors from Poland are confidently working in India.

Education Loan and Financial Advice for Parents

Educational Loan

International Students can avail of the loan option as well through banks chosen by the Ministry of Science and High Education. The repayment process of loan usually starts two years after the due date of a student‘s graduation. Students can avail of this loan based on monthly instalments. To get a loan, a student must have a valid student ID.

Financial Advice for Parents

To make sure you stay on right track, in the matter of investing the money, you might need to involve a best financial advisor who can notice deeply the huge picture of your finances and offer the best financial suggestions and strategies for your son/ daughter.

For example, if you are sending your son/ daughter for abroad studies. You should always maintain financial flexibility by saving some extra money in case something comes up suddenly. 

If you are just thinking about this scenario, then the best option is to buy a study’s insurance policy for your loved ones. It would be a great help for you at the time of starting the process of abroad study. The need of the hour is just to schedule an appointment with the best financial planner, who can definitely guide you properly about the investment navigation for the abroad studies.

Visa for POLAND

Each country has its procedure for applying for visa. Here are some important things to finalize to apply it correctly

Normally, it takes about a week to get the Visa. Due to a busy schedule of the consulate, it takes more than a week several times. To avoid any type of issue, apply for a visa at least one month ago.

Disadvantages of doing MBBS in POLAND

Communication in local language is one of the biggest disadvantages while doing MBBS in Poland. Although teachers mostly try to use English as a medium during the studies but use of local language by the professors many times, creates problems for all international students. At the same time, Locals look confused due to lack of using their mother tongue by the professors. The big tension is to communicate with Locals outside the campus of University. Various students prefer to learn the local languages in order to keep the flow of communication smooth but in such cases their focus completely drifts from their actual studies to learning and understanding the new language. This is also the biggest reason for losing the concentration of students on their medical studies. Learning and understanding the vocabulary of a very new language is not a cakewalk and it requires much time. Also, various students who graduated with Local languages usually fail to clear the MCI screening test.

National Exit Test (NEXT) Coaching in POLAND

According to the newly passed bill in India, each foreign MBBS student will undertake the examination of NEXT (National Exit Test) during the final year. It is the only way of obtaining a permanent license to practice medicine in India. The exam is mandatory for all the students who passed MBBS degree from Abroad. Many authorized consultants are providing complete information and guidance regarding it. This exam is a turning point in the career, for all the doctors studied in Abroad so all students should consider it more important for them.

Roadmap to study MD/MS after MBBS in POLAND

Great efforts are constantly needed for better outcomes. For medical students, the process of success is full of ups and downs; however, challenges are always there when success is explicit. After the successful completion of MBBS in Poland; Indian students usually look worried about Post graduation courses. Many of them literally have to prepare themselves to pursue Medical PG abroad. Though it is quite complex, but for Indian Students, PG in the USA is the best option after their MBBS in Poland. It feels so challenging but no doubt gratifying too. Students should prepare themselves for PG in USA from their graduation years. For this purpose USMLE books are quite useful and recommended by many seniors as well. If you scored high on USMLE exams, then you are always a suitable candidate.

The biggest benefit of pursuing the PG level (MD/MS) from the USA is that students do not have to face the MCI screening test before or after MBBS in abroad. Students can easily move to the USA for PG level (MD/MS) without any screening test. Students who completed their PG in the USA can confidently practice both in USA and India. It is valid in both regions. The money which they spent while studying MBBS in Poland would be paid back in the way of stipend about USD 4,200 on a  monthly basis while their PG in the USA.

How Right consultant can help in shaping your Career

More and more science students are considering each day, that their dreams of studying abroad will be successful through good consulting. Before you start the planning, it is quite important to choose a right authorized consultant to shape your career with the right track. The different chaos running in your mind will only be cleared by a right consultant who helps you to clear all your doubts. A right consultant always outlines your plan in the correct order and guides you further. He provides you the precise and additional information to set your career smoothly.

An authorized consultant always has different solutions for all your study visa-related issues. They support you to go profoundly straight with the whole process that increases the possibilities of application acceptance.

Still not found the right consultant for you? We are here to guide you through the complete process, get in touch with us and our dedicated professional will take all necessary steps towards your dream.


MBBS students get lots of confusion regarding their process. Our Consultancy has been planned to provide excellent consulting services to the medical students. We are here to give you head start to make through this confusing process by our excellent counseling and guidance. We will help you to choose the right educational institution for your dream degree MBBS. We will set clear goals for you to achieve them step by step to reach your final destination.

We will provide you the complete guidance about the MBBS options offering by Universities from abroad. We are here to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the most deserving university and its admission criteria. We know it very well that there are a lot of foreign universities offering medical studies, but very few can deliver the medical education to international students. We genuinely provide you the clear pros and cons of each foreign university, providing medical education to international students. The success in screening test very much depends on the right selection of colleges and universities. The important thing is to achieve a medical degree from the authorized University recognized in India as well.

Counseling by our Experts

Our strong belief is to make the proper planning to ensure that, students pick the suitable scholarly pathway. In light of this, we are here to help students by giving them extensive information about the best opportunities. We ceaselessly have faith in offering proficient types of assistance to students, guardians and our institutional customers at all times.

We always prefer to provide you on the top positioned MCI/WHO perceived Medical universities and suggest you the right university as per your necessity. Our authentic and to the point information helps the students to kick start their career in MBBS with the best university. We give you complete information regarding the admission process to a foreign lifestyle and essential necessities of living in a foreign country.

We organized different branches in various cities, where willing candidates can arrive and discuss their selected university and course. On your request, we give the advisor at your home too. We won't just give direction yet will likewise help you all through from the hour of getting admission to arriving at the institution.

Selection of right Course, Country and College

Our consultants know about all the focuses they ought to consider. This is the reason why we are certain and smart. We will guide you better on what you should know to get the ideal results. We are sufficiently sure to deny if you ask us something counter-intuitive or difficult to accomplish.

Our professional consultants will help you to find out the best program and course that will be beneficial for you and according to your area of interest as well. To get global opportunities, it is quite essential to choose the right program and subjects as well. We will provide you the complete list of universities which offers the courses and programs of your choice. We will not only handover the list in your hands, but also help you in making an informed decision regarding your career. 

Test Preparation Guidance

We noticed several students in the past who were good at studies but failed to crack the important tests. One of the big reasons is the lack of a good strategic NEET preparation plan. Without planning and managing your time, you can’t qualify for the exam. We give you essential tips on how you can stick to a perfect plan as it will help you to stay focused on your goal. As NEET exams are compulsory to clear, so that our consultants provide proper guidance regarding that.

Many students consider the NEET exams; as if they are taking an entrance ticket to Poland after passing this test. There are no strict criteria introduced for NEET. If you got qualifying marks in NEET it would be okay enough. The students are only required to take passing marks in NEET; however it is compulsory for all the students who are willing to take admission to any Poland university. We will guide on how to plan for the NEET exams so that you can reserve your seat in one of the top universities in Poland.

Test Preparation Platform

 Our authorized consultants strive to guide you regarding everything under one roof. You do need to run here and there for different processes and get the things done. From IELTS to NEET exams, we will always here to help you and clear all your confusion. By providing the clear criteria for these exams and the needed score, we will give you peace of mind so you can prepare for all the tests peacefully and get entrance to your dream university. Our consultants also give you some special classes, where they teach you IELTS and help you manage the course in a way that will make it easy for you to cover the full NEET course step by step. For any kind of queries, our consultants are always available to assist you.

Application Editing, Review and Processing

Our expert consultants always double-check the application and make necessary editions where needed. We do not want to spoil your dreams by any hurdle during the process. We always review the documents properly and suggest many things regarding it. With us, you can start your process confidently without any confusion.

Scholarship Guidance

Students who are willing to study in Poland and cannot bear many expenses of education, mostly unaware of their various scholarship programs which either absolves them from paying education cost or fill in as money related help in covering their everyday costs. We guide the students properly on how they can avail of the scholarship opportunity at various levels so they can explore and apply with us for the best program.

Interview Preparation

Interview preparation is the most important part of your whole visa process where you need to remember the answers to all questions. The decision of granting and refusing the visa totally depends on Visa officer because he might be having a number of interviews and does not want to listen to the confusing answers. Since, you are applying for a very important Visa on that depend on your future, so we always make sure to guide you regarding it properly with your English Proficiency. We will try to enhance your confidence level that would be helping you during the whole interview. Our expert consultants will give you the proper sheet of questions, so that you can prepare yourself in advance. We just want you to be attentive in the whole interview to avoid any confusion.

Visa assistance and Loan Processing

Our consults know everything regarding the visa, its proper process and information. It is really important to avoid silly mistakes while applying for a visa through us. We always make sure to provide you complete knowledge for every step. If you required an extra budget, there are many banks announced by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education provides special loans to students. We will give you a list of banks that would be helpful for you in case you need loan assistance.

Travel and Medical Insurance Processing

We just want to keep you safe and secure, so we make sure that you travel smarter and safer with us. Travel protection for travellers and their families is our priority. You'd preferably not consider everything that may turn out badly on your excursion, however these things can and do occur. Before you begin your trip, we will guide you on how to purchase private health insurance for your safety. Having private medical coverage in Poland is ensuring you the shorter hold up times and a higher caliber of treatment. The vast majority living in Poland - the nationals and outsiders both can avail of this opportunity. We offer several insurance plans for the students for their protection.

Pre-departure briefing to help you get ready for your new country

Our master advisors compose Pre-departure meetings/get together for its students. We feel this is one of the most significant meetings in the entire procedure. We get the chance to impart to students about their new goal, the new culture they are going to confront, about the organization they are enlisting for and making them mindful of Do's and Dont's while they settle themselves in absolutely another condition. This permits them to get more certainty as well as change better in the establishment and henceforth has better execution in the projects of study.

Students likewise get a chance to pose inquiries and explain any worries they may have about their future outside the land.

Besides, giving strategic knowledge, the Pre-departure 8preparation assists students with defining sensible desires and objectives. It also manages students and guardians the chance to

Pose inquiries to clear their questions. The objective of this direction is to help acquaint students with their new city, nation, have family, and cohorts. Pre-Flight Direction at our consultancy is intended to help students effectively progress in another culture by giving them significant data.

Why reserve seats for MBBS in POLAND before April

There are very limited seats in Poland Universities and Colleges for International students. We always guide you to apply quickly before apply, if you are interested to go there and start your medical study. Many students make a big mistake by keeping themselves busy in the preparation of NEET exams and do not care about the application process. Our consultants always make sure to guide you properly how important it is to apply fast to reserve the seats. Don’t think that there is much time for applying the application. Be aware of the consultancies who take extra money for this. We will not take a single penny for guiding you related to your seat reservation in any medical institution.

About POLAND (Climate, Time difference & Food)

Rich differentiated and shockingly delightful - this is the nature in Poland. It has everything - mountains, lakes, streams, and Oceanside. There are 23 National gardens in Poland for families and singles in which they can discover astonishing characteristic diamonds. A portion of those common fortunes are one of a kind and can't be found anyplace else on the planet.

Poland has gained an excellent reputation for students hoping to get an extraordinary examination experience and a universally perceived degree.


Poland is a geologically diverse nation and has an atmosphere to coordinate. With its moderate atmosphere, Poland offers both oceanic and mainland components. This implies you can anticipate numerous radiant days yet numerous blustery days too and don't be astonished when the mid-year ends up being very hot or very stormy. Winters in Poland are typically freezing, with temperatures dipping under freezing, and with a ton of blanketed days. Ideal for comfortable investigation meetings yet if you originate from a hotter atmosphere, ensure you bring appropriate clothes according to weather.

Time Difference

When arranging a call between Poland and India, you have to consider that the nations are in various time zones. Poland is 4:30 hours behind India. If you are in Poland, the most advantageous time to communicate is between 9:00 am and 1:30 pm for a phone call or meeting. In India, this will be a standard working time of between 1:30 pm and 6:00 pm.


Internationally students staying in Poland can buy food in Poland easily which costs 100 – 150 EUR/month. You can set aside some cash if you decide to purchase goods and shop from less expensive general stores. The absolute most basic ones are Tesco, Auchan, and Lidl. Students can avail of the enjoyment of dinner or lunch for just 5 EUR or pay 23 EUR for a full dinner in a normal café for two. A light beverage will cost you just 2 EUR.

Student testimony

Student testimony is a short introduction of a student in which he/she describe his/her previous and current experience of the institution. All main points are included in the student’s testimony such as their thinking about the University or College, the type of career they peruse, the experience with other students, etc. It is like a storytelling about sharing the complete experience of the study period.

Important Tips before packing your bags for your dream destination- POLAND!

Many students need instructions for their study abroad experience. Underneath you can locate some significant tips before packing your sacks for your fantasy goal Poland.

1-Take the amount of luggage carefully according to the permission of your selected airline. So it’s important to check their instructions carefully before you start packing. All airlines are strictly following their rules, so make sure you follow their regulations as a responsible traveler.

2- Poland has four particular seasons, with summer being sweltering and winter is freezing. You should bring comfortable garments for the fall, winter, and spring. If you need more space in your baggage, you can get some garments in Poland or your folks can send them to you. In the winter it's critical to have a comfortable coat, cap and gloves since you will invest a great deal of energy outside strolling to and from class and around town.

3-Bring a very nice outfit with you one for the inauguration day of class and other casual outfits for going out with their friends at night.

4-If your doctor prescribed your regular medicines, and then you should take enough to last you the whole time of your stay in Poland because it might hard to get the same medicines there. Also, it will cost you more than your affordability.

5-If you are taking a laptop with you then you need to have a special plug adapter. Plugs are quite different in Europe. During your stay, your instructor will give you an adapter to borrow which you can use while studying there. This adapter will handle the voltage easily according to the needs of European Countries.

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