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Russia is one of the most popular destinations for students who want to pursue MBBS abroad. Students from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia opt Russia because of the affordability and quality of education in Russia. The country always touts that it has occupied 30 positions in the top 100 Medical Universities across the world. The country has done a pretty good job with medical coaching, and now the students who have completed their MBBS in Russia are working in some prominent hospitals across the world. 

The country offers great subsidies on fees but never compromises on the quality of education. In Russia, there is 1 teacher for every seven students, and this proves the prominence it gives for education. There is a total of 57 medical universities in Russia and 12 among them are providing medical education in the English language. The students from abroad can register themselves with these universities. Russian Universities have always stood out for the quality of education that they provide to students. The textbooks issued in Russian Universities are translated into various languages and are used across the world. This/ proves the standards of education there. It has gained global acceptance, and the books got top WHO and UNESCO ratings. Various medical councils from countries like Canada, USA, UK, India, Australia and the Middle East have approved the universities present in Russia so students can join them without worrying about the quality of education. 

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Russia

  • The eligibility criteria in Russia is pretty simple. The students should complete the age of 17 years before 31st December before applying to Russia for MBBS. 
  • Students have to pass 11th and 12th standard with 50% marks. Reserved candidates should at least get 40% marks in the board exams. The stream should be Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • The Medical Council of India has made it mandatory for students to qualify NEET before they get admission to any university abroad, so Indian students have to crack this exam to be eligible for Russian education.

Duration of MBBS

Students who are studying MBBS in English medium has a course length of 6 years while the students who are studying MBBS in Russian medium has seven years of course. The extra one year in the Russian medium focuses on Russian Language training. This duration doesn't include the internship period. Indian students have to do a one-year internship. 

MBBS in Russia Fee Structure

This fee structure in Russia varies from one University to another. The average amount that costs to complete the MBBS course in Russia will start at 12,00,000 INR. This is just the basic price, and it will increase depending upon the University and type of course students pick. Students have an option to pay the fee in installments. This way, they don't have any kind of burden on them. 

Students are allowed to go to their native countries six times an academic year. The cost of traveling from Russia to countries like India is quite affordable.

About Russia

Before students plan on pursuing their MBBS in the country, it is important for them to know about Russia. Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of land area. It is also known as the Russian Federation and is present in Asia as well as Eastern Europe. The country has 12 seas and is sharing a border with fourteen countries. This country is developed and is more populous too. You will find a huge population density in Russia. There are a total of 144.6 million people in Russia, and the capital of this country is Moscow. 

The country has a democratic rule. It is rich in minerals and is highly dependent on mining. Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world, and one has to be pretty careful in winter. As the country is spread in a vast area, the climate changes with one place to another. The country is developed and can provide students who are pursuing MBBS with some of the best facilities. It is advanced both technologically and culturally. People here are so friendly, and their hospitality is commendable. Universities have added English Medium courses in MBBS just for the comfort of students arriving from abroad, and this proves how much it cares about the people who are entering the country. Apart from development, there are a lot of benefits that students can enjoy in Russia. The country can be a go-to option for so many students across the world.

Why Study MBBS in Russia?

There are a lot of countries where one can pursue their MBBS, but why Russia? For starters, Russian Universities has no particular entrance test for the students who are trying to get an admission. However, it has some set of rules that students have to abide and apart from that, there is no test to worry about. But for the Indian students who are planning on pursuing medical education from Russia, it is mandatory to qualify NEET. Yes, the Indian government has made it mandatory to qualify NEET before students pursue MBBS abroad. The qualifying percentile is 50% for unreserved categories and 40% for SC, ST and OBC. This has come into motion in 2018 and is implemented in 2019. So, now it is mandatory for students to clear the NEET in order to get a clearance certificate from the government to study in abroad countries.

Students from other countries don't have any such kind of restrictions. They can join the University directly if they meet the eligibility criteria. The Russian government is pretty particular about the quality of education and wants to provide affordable education to every student. This is the reason why they offer huge subsidies along in education, which has helped a lot of students to pursue their dream education. The average fee for MBBS in Russia per year is 2.5 lacs to 5 lacs. It is important for students to join in the universities that are listed in WHO and MCI, then only the students will get to practice MBBS anywhere in the world, and this includes India. Students from all over the world go to Russia because of the quality of education that they provide. Russian Universities mainly focuses on providing practical knowledge for students rather than just making them stick to theoretical classes. They believe that hands-on experience will teach students more things. The universities have certain standards to meet, and the government ensures that every University abides by all the rules.

With stricter rules in place, universities follow all the regulations provided by the government without fail. There are hostels in the University itself that are completely furnished. Students have access to fresh food in the campus all the time. The Russian government will also provide scholarships if the students meet eligibility criteria. This means that the merit students who are financially backward can get financial aid from the Russian government directly. The students who joined in Russian universities get medical insurance for all the courses, and they also get complete medical treatment whenever they need it. MCI is a test that countries conduct for native students who pursued their MBBS in foreign countries. This means that the government of countries conduct an MCI test to know the education and knowledge that students got while studying abroad and students are bound to pass this test. Then only they will get a chance to practice medicine.

Russian Universities incorporated MCI screening test training in their curriculum and prepare students for that too. This way, students will get enough knowledge to crack the MCI test. Universities in Russia offer medical courses in both English and Russian. Students have to learn Russian, although they are pursuing their MBBS in English in order to communicate with the patients present in hospitals. It is just a language that students have to learn while pursuing their MBBS course. 

Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Russia

  • No entrance test for students. The admission process is based on a first-come, first-serve.
  • No donations.
  • Easier admission process
  • The course fee is low.
  • Russian government provides subsidies for the students
  • The universities and courses offered by them have worldwide recognition. 
  • Simple eligibility criteria
  • European standards of living which are pretty good
  • Indian canteens are available in most of the universities
  • Great results in the MCI screening test. Only Russian Universities across the world offers MCI training for students.
  • Widespread Alumni. Students who completed their MBBS in Russia are accepted across the world and are working in some of the best hospitals.
  • There is a 100% guarantee for Visa
  • All the universities present in Russia are government only. There are no private owned universities, so every University follows a certain set of rules of government without fail.
  • Unconventional teaching
  • There is no need for candidates to qualify IELTS, TOEFL to get admission to Russian universities. 


Public transport in Russia is highly developed, and most of the people opt for it only. It is a cheap way to travel from one place to another. The government offers passes for the students, which helps them in traveling on buses or in the metro. There will be a lot of buses and trains, which makes it easy to travel from one place to another. 

Food and Accommodation

There is no need for parents or students to worry about food and accommodation in Russia. The country is very particular about these things and has some strict rules in place for universities. Russian native food is pretty healthy and is filled with nutrients and carbohydrates too. This food will keep students warm during winter. It includes meat, potatoes, bread, eggs and butter. The entire food culture in Russia is pretty admirable, and it gives more preference to healthy food above junk food.

Russian accommodation is quite popular because of the facilities and affordability. Universities provide dormitory facilities that students can go for. There is no need to worry about the quality of life in the dormitory as it is monitored by the governments directly. Neat maintenance, along with complete furnishing, is provided. Students can also go with rental apartments or for any hosting family depending upon their convenience. International students can get affordable accommodation in this country with ease. 

The Russian government understands the importance of accommodation, and hence it ensures that students get the best deals on their stay. The cost of living will be dependent on the University and the location. 

For international students, it is better to go with university dormitory only. It will be present in the university campus itself, and there is no need for students to worry about the transportation here. It is a safer and better option. The pricing of these dorms will be set by universities only, and the pricing will start from 500 to 5000 rubles. The accommodation is something that parents don't have to worry about while sending their students to Russia.

Best Universities in Russia for MBBS

  • M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  • Tver State Medical University
  • Orenburg State Medical University
  • Kuban State Medical University
  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • Kazan state medical university
  • Ryazan State Medical University
  • Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University
  • Kursk state medical University
  • OMSK State Medical University
  • Mari State University
  • South Ural State University (School of Medicine)
  • Northern State Medical University
  • Volgograd State Medical University
  • Syktyvkar State University
  • Dagestan State Medical University
  • Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU)
  • Far Eastern Federal University
  • Perm State Medical University
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University
  • Crimea Federal University
  • Siberian State Medical University
  • Saratov State Medical University
  • Altai State Medical University
  • Kazan Federal University
  • Smolensk State Medical University

Financial Advice

  • The Russian government provides a 70% subsidy on the tuition fees of any university. This way, parents don't have to worry about the tuition fee. If the student is eligible for a scholarship offered by the government, then students can apply for it too. 
  • The cost of living of students will start as low as 100 USD which is 6,500 INR approximately. The students will get accommodation and food in this price. However, the cost of living varies depending upon the lifestyle of every individual student. 

Important Tips for Students

  • For students who want to pursue their MBBS in Russia has to understand one important thing- you are going to stay in this country for 6 or more years, so you have to understand the country and everything present in it. Be it lifestyle or culture, play heed to everything present in the country. 
  • Pack all your things beforehand so that you don't have to hurry in the end. Students will get 46kg baggage (23x2 kgs) check-in baggage and an extra 10kg as cabin luggage. Make sure that you carry in this limit only. 
  • Carry below documents in a separate folder:
    • Original passport along with Visa
    • 3-4 xerox of all the documents
    • Original 11th and 12th class qualification certificate
    • 30-40 color passport size photos
    • Medical reports along with HIV report
    • Medical certificates authorized by qualified personnel
    • Admission letter from the University
    • Currency converted into Rubles or Dollars.
    • A personal hygiene kit for grooming

These are some of the most important things that students have to keep in their mind so that they can get settled in the country without any hassle. 

Russia is one of the best places to pursue MBBS without any doubts and this article has covered every important thing that one has to know about Russia. 

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