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Planning to go to the UK for doing MBBS? Check out the Fee Structure of MBBS in the UK....

Rakshita Jain
Rakshita Jain

Feb 06, 2020 10:50:29


Students willing to have quality education and world-class knowledge in the field of medicine, have the UK as an excellent option. This is because the UK is considered one of the best countries to provide an internationally recognized medical degree and high standard of living. 

With its globally recognized and top-ranked Universities, UK every year has increased applications of International students including Indians to pursue MBBS there. There is a healthy competitive environment in this course due to its effective practical training programs and good and extensive curriculum. Not only this, Medical Universities of the United Kingdom are known to claim the second-highest Nobel Prize in the field of Medicine.

MBBS degree from the UK is also considered approved by MCI therefore, no need to give or clear additional examinations to start practice after completing MBBS from the UK and returning India. Due to all these points of appreciation, the UK is considered one of the ideal foreign counties by Indian and other students to pursue MBBS.

However, the UK is also a developed country with a good standard of living. The high difference in currency rates of the UK and India (1 UK pound equals about 92.81 Indian rupees) is also one very important factor to keep in mind before planning and applying for UK Medical Colleges.

Before going into the fee structure of MBBS colleges of the UK, let us understand the courses available there.

MBBS in the UK is classified into three main levels:

1. Undergraduate study 

2. Foundation training

3. Specialization in Medicine 

As a whole, MBBS in the UK is a six-year program that includes academic learning as well as medical practices. After completing the specialization, a student is given his certificate of completion of training. A minimum score of 7 in IELTS and 39 in the IB Entrance test is required to apply for admission to any University of UK for MBBS.

As an international student, you have to apply for the undergraduate degree from UCAS website which is an officially approved application website of the UK government.

Application Fee

The UCAS application fee is £12 for a single course application or £23 for multiple courses. In Indian currency, it is approximately Rs. 1115 for a single course and Rs. 2140 for multiple course application. Before submission of this fee, you have to fill personal information, educational qualifications, financial details, and a personal statement.

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee for Undergraduate or specialization courses in medical varies with Universities and Colleges. But as an average, it is estimated to be about £30,000 (Rs.27.8 lakh) to £50,000 (Rs. 46.4 lakh) per year. 

The fee structure of the UK is higher than in many other countries due to its high level of lifestyle and other advanced facilities. This estimation of tuition fee includes only academic services and facilities by the University and no other living expenses at all. 

Also, being an overseas student, Indian applicants are not eligible for most of the tuition fee loans by the UK government. Students outside the European Union are charged higher for the tuition fee in most of the colleges of the UK. The charge is even higher for clinical studies there.

Fee Structure

Most of the Universities have tuition fees higher than International students. The total fee includes some additional costs like student visa, support and service charge, etc. that lead the figures to go higher for Indian and other overseas students as compared to European students. 

Boarding and lodging of students depend on their choice. They can stay at rooms, dormitories or University campuses according to their requirements. 

If you choose rooms, one room will cost around £800 and travel and other expenses will be around £100 per month. Staying at University is also an option. 

Fee structure of some universities is as follows:       

University of Oxford-

This world famous University known for its quality education and world ranking (1st) invites almost 17% of its undergraduate students from International applicants. 

The University has given some best paid and exceptional skill-set graduates to the medical department and is one of the most sought after universities by Indian students to pursue MBBS in the UK.

This University charges a fee between £25,740 and £36,065 per year or even higher for clinical studies of International or overseas students. 

Not only this, but additional costs such as a student visa, travel to and from Oxford, and fieldwork, etc. are also charged to International students. Some other expenses like costs related to textbooks, stationery, course-related equipment, materials and printing, and photocopying are also required to be paid separately.

Also, living expenses at the University campus should be kept in mind. The exact expense depends on the range and standard of your choice of lifestyle. The lower range of lifestyle will cost you about £1,135 and the upper one will be approximately £1,650 per month.

The University of Cambridge-

Ranked 3rd among world universities ranking, this University is one of the oldest Universities in the UK. It's 25% of undergraduate students are International students. 

It is established with the most inspiring teaching techniques that are respected worldwide. The friendly and diversified environment of the Cambridge campus helps students from all over the globe to understand each other's cultures and study together to gain their goals.

The fee structure of Cambridge University also includes three divisions, these are:

  1. Tuition fee: It costs about £55,272 that includes £20,000 as clinical placement cost applied by the UK government for Overseas or International students.

  2. College fee: This includes educational, pastoral services and domestic support by the University to affiliated International students.

  3. Living expenses: Living Expense of the student that includes food, lodging, traveling and other expenses are estimated to be £11,230.

Imperial College of London-

The University holds 10th rank in the world university ranking and is famous to focus exclusively on Medicine, Engineering, and Science. Situated at one of the best locations, Central London, the University provides huge benefits to international students for exploring the land and opportunities of their interest.

The fee structure of the Imperial College of London is divided into three parts:

  1. Tuition fee: About £44,000 per year for overseas students which are way higher than that of European or home students (£9250).

  2. Additional course cost: This section involves fee charged for clinical attachments, equipment, certificates of disclosure and barring, etc. and has a different charge every year depending on your curriculum and other requirements.

  3. Accommodation cost: This includes food, accommodation, traveling and personal leisure cost. This is calculated to be £11,530 per year for the 39-week academic program.

University of Birmingham

This is a global university situated at the heart of the city. The University is known for its case studies and journals related to problems faced by the contemporary world and their solutions. Fee structure of the University is as follows:

  1. Tuition fee: Tuition fee for Medical or clinical undergraduate program of the University is £39,960 for the session 2020-21. For Post graduation, tuition fee is around £38,000.

  2. Additional course cost: This includes expenses like books, printing, photocopying, laptop or PCs etc. and is not fixed for students. 

  3. Cost of living: Annual living cost in the University or city varies from £7300 to £8000 depending on your choice of stay and services you choose.

The University also provides education loans and scholarships for International students who need financial aid.


University of Aberdeen- The University of Aberdeen is also a good option to study MBBS in the U.K. The university provides part-time work, scholarships and funding to those in need. Its fee structure is:

  1. Tuition fee: Foundation and undergraduate program of the university has £18,400 per year whereas post graduation program has £19,300 as its tuition fee.

  2. Living cost:  The minimum living cost of the university is estimated to be £1015 per month.

Living cost and other expenses of other universities are almost similar to these but tuition fee varies.

Some other Universities and their Tuition fee

  1. University College London (£34,660 is for UG programme and £27,000 to £35,000 for 3rd to 5th year)

  2. University of Glasgow (£47,900)

  3. University of Manchester (£44,000)

  4. University of Bristol (£31,800 )


Studying MBBS in the UK is expensive as compared to other countries like China, Australia, Russia, etc. due to its higher standard of living and better Institutional status.

But the completion of MBBS degree will open vast opportunities for Indian students. They can practice medicine in India as well as the UK or other countries depending on his/her choice of interest and convenience. They can also choose the research field after completion of their degree in the same field.

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