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In our country that is India, most of the students are interested in doing Science after the 10th standard. As all of we know that in the 10th standard there is Board Examination which is conducted by the state government. And this particular exam is very helpful to check the depth of knowledge of a particular student up to 10th standard. After the declaration of the result of the 10th Board examination, the admission process of 11th and 12th is to get started depending on the marks obtained in the 10th exam, and based on the interest of the student he/she can choose one stream out of three for further studies. Science is one of the streams which is an option after the 10th board examination. The Science stream is helpful to get admission to either the engineering field or the Medical field. After completing the 11th and 12th there is a board examination on the 12th. Based on these 12th board examinations the student can choose either medical or engineering. In this article, we will discuss Medical courses in Canada after completing the 12th board examination.

MBBS in Canada

Welcome, all of you guys. In this world, there are two types of people the first type of people are believing in God, and the second type of people are not believing in God. But according to my opinion, God or almighty is the concept of creating positive energy around any kind of situation. But sometime whenever I visit to any hospital and take a look around then I realize that there is such a doctor who saved their patient at the last breath of the patient. And when I saw such a situation then I realize that there is a sign of the existence of God or Almighty in the form of doctors and all other medical fields.  A Doctor can save lots of patient’s life in his entire career, which is a very proud feeling thing to him. And on this situation, we can definitely call God or Almighty to the Doctor. In the following points, we will discuss it in brief. Myself Nilesh Patil and I are from Maharashtra. In this article, we will take a brief focus on the importance of medical in day to day life, how to complete medical courses after 12th, Important medical courses in Canada after completing the 12th board examination.   

              There are many more medical courses that can be studied after the 12th board examination. We will discuss it one by one in the proper manner in this Article.


MBBS is an undergraduate degree in medicine. This is the best degree in bachelor of medicine after this a candidate or student may choose an MD program for further studies. To get an admission in Canada for MBBS a student or candidate must have to fulfill the requirements as following :

  1.  Candidate must crack the basic entrance exam.

  2.  Candidate must have an undergraduate degree for taking an admission for a doctorate.

Best medical school for MBBS in Canada

  1. University of Western Ontario

  2. University of Waterloo

 These are the best MBBS colleges in Canada.


  Fees structure is depending on universities. But it may be in CA$40000 to CA$130000 per year.


Medical Colleges in Canada

2. BAMS:

              BAMS stands for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. This Brach is totally depending on Ayurvedic Science. This Medical field is designed to teach students the Traditional Indian Medicine which is made up of Nature. This particular degree program makes students familiar with Ayurvedic Medicine which is much better than Drugs and chemical medicine.

Best medical school for BAMS in Canada

  1. University of Western Ontario

  2. University of Waterloo

 These are the best BAMS colleges in Canada.


  Fees structure is depending on universities. But it may be in CA$32000 to CA$123000 per year.

3. BHMS:

 BHMS stands for Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery.  The knowledge of Homeopathic doctors totally depends on the Homeopathic system. It having a minimum of 4 to 5 years of undergraduate program which gives a degree of doctorate.

Best medical school for BAMS in Canada. The most important point is The BHMS degree is not valid in Canada

4. BDS:

 BDS stands for Bachelor in Dental Surgery. This field is totally belonging to the teeth problems and surgery regarding the Dental problems. These degrees Valid in Canada. So, if anybody is I interested to do BDS in Canada he/she can.

5.BVSc AH:

 BVSc AH stands for Bachelor in veterinary science and Animal Husbandry. This is also a specification in a medical course that can be conducted in Canada after completing the 12thy board examination.

6. BNYS:

 BNYS stands for Bachelor in Naturopathic and Yogic Science. This is an undergraduate program for a minimum of 3 to 4 years which totally depends on the exercise of the body, Yoga, and natural treatments for improving the body.

7. Bachelor of Physiotherapy:

 Physiotherapy is a Specialization of Medicine field after completing a Bachelor's degree in medicine. This is depending on of Outlook of our body, shape of the body. These all things are cover in Bachelor in physiotherapy. This course is also valid in Canada. So, if anybody is interested in Physiotherapy he/she may go abroad that is to Canada and get their further education.

8. BSc Nursing:

 This is a field regarding nursing in hospitals or clinics. BSc Nursing is known as Bachelor of Science in Nursing or in some countries it may call a Bachelor of Nursing. This type, of course, that is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is nearly 3 to 4 years. BSc Nursing is valid in all over the world so if you want to do Nursing in Canada also then You can do.

9. BSc Biotechnology:

BSc Biotechnology is a 3 to 4 years undergraduate program. In this B Sc Biotechnology program, we can study the deep study of cellular and biomolecular processes. This field is valid in Canada also. So, interested student may complete their BSc Biotechnology in Canada.

10. Bachelor in Medical Labs and Technology:

Bachelor in Medical Labs and Technology is an abbreviation of BMLT. Bachelor in Medical Labs and Technology course is of 3 years of duration. After completing the course candidate must have to go through a minimum of 6 months of internships. Then after he/she can start their respective career. This is also a worldwide branch and also valid in Canada. These are the top 10 medical; courses you can do in Canada after completing the 12th board examination and also entrance examination. After completing these two types of exams then you can easily go to Canada for further studies in medical science.

Now Onward I will put some most important points regarding the top medical colleges present in Canada:      

Sr. no.



Rank of college


University of Toronto




Mc University




University of British Columbia




McGill University




University of Montreal




University of Alberta




University of Ottawa




              If you want to get admission in Canada then these are some best Medical School in Canada. If you are in India and dreaming to study in Canada for further studies in the medical field then you have to give your 100% efforts to your study, to your goal, and have to do smart work consistently. When you complete your 12th board examination afterward immediately start getting information regarding the admission process. According to my opinion, completing medical education in India is much better than completing it in Canada. I agree that the level of teaching and practical orientation is more than India but to match the frequency of particular Indian students with a Canadian teacher is much more difficult. And sometimes it indirectly affects the Study of student or academic work or academic progress of students who came from India to Canada.

According to my opinion, the whole world is alive based on the medical field. Because nowadays a lot of pollution and global warming makes the environment more harmful. And due to this the lots of diseases, deadly viruses are created. To stop such manmade disasters the only medical field can protect the entire world. In 2020, all of us know that the coronavirus outbreak in all over the world. To prevent coronavirus and protect every human being, doctors and nurses are hard work on the treatment of patients. Meanwhile, other departments of medicine are busy creating a coronavirus vaccine. Due to the spread of the Novel Corona Virus, the entire world is incompletely under lockdown. Everyone is staying at home due to fear of coronavirus. But only the Medical field is not stopped, they work day today for preventing the virus. Hence, these medical fields play a very important role to keep the whole world alive. Someone says that “Medicine may cure the disease but one and only doctors can cure the patient” And I believe in this. Because a patient must have medical treatment but parallel to this he has emotional bonding with doctors then only he will be 100% cure.

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