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Oct 30, 2022 10:23:51

Studying outside the India is a dream for many of the students. Lots of a student can be able to fulfil their dream by studying hard. Some of the students wants to be graduate in a medical field, some of the students wants to be graduate in engineering field, some wants to graduate in law, some wants to graduate in science some wants to graduate in technical field, some wants to graduate in business and so on. Me some students wants to complete their post-graduation from foreign countries like South Korea. They have their dream to complete their education in South Korea. But only few of them can be able to pull feel their dream complete the goal and fly to South Korea to for the studies. But many of the students remains in India and their dream became a dream for forever just because of an economical condition of the family.

Study in South Korea

The Government of South Korea is very recognisable and helpful towards the students then they may come from their own country or from foreign countries. Government thinks that today's student is tomorrow's future of the country or of the world. With such intensity towards the student, South Korean government provide lots of opportunities to the students who made from the same country or from the foreign countries like in the form of providing them scholarship, freeships etc. 

Universities in South Korea

South Korea is one of the best countries to complete your graduation for post-graduation in any field. This particular country will provide you an opportunity to study in a very different manner which will be in a practical or theoretical. An advanced education techniques and system of South Korea will helps the South Korea to be and one of the great country among the world in the field of education. Completing your graduation or post-graduation in a medical field or in engineering field or in a technical field is considered as one of the best achievement in your career. Lots of a government institute are present in South Korea which will help you to get your entire education within a reasonable fee structure. Remaining all institutes are private and they have their own fee structure. But you don't have to worry if you are a foreign student, and you want to complete your graduation post-graduation are you me want to complete your career in research and development field then there are lots of scholarships are offered by college and government of South Korea to such a student. And this is one of the best parts in the South Korean education system which makes this system better than any other countries’ system of education in the world.

 In the today's world, lots of a student are thinking about to complete their education in the medical field wants to be a doctor. Because as all we know, that there was a situation in 2019 that entire goes under the locked down due to corona virus disease named as a covid-19. In that particular situation the entire matter is handled by doctors. They were a real god or almighty with the people at that time. Entire humanity was worshiping the doctor. And that became an inspiration for lots of a student to be in a doctor and want to treat the patient.

 In between the students dream and achievement the only thing is matter is money. All are considered that completing your medical education is become a very costly but you don't have to worry if you are thinking about to complete your medical education from the South Korea. South Korea is one of the best country to complete your medical education within a reasonable fee structure. Lots of universities in the South Korea who are ready to give you and scholarship as per your academic performance. Here are some University and their scholarships to the students want to complete their education.

Korea University is going to offers scholarship to the students who are with the GPA about 3.5 in academic structure while you are in the course of medicine. This scholarship applicable for an average student. But if you are a brilliant student, and you can be able to perform strong in academic and get your merit then Korea University is ready to refund your tuition fee for 100%.  Also, if you are from India, then you are eligible for Indo-Korean scholarship and it is a beneficial than any others. As a foreign student from India this is considered as an honour in South Korean universities for Indian students.

The Korean Government inspires to the students by giving them scholarship with the primary objectives of attracting the international students as per their talent to study and impact on a Korean society in a positive manner. Korean Government scholarship program named as global Korea scholarship is a well for the students who possess GPA above 85% from the last educational institute. Approximately 250 undergraduate and 1000 above graduate students receive the scholarship. The only condition for receive this scholarship is you have to require a Korean language course completion certificate. This language completion course is a available in the college campus. There are some levels and if a student gets an above level 5 fluency in a Korean language then he or she will be eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarships in South Korea

The global courier’s scholarship:

  1. The global courier’s scholarship covers the fees of this tuition, allowances, medical insurance and language training cost.

  2. It is available to 200 foreign in students for support period of 4 months or 10 months.

  3. Global courier scholarship for Asian countries science and engineering students is awarded to 100 undergraduate students. In the year 2020 there were approximately 7000 international students or it may be above have enrolled in this course from the Yonsei University.

  4. From 5000 people, approximately 500 students were able to obtain this scholarship to study in a South Korea.

B.Arch in South Korea

Samsung global hope scholarship program:

  1. Samsung global hope scholarship program is also present in a South Korea to the students who want to do their higher education from South Korea. This scholarship includes full tuition fee for 8th semesters that is for undergraduate students and 4 semesters for masters and 6 semesters for doctoral PHD.

  2. The only condition for the scholarship is all the degrees from Samsung partner universities are eligible to obtain scholarship.

  3. This scholarship is chosen on the basis of academic eligibility and language skills for both languages that is English and Korean.

  4. Also, awards are presented to the students who are most likely to return to their home countries and help them.

M.Arch in South Korea

Pasco Tj park scholarship for Asian students studying in Korea:

  1. This particular scholarship is included full tuition fee for 4th semesters and it teams only eligible for masters and doctor degree that is PhD degrees.

  2. The main motto of this scholarship is to motivate to the Asian students to study their doctor at masters from the South Korea because there are only few opportunities as a foreign student are available in a South Korea.

  3. Apart from free free tuition the scholarship includes 900 dollars monthly stipend for living purpose.

  4. The particular applicant must complete his bachelor degree from South Korea or from other nation. There are two selection process for applying to this scholarship and if the student passes all the two test then only he will be able to get that scholarship.

BBA in South Korea

Yonsei University underwood international College admission scholarship:

  1. Yonsei University underwood international College admission scholarship which also known as UIC.

  2. This scholarship includes 4 years tuition fees and you have to clear one test to obtain this scholarship.

  3. Yonsei University scholarship is applicable for those universities on institutes which are recognised by Yonsei. This scholarship is known as UIC and has 2500 students from 66 nations.

  4. Once you have been chosen you receive and scholarship notice along with your admission package the students should be accepted that offer and starts to study from the particular University.

  5. The one and most important condition for this is the students must maintain a particular GP to continue their eligibility for the following academic year like other.

Korea University scholarship for international students:

  1. Korea University scholarship for international students in the half of or maybe full tuition fee for 8th semesters.

  2. In whatever field it may be in a medical field or it may be in a technical field or in research and development, the tuition fees for bachelor's degree is slightly higher than

  3. others University in Korea Universities. Ann to pay the tuition fee as a scholarship is a main Moto of this scholarship.

  4. In this scholarship application process, the student should not submit and separate application for this scholarship. As it is available to the brightest students in the class.

  5. The only thing that student should aware is to maintain this scholarship for all the 8th semesters, he or she should maintain their academic with the good percentage for all the period of time.

MBA in South Korea

Ewha global partnership program:

  1. Ewha global partnership program it is a for the students who are doing there under graduation post-graduation or doctoral or PHD scholarship.

  2. EWU is a private University present in the Korea which is South Korean private University based in Seoul.

  3. Within this scholarship the student may get amount of 3500 dollars.

  4. Apart from all the facilities, it covers the entire cost of the undergraduate or graduates studying that is all the stationery and all the things.

  5. This scholarship is only applicable to those students especially females’ students who came from the poor Nations.

  6. Also, at the end there will be award is chosen by the committee based on their academic ability and aptitude for scholarship. One thing about this scholarship is, the eligibility for this scholarship may vary and renew at each year.

B.Tech in South Korea

Changwon National University graduate school full time research:

  1. This particular scholarship is coming under the Changwon National University. Which contains the full tuition fees subsidy for 4th semesters the only condition is a candidate should be a masters or doctoral degree from CWNU is required.

  2. This scholarship will be applicable if a particular student maintains his grades or percentage throughout his academic year for 4 or 6 semesters.

  3. This particular scholarship is considered as a home to a prestigious graduate school, one of many Korean universities that provide full scholarship to international graduated students. Vander condition for PhD candidates that they must have published a paper to be considered.

  4. Apart from this scholarship amount, student can be able to grant opportunity to be and awardee by performing very good in his or her academy throughout the education period.

M.Tech in South Korea

Seoul National University president fellowship:

  1. Seoul National University President fellowship covers the full tuition p for 6 semesters throughout the educational journey.

  2. A very one condition is required that the student must have doctor and degree from Seoul National University. Seoul National University has its own repetition throughout the South Korea which was founded in 1946 and its grooming and shiny as the sky is only limit for it.

  3. Seoul National University President fellowship is one of the South Korea’s most distinguished the scholarship for the students who came from the foreign countries that is for international students.

  4. Apart from foreign students the applicants with the significant accomplishment in the discipline of public health agriculture medicine engineering and technical field development studies that is research and development these all are the deserving candidate for this scholarship.

  5. Seoul National University President fellowship includes the amount of money for full tuition fee for 6 semesters and living expenses that is 1500 dollars will be given to the candidate.

  6. As like other scholarship and fellowship, the particular avoiding must have to maintain and CGPA in between 3.0. then and then only he will be able to continue for this scholarship and fellowship.

MS in South Korea

This is all about the scholarship information for foreign students in South Korea. As South Korea is considered as one of the best countries to complete education, it will be an a great opportunity to take an admission in South Korean universities with an scholarship or fellowship. Wishing you all a great future ahead with the sunshine.

Baer reintegration scholarship:

  1. This reintegration scholarship is only applicable to students who want to complete their bachelor's or master's from South Korea. The amount and the rules are varying for each candidate that is for South Korean candidates and foreign candidates:

  2. This particular scholarship is only applicable for the fields which is related to medical science.

  3. The main Moto of this is to provide a platform to students with schizophrenia or similar disorders.

BA in South Korea


  1. While talking about the eligibility of this scholarship, the applicant must have been diagnosed with the schizophrenia and he or she must be undergoing medical treatment for their disease. The particular applicant must have to submit he is medical report that seeds candidate is suffering from schizophrenia. The maybe involved in other rehabilitee airports like working as a part time employee in civil organisation.

  2. This scholarship includes and partial funding for 6 semesters. The one thing remains constant is, the applicant must have to maintain his CGPA between 3.5 to 4.5.

  3. The application for this baer reintegrative scholarship is available online and offline mode. The applicant must have to include as soon as he or she get an admission in institute which are present in a South Korea.

MA in South Korea

SP Jain school of global management- post graduate merit scholarship in India:

  1. India this scholarship is offered by from one of the organisations which is present in India. The main motto of this scholarship is to motivate the students who want to complete their higher education from the foreign countries.

  2. This scholarship is offer to the students who are selective candidates join the its tri city postgraduate program and global MBA.

  3. This scholarship includes the tuition fee for 4 to 6 semesters which supports to the students on the basis of their academic eligibility and willingness to study further.

  4. While talking about benefits from this scholarship is in the rare cases, this scholarship me includes amount on housing and renting for the students. Also, scholarship does not cover travelling expenses like visa fees insurance, and academic material like stationeries, books and other stuffs like living cost and personal expenses.

  5. There is not a separate form for filling this application you just have to click on the box while applied to any institute or any colleges for any university from the South Korea. As soon as you apply for this scholarship the Sonar you get and chance to obtain this scholarship grab this opportunity.

M.Des in South Korea

Dan L. Meisinger, Sr. Memorial learn to fly scholarship:

         Dan L. Meisinger, Sr. Memorial learn to fly scholarship is only applicable for the bachelor students who completing their graduation from the South Korean universities or institutes or colleges. This scholarship is introduced in honour of Dan L. Meisinger, who worked and submitted his 63 years in the aviation sector and got an a very honourable position in the industry of aviation. He was the founder of beach craft and was twice named which aircrafts man of the year. And this is the reason they are going to provide funding to the students who want to complete their graduation from South Korean universities.


There are some conditions to apply for this scholarship are:

  1. The candidate currently has to enrol in an aviation program.

  2. The candidate most has to maintain his grades between A to B.

  3. The first priority will be given to those students who are recommended by aviation professionals. Direct applications will be also considered. During this scholarship program, organization offers you 2500 dollars.

  4. This is used to show the motto of initial flight training.

         The application for this scholarship is available in online and offline both modes. With the application, the student has to submit another required document like appraisal which was download from official website. The student must have to submit the application with a proper documentation and if the student fail, then it will be considered as he or she is not interested in this scholarship.

Navigate your future scholarship:

         The navigate your future scholarship is offered to those students who are continuing their graduation in the aviation industry. By making the navigate your future scholarship the main Moto of this scholarship is to promote the interested candidate’s career in the aviation industry.


The required eligibility to obtain this scholarship is

  1. The particular candidate must be senior High school student and want to do the career in aviation industry.

  2. The candidate must have to enrol for the aviation industries program which was offered by the reputed aviation institute or organization.

  3. The particular candidate must have to submit the later of acceptance of the scholarship as soon as your she gets an admission in the college.

  4. Always ready to give an examination or test to be a best in aviation in the field of aviation and then only you will be able to make your career brighter.

Bright network scholarship:

 Bright network scholarship is only applicable to students who are willing to complete their masters from South Korea. The only condition is this candidate must have to be a member of bright network. Up to 10000 dollars of amount will be available for each candidate.

         The things which are matters are an excellent application, your academic merit should be shine in your resume, and a strong professional or you have experience in the community. Apart from all of this, the student must have and team leading quality and a better and clear career plan to make their career in such a industry which are going to help to society.

         The application for scholarship is available while you are going to take admission in the college. Candidate for the students who applied for the MSc program before the deadline and receive an offer for the program, such candidate will be automatically considered for this policy don't have to apply separately to obtain this scholarship. The candidate who successfully applied for this scholarship will be contacted by the admission department by mail or phone call. And this is all bright network scholarship.

How to apply for the scholarship in South Korea

  Lots of a foreign student and their local student from South Korea are dreaming to be a professional in any field like in the medical field, or like in technical field, or like in research and development field, or in a law department. But in a nowadays, getting educated or literate from a reputed University is become a rich man's cup of tea. The students who are economically backward or belongs to a middle-class family, they can't be able to fulfil their dream into the career. The money please and a very important soon while getting education from the countries like South Korea. We all know that the particular medical field is considered as the boon for the science. Becoming a doctor is a best career opportunity to the students who have that kind of guts. But everything person on this world knows that the medical education is very expensive nowadays. Apart from the medical education field if we shift are focus to the technical fields like engineering like research and development. You must have to pay huge amount of fee to complete this kind of a courses because it's so much expensive.

         As like in other fields there are huge amount of fees you have to pay. Due to poor economic condition of family, you have to leave your dreams at back seat. You may have to change your field which is not as per your interest. To help such a students and parents there are lots of scholarships and free ships are available in South Korea. South Korea is considered as one of the best countries to complete your higher education or masters or doctoral PHD. For foreign students like American, Asian or who are from the British countries, there are different kind of post scholarships to each student from each country. The only thing the student have to do is, he or she must have to so his or her excellence in academic studies. The particular student has to maintain his CGPA in between 5. Such kind of students can be able to grab this opportunity. South Korean Government is friend to the Indian government. The relationship between South Korea and India is the peak. At this is the reason that there are lots of opportunities to the Indian students as compared to other foreign students in South Korea to complete their education in any field like engineering or medical or technical on in a research and development. The main motto of such kind of scholarships to motivate the students who want to learn who want to get educated who won to get higher education. This kind of scholarships are including the whole tuition fee or partial tuition fee or it may include living allowances or it may include monthly stipend for the students for personal expenses. So, this will helps to the students to complete their education from the South Korea and many of them can be able to fulfil their dream.


Here are some States who apply for the scholarship in South Korea:

  1. You have to decide that in which college or institute you want admission from South Korean universities. After deciding what you want you have to start to apply for the respective colleges. Start to gather all the information related to the institutes. Try to get in touch with the alumni from the particular colleges. After that, find out whether the institute is recognised by the private or public sector from South Korea.

  2. Getting admission in different kind of a colleges to complete your higher education include small task like cracking a admission test for getting in interview spot. If the particular a college required such kind of tests then, it become mandatory to crack or past the particular exam to get the admission in particular University.

  3. You can apply for this scholarship either in two ways which is depends on the particle of scholarship first is you have to apply some kind of post scholarships at the time of taking the admission. And in a second way, there are lots of the scholarships for which you have to apply after taking the admission in confirming your seat and within a first or second month of college you have to apply.

  4. Before that be ready with your all kind of a documents, your 10th certificate, your 12th certificate, your mandatory documents like passport visa driving licence birth certificate income certificate. These kinds of documents are required. If you are a foreign student then, after confirming your seat in particular college by taking admission you have to apply for this student visa immediately. Because getting a visa is a lengthy process and you have to spend at least one to two months to complete this process and get visa.

  5. After completing all the above steps, your application for particular scholarships will be under review. The particular organisation of scholarship will verify your all the documents or review your economical condition apart from this if this scholarship is related to your academy excellence then, it will also check. If in these all cases you got a green Audit then, you are officially eligible for the particular scholarship and you can claim the amount as per the rules and regulations of scholarship.

  6. The particular amount will be deposited on your linked bank account as per the terms and conditions. Lots of the scholarships are claims to pay the tuition fees then it may be partial or maybe full. Some kind of scholarships are often to the students to deposit some money for personal expenses of the student. Some scholarship schemes to give money for home allowances. You just have to be aware that for which scholarship you are applicable. Gather all the information related to all this scholarship and choose a scholarship wisely after getting information.


                  These are the steps to apply for the scholarship. If you follow all these tips properly then you can be able to grab the opportunity.


Here is some scholarship for which you can apply in South Korea:

1. Samsung global hop scholarship program:

         This scholarship includes and concession in the tuition fee for academic years.

2. Posco TJ park scholarship for Asian students:

         This particular scholarship is related to concession in the tuition fee. The partial fee will be paid by the government of South Korea.

3. Yonsei University Underwood international College admission scholarship:

         This particular scholarship is related to the international students who came from the different countries. In the benefits of the scholarship the student can get a partial tuition fee from the government of South Korea.

4. Korea University scholarship for international student:

         This scholarship is given by the Korea University to the international students. The partial tuition p will be paid by the courier University for the eligible candidates.

5. Ewha global partnership program:

         This scholarship is only applicable to do student who are continue or pursuing their doctoral and PhD from the South Korean universities. It includes the tuition fee of the student, home allowances for the student and many more.

Getting admission in a particular college or university or becoming eligible for any scholarship or scheme of the government is not enough to be a good student. Someone says that if you worship your work then God will always with you. You don't have to find almighty in others. You must have to be a very hard worker or smart worker student while for receiving your graduation, postgraduation doctor or PhD education. It is not important that what you are studying, the only important thing is how you are studying.

  When you become eligible for any scholarship your job is not done at that point. You must have to mint in your CGPA as per the rules and regulations of this scholarship. The particle of organisation or government which provides you and scholarship, the main Moto behind such a kind of a social activities is to motivate to the students that you are not alone here we are always with you. As per the student’s excellence in academic or in a sports event that particular student will definitely get help from the different organisation in South Korea. As I mention earlier, South Korean Government is always helpful to the student who want or who willing to learn or willing to get education. They also provide lots of opportunities to the foreign students. The only thing is student have to give his 100% and grab all the opportunities which are in the form of scholarship. Wishing you all a very great future and career.

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