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The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is a leading recruitment body that chooses and appoints deserving candidates for lucrative jobs in various government departments. Just like employment in other sectors, SSC jobs are equally rewarding, and they also come with numerous perks such as great package, job security, medical security, regular retirement and many more. The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) recruits potential candidates through entrance examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC JE, SSC MTS, SSC ASI, and so on. Graduates and postgraduates do not just seek jobs offered by SSC, but Ph.D. holders as well since the positions are undoubtedly high paying.

However, the ever-increasing number of applicants has emerged as a herculean challenge for fervent aspirants. Due to this reason, the competition has risen to an unbelievable extent and one cannot triumph without putting in considerable hard work. Furthermore, preparation plays a major in affecting your overall performance in the SSC examination. In this article, we will analyze and discuss the top 10 tips for SSC exam preparation to help you realize your long-awaited dream of gaining permanent employment in the government sector.

Top 10 Tips For SSC Exam Preparation

The SSC examination is taken every year by lakhs of candidates who aspire to get employed in a government organization. But the competition is so high that only the most hardworking and diligent candidates are able to crack the examination. Nevertheless, one can easily clear any SSC examination just by adhering to these essential preparation tips. Learn How to Crack SSC CGL 


1.Become Familiar With The Syllabus

When it comes to the preparation of a competitive and difficult examination like SSC, the first effective step that you can take becomes familiar with each and every aspect syllabus. In your endeavors to clear the highly anticipated examination, make sure that you do not indulge in excessive studying as focusing more on unnecessary topics can lead to the wastage of your efforts. Nonetheless, not studying as per the requirements can significantly decrease your chances of qualifying in the examination. Taking all these accounts into consideration, it is suggested that you create a table or to-do-list of topics for each and every section before getting started with your studies. Additionally, this practice will make your weak areas strong and help you prepare efficaciously.

2. Get Your Hands On Good Study Material


If you have ever attempted an SSC paper, you must be knowing that SSC tests the candidates grasp on different academic subjects. The best way to accumulate academic knowledge is to get your hands on the best study material for SSC exam preparation. If you are proficient in English and maths, you won’t face much difficulty while gathering good material. Look for SSC books that have been written by renowned writers for ensuring success. Check Out some of the Best Online Test series and Mock Tests for SSC Preparation. 

3. Make A Fixed Timetable And Abide By It


The most effective way to develop a consistent routine is to make a fixed timetable and abide by it. Additionally, it is important for a candidate to understand that time is a scarce resource, and hence, it must be utilized wisely. A time table can systematically help you strengthen and finish your preparation in the best way possible. However, you should create an impractical and unfitting timetable as you will end up squandering your precious time. Take topic density and intricacy into consideration and allot time to each subject accordingly. Lastly, abide by the timetable and make the necessary changes whenever there is a requirement.


4.Adhere To An Efficacious Study Plan


Creating and adhering to an efficacious study plan is imperative if you are really passionate about passing the SSC exam with flying colors. Nonetheless, it is important to be acquainted with the latest examination pattern and syllabus in order to formulate an effective study plan. In addition to that, make certain that the study plan you create is practically feasible, and it easily becomes an inseparable part of your routine. Another thing to remember is that your study plan should be in strict accordance with your overall preparation strategy. An efficacious study plan combined with a well-thought-of strategy will increase your chances of getting selected by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

5.Indulge In Smart Study

Indulging in the smart study for your SSC exam preparation is of utmost importance. Begin by covering those subjects which you find to be the most difficult and challenging in the examination. Once you have dealt with the complexities, you can make the switch to easier topics. Besides that, you should look for and adopt less time-consuming methods of solving questions as it will be of great assistance in the long run. Doing so will help you remember all the concepts so that you can retain them for a prolonged period of time. Hence, indulge in the smart study and gain an evident edge over your competitors within a short span of time.

6.Reattempt Previous Years Paper And Employ Effective Tricks

Try to get your hands on the SSC papers of previous years and reattempt all the questions as many times as possible. It will familiarise you with the different questions and their level of difficulty. Not only that, many times, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) tends to repeat certain questions every year. All you have to do is solve previous year SSC papers in order to score marks in the exam without putting in many endeavors. Additionally, it is very important to collect quick and effective methods for getting done with the numerous topics in sections such as general reasoning and quantitative aptitude. Adoption of such efficacious tricks will save plenty of your time and efforts during the examination.

7. Prepare Your Own Notes

It is very much true that good study material enhances preparation, but there is nothing as valuable and useful as your own notes. Preparation of notes is necessary for sections such as General Knowledge and English Comprehension. Once you are thoroughly done with a topic, prepare brief notes for future reference as they will significantly help you with revision and practice. Besides all that, your notes can come in handy just before the exams.

8. Keep A Constant Check On Your Preparation

Keeping a constant check on your preparation will enable you to identify your flaws so that you can rectify them. The best way to examine the knowledge that you have gained is to solve different types of questions from your preferred books. You should also avail online assistance for strengthening your SSC exam preparation. Furthermore, practicing online test series on a regular basis provide you with experience so that you are fully confident on the day of the exam. Other than that, you will also receive a comprehensive report of your overall progress.
So make sure to keep a constant check on your preparation for your dream exam.

9. Identify Your Weak Areas And Work Upon Them


Getting selected by the Staff Selection Commission requires immense dedication on the candidate's part. For this very reason, it is very crucial to identify your weak areas and work upon them. Analyze the syllabus of all the different sections and shift your focus to the most important ones. Commence your preparation with the most frequently asked topics in order to clear the highly anticipated examination and boost your overall chances of getting recruited. Take essential topics into consideration and prioritize them based on the total time you have for exam preparation.

Upon successful prioritization, try to identify your weak and strong points. Once you have spotted the areas in which you require improvement, commence working them right away.

10.Practice and Revise Regularly

It is highly recommended that you practice and do a lot of revision while preparing as the examination is highly competitive in nature. However, it is imperative to make sure that you practice and revise with the best strategy in mind. Develop informative notes and formulate useful mind maps instead of resorting to futile practices like rote learning. Besides keeping you updated about the numerous facts, it will also help you with regular revision. Analyze all the sections and devote time accordingly. Just going through all the essential information once or twice won’t work wonders for your SSC exam preparation. For these reasons, regular practice and revision cannot be neglected at any cost. Lastly, keep practicing as it will reduce the chances of known errors and give a significant boost to your paper solving speed as well.

Final Thoughts


Majority of the SSC aspirants face a lot of hardships in realizing their dreams of getting employed. Unlike popular perception, cracking the SSC examination is not a matter of luck in the least bit. Without consistent hard work, dedication, and time, it is not possible for even the most intelligent individual to get recruited by SSC. Thus, indulging in smart work and ameliorating preparation strategy are the only ways of opening doors to SSC. So follow the various preparation tips listed in this article and get ready to clear the SSC exam.

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