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About MBBS in Bangladesh

In recent times many students from all over the world have shown a keen interest in pursuing their medical education from Bangladesh. There are numerous benefits of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh, and the primary reasons for Bangladesh being a popular choice among medical aspirants is the high quality of medical education in a reasonable fee structure.

Apply for MBBS in Bangladesh

There are students from all over the world from the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, and many more who have poured into Bangladesh to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh. A recent survey observed that Bangladesh secured the 2nd rank position for pursuing MBBS after India. The MBBS degree conferred in Bangladesh is recognized by the eminent medical councils around the globe like MCI and WHO. A large number of Indian students who pursue MBBS in Bangladesh also get advantage of the cultural similarity in Bangladesh.


Duration of the MBBS course in Bangladesh

The total duration of the MBBS course in Bangladesh is 6 years. The MBBS course in Bangladesh focuses on setting up a strong clinical base for its students. The study pattern and curriculum for MBBS in Bangladesh is quite similar to India. MBBS in Bangladesh is divided into 3 major phases- the preclinical phase, the paraclinical phase, and the clinical phase. The MBBS program follows a semester system, where there are six months for each semester. The total duration of 5 years of the MBBS program is spent on setting up a strong foundation of medicine for the medical aspirants. The sixth year of the MBBS program is a one year rotary internship.  


Curriculum: of MBBS in Bangladesh

The MBBS course in Bangladesh is divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1:

This phase lasts for 1.5 years and includes subjects like biochemistry and anatomy.

Phase 2:

The duration of time in this phase of the MBBS program is one year and emphasis on subjects like forensic medicine and community medicine.

Phase 3:

This phase lasts for a duration of one year and the subjects which are focused during this phase are pathology, pharmacology, microbiology etc.

Phase 4:

The duration of this phase is 1.5 years and the subjects focused during this phase of the MBBS program are surgery, allied courses, allied subjects, and obstetrics.

In totality, these divisions’ sums up to a duration of 5 years and the timetable of the MBBS course is planned accordingly. The last year is a one year internship which has to be completed successfully by the medical aspirants under the supervision of senior doctors and surgeons.


The eligibility criteria to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh

The candidates should fulfill the following criteria’s to be eligible to get admission to the MBBS program in Bangladesh:

•    The candidate should have completed 17 years, on before 31st December of the year of admission 

•    The candidate should have a NEET qualification score – The NEET qualifying percentile score is at least 50th percentile for the general category and 40th percentile for the SC/ST and OBC class.

•    The candidates with a gap of more than two years after 10+2 are not eligible to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh.

•    The Minimum GPA in the Biology subject should be 3.5

•    The Minimum GPA in the higher secondary should be 8.0

•    The students should have scored at least 60% in 10+2 with a science background. They should have at least 60% in the Biology subject in 10+2.


The list of the top Universities to Study MBBS in Bangladesh

Some of the top Medical universities to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh are:

•    Bangladesh Medical College

•    Dhaka National Medical College

•    Monno Medical College

•    Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

•    Barind Medical College (BMC)

•    Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College

•    Southern Medical College


Average fee structure to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh

Medical education is quite reasonable in Bangladesh. It is one of the primary reasons for the influx of an increased number of students coming into Bangladesh to pursue MBBS. The living costs and the education cost is very much affordable in Bangladesh and much lower in comparison to the other medical universities around the globe. An MBBS in Bangladesh can vary from 37000 to 45000 USD annually.


The medium of instruction in the MBBS program

The major concern which worries many international students who come to Bangladesh to pursue MBBS is the barrier of language. But this is not a problem in this country. The medium of instruction in most medical universities in Bangladesh is English.


The essential documents required to apply for MBBS in Bangladesh

To pursue MBBS in Bangladesh you need to be in possession of the following documents:

•    A scanned copy of the valid passport

•    Ten recent passports sized photographs

•    The 10+2 mark sheets as well as pass certifications

•    All the mark sheets and the pass certificates should be attested and notarized by the competent authority.


The admission procedure for admission to the MBBS program in Bangladesh


You can apply for MBBS in Bangladesh through the online application portal. The admission process which should be followed are as follows:

Step 1: Mark out the medical universities of your choice.

Step 2: Duly fill in the application program for each university differently. Attach the essential attested documents by the concerned authority. 

Step 3: After the verification of the documents, you will get the invitation letter for admission from the university.

Step 4: After receiving the invitation letter from the university, the applicant needs to deposit the admission fee.

Step 5: The next step is to apply for a student visa with all appropriate documents

Step 6: Once the approval of the visa is complete, you can be ready to fly to the medical university to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor.


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Why study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is the neighboring country to India and offers flourishing career options to all medical aspirants at a reasonable fee. There are various top medical universities providing the best of education in the medical field in Bangladesh. The medical universities in Bangladesh are recognized by the eminent medical councils like MCI and WHO.  The various reasons which make it quite desirable to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh are:

•    The fee structure is quite reasonable in most of the medical institutes in Bangladesh

•    The medium of instruction in all major medical universities of Bangladesh is English.

•    If you are a student from the SAARC countries then you may not need to pay the tuition fee in the government aided medical universities and only need to bear the living cost.

•    The medical universities in Bangladesh are MCI and WHO approved.

•    No donation needs to be paid to get admission into the MBBS University.

•    The accommodation facilities are quite affordable in Bangladesh

The medical students pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh have reported positive reviews in their testimonials about the high quality of medical education and training provided in Bangladesh. Few of the testimonials reported by Indian students pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh are:

Dhan Kumar (2018-2024)

“I found a very caring and homely environment at the university where the faculty staff and the people in the university are exceptionally supportive. I am grateful to the faculty and staff of the medical university for the immense support they give us. The MBBS course is just a perfect amalgamation of theory and practice.”

Urvashi Khuller (2016-2023)

 “I am very happy to have chosen to pursue my MBBS program in Bangladesh. I have completed 3 years of my MBBS program in Bangladesh here. The university truly provides the best infrastructure, world-class facilities and has the best faculty. Their training has already made me gain a lot of confidence to step into the real world of medicine.

Ishita Sethi (2016-2023)

 “I’m pursuing MBBS from the Dhaka National Medical College. I would highly recommend this university to all medical aspirants. It provides a fun and multi-cultural environment. It provides us with the best infrastructure and facilities. The faculty gives us the best education and practical training to fulfill our dreams!” 


Overview of the MBBS course in Bangladesh

Degree Awarded    

MBBS degree

Admission time 

Commences in the month of September


6 years ( 5 years based on clinical study and 1 year is rotational internship)

Eligibility to get admission in MBBS program

NEET qualification score

60% in 10+2 with science as the main subjects and 60% in biology.

The medium of Instruction


Average fee structure    

44,000 USD

The average cost of living in Bangladesh  


Recognition of the medical universities in Bangladesh





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