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Hetal Kabra
Hetal Kabra

Jul 06, 2019 07:12:32


Why should you go to China for MBBS?

All the students of medical stream who want to pursue MBBS in another country can make it possible by looking for the best universities in China. The students who go to China for pursuing MBBS can learn a lot about tourism, culture, and diversity. Notably, in the medical field, China is a hub for Indian students as it has a robust education system with universities providing excellent education and facilities to the students. More than twenty-five medical universities in China recognized internationally. The teaching medium would be English, and the course duration is of six years in China. The admission of students start in September, and the student should have at least 50% in PCB to get access to these universities.

MBBS in China


Why should medical students pursue MBBS from China?

There can be many reasons due to which students should look forward to doing MBBS from China and the main reason can be that the Government of China and WHO recognizes most of the medical universities in China. The students who will pursue MBBS from this university will be able to become eligible for various medical screening tests like SCHS, MCI, USMC, and AMC. The medium of teaching in these universities is English, and that’s why it becomes easier for the Indian students to continue MBBS degree from China. Education in universities is systematic and well-structured. The living cost is quite less, just like the tuition fee in China.

The universities of China are affordable due to which medical students can prefer to go to China to pursue their MBBS degree. There is a tremendous amount of strictness in China, and that’s why there are no chances of crimes. When it comes to law and order, the government of China is rigorous and takes action against every crime and illegal activity. The students who pursue MBBS from the universities of China can become great doctors because they get the chance to do apprenticeship from well-known hospitals during the training period.


What are the Eligibility Criteria to get admission in MBBS China?

The students who want to do MBBS degree from China will have to stay there for six years in which five years consist of the classroom training while one year is for an apprentice. You are going to need more than 50% marks in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in 12th standard. With 50% of marks, the students can secure their seat in one of the top universities of China. The NEET exam should be qualified for the student who wants admission in universities.


Fees for MBBS in China

China is very famous for medical field education, and that’s why it becomes easier for international students to get a cheaper education there. The fee structure is built in such a way that students can afford the best amenities in the universities. The students will get medical insurance, food & accommodation facility, physical interview along with six years of course.


Necessary documents for MBBS China

The students who want to take admission in the best university in China will need to submit some essential documents and here is the list of those documents:

  • 10th mark sheet copy
  • 12th mark sheet copy
  • School leaving certificate
  • NEET scorecard
  • Ten passport size photographs
  • Passport with a minimum of 18 months of validity
  • Birth certificate (only in English)
  • HIV test reports
  • Legalized documents by embassy
  • Visa fees
  • Official admission letter by university
  • Bank receipt of the first-year fee


Top universities in China

The minimum expense in the medical university of China is around Rs.17.50 lakhs for a total of five years. The student should have a qualified NEET exam, and the admission is closed until 15th June. Here are some of the top universities of China where students can take admission:

  • Fujian Medical University

Fujian University is one of the most famous universities in China, and it has a total of 26 clinical hospitals for an internship of students. The yearly fee for this university is Rs.4, 23,000/-.

  • Nanjing Medical University

This university is situated in Jiangsu Province, and it has an incredible infrastructure with a yearly fee of Rs. 4, 40,000/-.

  • China Medical University

The yearly fee in this University is around Rs.5, 00,000/- and if follows English medium studies. The CMU program is offered to the students of this university.  

  • Xiamen University

The Xiamen University is located in Fujian Province, and it is ranked at the 159th number in the world for its education. The students will have to pay an amount of Rs.4, 35,000 every year for tuition fee and hostel accommodation.

  • Sichuan University

This university has one the largest hospital in Asia, and that’s why students can get a better chance to interact with different patients. It has MCI prescribed syllabus, and the yearly fee adds up to Rs.4, 36,000/-.

  • Kunming University

This University is located in Yunnan Province of China, and it is an A grade university. The yearly fee for the students is around Rs.4, 25,000/-.

  • Guangzhou Medical University

This university was founded in the year 1958, and it is located in Guangdong. It is considered as one of the most famous universities globally. There are a total of twelve training hospitals under this university so that the students can learn better practically. The students will need to pay a fee of Rs.3, 80,000 every year for course and accommodation.

  • Shandong University

This university has got the 275th global ran, and this university has a total of three affiliations with 12 hospitals for an internship of students. It was founded in 1901 and located in Shandong. The yearly fee, along with accommodation adds up to Rs.5, 44,000/-.


Admission procedure in MBBS Universities of China

  • The admission procedure of China is not as tricky as first of all; the student needs to find out the university in which he/she wants to study. There are several options available in China when it comes to medical universities, but you need to check the pros and cons of every university to secure the best place.
  • After choosing the best university, one can apply for the admission by sending all necessary documents like 12th mark sheet, 10th mark sheet, and school leaving certificate and passport and this need to be scanned while filling up the online admission form. The NEET scorecard is also required to be submitted by the student.
  • When the necessary documents are submitted in the university, then the concerned authorities would check your application and then decide to accept or reject it. If the application is accepted, then the university would send you the admission letter.
  • When the letter of admission is received, the student would be required to make the course fee payment. The student can apply for a visa after making the fee payment.

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What are the advantages of studying in China?

China being the major hub of medical universities, there are several students who go to the country to make their dreams come true. There is enormous competition in the Indian Medical universities, and that’s why students can pursue their MBBS from China without any difficulty. Here are some more advantages of studying for MBBS in China:

  • There won’t be any need for the admission test when you want to take admission in the University of China. The admission is made based on class 12th marks, and those should be only more than 50%.
  • The students who want to take admission in these universities won’t need to pay donations, and that’s why one should look forward to pursuing MBBS from universities of China.
  • The government of China only funds the medical universities, which are MCI approved, and that’s why one can believe in high-quality education. The tuition fee is quite affordable as compared to the Indian medical institutes.
  • The cost of accommodation in China is quite cheap and one doesn’t need a huge budget to stay in China.
  • The students who want to stay in university accommodation, then they will get this option everywhere in China. The infrastructure of the universities is impressive and there are the latest technologies in laboratories where students can make themselves prepared for the future.
  • The students would learn new things in China with various traditions and unique culture.

So, these are the advantages of studying in China and that’s why students should try to get admission in MBBS China. You can choose one of the best universities where you find the fee affordable for you.

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