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Brief Description of MBBS in China 2020

Pursuing medical qualification in China, specifically, MBBS is becoming a hot topic. Despite the large population of around 1.5 billion, it has some of the most well-established institutions. It is fairly cheaper to pursue MBBS in China than in any other country. For students seeking to get qualifications abroad, China offers a great platform. More importantly, you will find that it is inexpensive and a very comfortable option for anyone seeking to achieve professional status in the medical industry. On average only (3-5) % students can secure admission in Indian medical colleges. All left students need to find an appropriate private college. All those able to afford the costly expenditure of private colleges in India look for a foreign option.

Students can seamlessly get admission in their dream course with compromising on budget and expectations. MBBS in China has been a prominent choice amongst students. Since fees are quite considerable & Medical Council of India approved colleges in chine are of great help.

Pursuing your dreams from an acknowledged university is truly a boon. English based teaching will significantly cut down your hassles. Although knowledge of basic Chinese language would smoothen your pathway during the internship. The qualitative education will boost your morale. Students can judiciously utilize their free time for preparing for license exams. National universities in china have better infrastructural and research facilities.

Getting yourself admission in top colleges with state-of-the-art research facilities will help your career grow. Having all lectures delivered in English is the best Indian students can get in Chinese universities. Learning with hospital attachment practice is a wish every MBBS in China student cherishes upon. Clean and cozy university hostels nurture your overall study tenure in China.

Colleges in China at higher grades of education (A or B) cost around 3 to 4 lakhs per anum in fee structure. Living in China is also remarkably easy at around 7,000 INR per month. It is easier for students to apply for China as the deadline is usually around the time of June or July; by then, most of the students receive their results and clarification from their school results. Most of the grade A institutes have a deadline of 15 June.

Top Medical Universities in China

The entrance test tests the overall understanding and aptitude of the student. They cover all four essential subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology. Each subject has 50 questions and maximum marks of 100, except Maths that has 25 questions and Maximum Marks of 50.

The duration of the MBBS course in China is around six years, where they cover all the essential topics and subjects for five years and then offer one year of internship. They ensure that a student gets enough time to polish their skills and accumulate academic knowledge.

Why do MBBS from China

Although there are multiple aspects that students can leverage for their personal growth. Students aspiring for a financially stable future with lower budgets and expenses must consider China as their first choice. Pursuing MBBS in China can advantageous in terms of the opportunity to serve in Asiatic countries.

  1. China being the rapidly growing country

  2. All medical universities offering MBBS are state-owned and operate under the guidelines of the government

  3. In close 250 top medical universities in China are approved by MCI. Leading to multiple opportunities for Indian students.

  4. Since all the degrees offered by Chinese universities are listed and approved by World Health Organisation (WHO) &United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), leading to the opportunity to practice as a doctor worldwide.

  5. The internship period completed in Chinese universities is approved by MCI.

  6. High similarity in the curriculum of Indian & Chinese Medical universities.

  7. Prominently safe country for girls

  8. NO DONATION & NO ENTRANCE exam is required to take admission for MBBS in China.

There are many benefits to pursuing MBBS in China. It is fairly cheaper and easier to make a sustainable living. It is almost similar to going to a new, popular city for studies in India. Like moving from a small city to a big metropolitan city. However, China offers well-equipped institutes with qualified faculty members. The classes they offer are also in English.

The monthly cost of living in any city with proper PG or Hostel amenities is around 10-15,000 INR. In China, it is cut down to almost half with around 7,000 per month. That is already cheap. Furthermore, you will find that while most of the private institutions in India have a fee structure in the series of 30 to 50 lakhs, they have 3-4 lakhs per anum. For anyone who is financially not able to afford MBBS qualification in India, China offers a great platform.

Although higher grades of Chinese institutes indeed require better qualifications, it is easier to get selected in lower grades that still offer fantastic education opportunities. It is very difficult to qualify competitive exams in India for Medical education and to get a government college. Each student has around a 2% chance with an extensive number of students appearing to give exams. It requires rigorous studies, exhaustive efforts, and strenuous preparations to get anywhere close to the competitive standards. Meanwhile, by preparing for the entrance tests of Chinese Institutions, they have better chances, and it is also much easier.

There is a great diversity of international students in China. Over five lakh students from around the globe are enrolled in 200 or some universities in China. You are exposing yourself to the International platform and adding the tag of ‘studying abroad’ in your qualifications. Hence, it will help in the development of a fantastic profile for you, along with apt personality development. The knowledge you will gain about various cultures, or by sharing, will also be remarkably progressive.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in China for Indian students

While it is true that Chinese institutes are fairly easy to opt for, feasible, and comfortable with international standards of education, it still requires good performance to get enrolled. As a student aiming for MBBS qualification, you should have the following academics qualifications:

  • The minimum age of the candidate must be 17 years as on or before 31st December 2020 

  • The candidate must have 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for the general cast and 40% for reserved category students (SC/ST)

  • The candidate should have a valid NEET card showing the qualified NEET score to practice as a doctor in India. 

  • The candidate should be the citizen of India

Language is also part of the qualification procedure and has the following eligibility criteria:

  • A student should know the Chinese Language to study in the Institute who teched in Mandarin

  • If they don’t know the Chinese language, they should apply for an institute that teaches in the English Language

  • According to the recent Minister of Education’s announcement, only 40 institutes are allowed to enroll students to teach in English, all over China.

Apart from these eligibility, there are standard visas and other application processes that a student has to qualify. However, SET remains.

SET Stands for Standard Eligibility Test. It is the standard test each college conducts to gauge whether the student is qualified for the studies in their medical institute or not. Each student has to qualify for the test. It has the subjects of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. A student has to be well-versed in all of these subjects. These are the following information you need to keep in mind for SET:

MBBS in China Eligibility

  • Each exam’s duration is 50 minutes.

  • You get 50 questions for each subject (PCB) and 25 questions for Maths.

  • Each question carries two marks in each subject.

  • The total points are 350 (100 for each subject in PCB and 50 for Maths)

  • The weight of the marking is 3-3-3-1. Hence, PCB subjects each contribute to 30% of the marking while Maths has the contribution of 10%

  • The above weight system entails that a student can focus on PCB preparation over Maths to score better. But it is always great to go fully prepared

  • There does not seem to be a negative marking protocol. You will only receive marks if your answers are correct.

Documents Required for MBBS in China

While you’re ready to apply for the admission, you should prepare thoroughly, first hand. And to do that, you need to make sure that you have all the essential documents. It would ensure that you are not caught off-guard by the sudden requirement of the documents. You will need the following documents:

  • 10th Mark Sheet: Make sure you have it and make some photocopies and a scan-copy of the mark sheet. It should have a statement of marks visible with your name and information.

  • 12th Mark Sheet: Similar to the 10th mark sheet, it should have a clear statement and your details. Keep the copies, especially a scanned one.

  • NEET Mark Sheet: If you’ve appeared for the examination, or attempted it, you should have it. A NEET mark sheet is a great way to increase your chances of acceptance.

  • Transfer Certificate: It is an important document. Keep copies of it and have a scanned file for easy application. A school leaving certificate shows you’re not bound to academics, anymore.

  • Passport: Since you will be traveling to a different country, you need a password. Keep a copy of the back and front, both.

  • Medical Report: Undergo a medical examination and prepare the report. The report will be handy for various application formats that you might have to undergo. If you have any health issues or disabilities, do not hide it.

  • Criminal Report: Those with any history of crime will find it very difficult to apply for international education. Ensure that you’re clean and do not have any rap sheet. It will be a very important piece of document, and if you’re clean, it will be very handy.

  • Passport Sized Photos: Get a clear passport-sized photo with a white background. A white background is the standard requirement, generally. A perfect passport size photo will only have your port-folio image from the upper chest region to the head for a clear appearance. If you go by the international rules of passport photos, you will always have some benefits and wouldn’t require to recapture. Try to keep copies.

  • Certificates: If you’ve taken participation in any extra-curricular activity of any type, make sure to scan and offer its copy. It scores positive points and makes your application look more appealing to those who are judging it. Some institutes even have extra-credits system for additional certificates.

  • Bank Statement: It should show that the parents have complete fees ready for at least the first year of the institute. Having a bit extra is always helpful, especially if it completes the fee structure.

  • College Forum: You will be required to have a college forum, printed and scanned, both. Various colleges also have other document requirements like a college-oriented medical forum and so on. Make sure to conduct an inquiry regarding any document you might miss and check the website thoroughly.

The validity of MBBS degree in India 

The MBBS degree in china is globally accepted. However, there are certain requirements for it. It should be MCI approved, and the list of the MCI approved Medical institutes in China is regulated every year. Each student who completes their degree from China is required to undergo an MCI screening test and qualify it. If they fail, then they are invalidated. However, those who pass can carry out their medical practices in any part of the world. However, some nations may have unique conditions or terms regarding validity.

If the university is not MCI approved, then the Degree has a disability and may only be used in the Chinese regions. So it is important to make sure you are a part of an MCI approved institute. Furthermore, one can apply for the government positioning and profession with a Chinese MBBS degree, and there is no problem with that.

Intake for India Students for MBBS in China

There is a new regulation for the intake of Indian students in Chinese Institutes. Ministry of education has allotted around 100 international students for admission to the Chinese institutes. Out of the 100 international students, each institute can reserve 30 seats for the Indian students.

While it may seem low, if you take a good look at the number of institutes available in China, at least 40 that can offer education in English and several hundred with Chinese, then the number of Indian students that can be accepted, drastically increases.

Another good piece of news is the fact that most of the colleges are MCI approved and have around a 95% acceptance rate. So it would not be too challenging for any student to apply for a Chinese institute from India.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in China

  1. Career Counselling: The experienced councilors guide students with courses adhering to their interests in a particular country

  2. Entrance Test: The team identifies possible entrance exams that need to be appeared (GRE/GMAT/SAT)

  3. University Shortlisting: Based on the scores, we shortlist universities appropriate for you.

  4. Documentation: We guide students with crucial documents (SOP’s, LOR’s, Essays, Resumes)

  5. University Application: Experts will guide students with the Online/Offline application process.

  6. Financial Documentation: One-to-one guidance is provided for financial expenses and educational loan

  7. Visa Application: we help in the Visa application and interview process

  8. Post Visa: We will provide flight booking and help you engage with your colleague students.

Acquire and assemble all the documents

Make sure that you have the college admission forum and all of your important documents like the statement of marks for 10th and 12th standard, statement of bank, medical report, criminal report, and so on. Double-check everything and make sure that you didn’t miss any of these important documents. Make an extra copy of each, in case you lose any, and also scan extra copies to be double safe.

Submit all the documents
Make sure that you have established a clear communication line with the institute you’re applying to. You can also take the help of a consultant, but make sure that you get to submit to the official administration stram of the university to ensure that they will review your application.

The team is consistently involved in assisting students with the application process. The end-to-end guidance to our students has been soul mantra.

Pay the administration and other fees

You may be asked to pay for the application or registration fees, administration fees, processing fees, and any other important fees. As stated above, make sure there isn’t any scam by authenticating all the payments and billings. Find out about the various charges before you decided to submit your application. If any additional expense appears suddenly, you are inclined to decline it to research on it to make sure you’re not getting scammed.

Apply for Student Visa

The institute will inform you within 15 to 30 days of application, whether you got approved or not. Sometimes it takes a minimum of 7 days at best. Once you get confirmation, you will have a forum to apply for a student visa. Without wasting any time, please apply for the student visa immediately.


A student will most likely receive a travel ticket sponsored by the institute after getting accepted for an institute. Usually, a student is called around 30 days before the session starts, and it is to make sure that their immigration procedure and visa formalities are completed. It also gives a student time to decide where would they like to accommodate during their years as a student.

General information about MBBS in China

Since most of the students aspire every year to continue their MBBS dream. Although many students lose their interests once they arrive at their medical colleges.

Ease of Admission

The admission at Chinese medical colleges is quite simple. Prominently as the number of students applies, sooner do they get admission? All that students need to do is to qualify the minimum set of standards set of particular university & Medical council of India.

MCI Approved colleges in China

As of now, the Medical Council of India has approved close to 45 universities of China. This brings the opportunity to select the University of liking. Since there are numerous colleges, one can take admission adhering to their budget, location &academic expectations.


The lifestyle of medical colleges in China in quite versatile. Students can seamlessly adapt to the one. Since China is a heritage and ancient country, deeply believing in cultural practices. This ensures easy acclimatization of Indian students in China.

Multicultural Environment

MBBS in China is a dream for many students worldwide. Students, in general, live in a multicultural environment and interacts with people from foreign lands. China is a highly civilized country, helps student’s growth in multiple aspects.

Employment Advantage

China is the world’s fastest-growing economy. The largest population backed by magnanimous career options make china the best option for MBBS. Indian students can seamlessly grow their careers by studying and working in china itself. The degree conferred by Chinese universities is acceptable worldwide.

Student Safety & Security

China is one of the world’s safest countries for students. China has been topmost choice for students concerned with safety. Every year, thousands of students choose china as their study destination.


Language is never a barrier, for Indian students with the will power to succeed. Although mandarin has been the primary language for general communication. Considering the necessity of international students, universities provide Mandarin language classes in 1st year as well.


Chinese flavors have been ravishing Indians fora long time. Chinese food and overall food costs are quite affordable. In general most of the medical universities have food cafeterias to multiple nationals.


Students can save a considerable amount by qualifying multiple scholarships. The Chinese government offers multiple scholarships to Indian students based on their academic performance. The prominent of them are:

  1. US: University Scholarship

  2. CGS: Chinese Government Scholarship

  3. CLGS: Chinese Local Government Scholarship

  4. CIS: Confucius Institute Scholarship

Cost of Education & Living

China offers an affordable and low structured fee for MBBS. The benefits are not only limited to affordable foods but also the cost of living. To most European countries China is quite affordable.

MBBS colleges in CHINA

(Select minimum 3 Colleges to Apply )
Jilin University

Changchun , China

Ratings & Review


  • Course Duration 5 Years
  • Course Language English
  • Eligibility Above 75% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Total FeeRs 18,65,000
  • Intake/Admission 01 June 2020 - 30 September 2020
  • Course Level Bachelor’s
China Medical University

Shenyang , China

Ratings & Review


  • Course Duration 6 Years
  • Course Language English
  • Eligibility Above 70% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Total FeeRs 24,15,000
  • Intake/Admission 01 June 2020 - 30 September 2020
  • Course Level Bachelor’s
Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing , China

Ratings & Review


  • Course Duration 5 Years
  • Course Language English
  • Eligibility Above 70% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Total FeeRs 21,80,000
  • Intake/Admission 01 June 2020 - 30 September 2020
  • Course Level Bachelor’s
Xi'an Jiaotong University

Xi'an , China

Ratings & Review


  • Course Duration 6 Years
  • Course Language English
  • Eligibility Above 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Total FeeRs 24,80,000
  • Intake/Admission 01 May 2020 - 31 August 2020
  • Course Level Bachelor’s
Xinjiang Medical University

Ürümqi , China

Ratings & Review


  • Course Duration 6 Years
  • Course Language English
  • Eligibility Above 70% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Total FeeRs 21,70,000
  • Intake/Admission 01 June 2020 - 30 September 2020
  • Course Level Bachelor’s
Ningxia Medical University

Yinchuan , China

Ratings & Review


  • Course Duration 6 Years
  • Course Language English
  • Eligibility Above 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Total FeeRs 18,90,000
  • Intake/Admission 01 May 2020 - 31 August 2020
  • Course Level Bachelor’s
Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shenyang , China

Ratings & Review


  • Course Duration 6 Years
  • Course Language Englsih
  • Eligibility Above 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Intake/Admission 01 June 2020 - 31 August 2020
  • Course Level Bachelor’s
Shihezi University

Shihezi , China

Ratings & Review


  • Course Duration 6 Years
  • Course Language English
  • Eligibility Above 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Total FeeRs 16,20,000
  • Intake/Admission 01 June 2020 - 31 August 2020
  • Course Level Bachelor’s
Dalian Medical University

Dalian , China

Ratings & Review


  • Course Duration 6 Years
  • Course Language English
  • Eligibility Above 70% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Total FeeRs 26,80,000
  • Intake/Admission 01 June 2020 - 30 September 2020
  • Course Level Bachelor’s

Detailed Information:- MBBS in China (2020-2026)



June to September


6 Years (5 + 1 year Internship)


  • Age between 17-25 years.
  • 10+2 with 50% of marks.


NEET Qualifying Score is required for Indian Students

Average Tuition Fees

Rs. 2,50,000 to 4,00,000/Year ($3,571 to $5,714  Per Year)

Average Accommodation Fees

Rs. 1,26,000/Year ($1,800 Per Year)

Medium of Instruction


Top 3 Medical University

  1. Xi’an Jiaotong University

  2. Xinjiang Medical University

  3. China Medical University




Yuan/ Renminbi


  1. One Road One Belt Scholarship.

  2. Chinese Scholarship Council Scholarships (CSC)

  3. University Presidential Scholarships.

  4. Local government Scholarships.

  5. University Partial Scholarships.

About China

Capital City: Beijing
National Language: Mandarin

Major Cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei 
Largest City: Beijing
Time Zone: China Standard Time

Time zone in China (GMT+8)

China is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of India


Medical Universities in China and Fee Structure for MBBS in China (2020-2021)

Name of the Universities
Tuition Fee
(For 6 years)
Hostel Fee
(For 6 years)
Annual Fee
(For 6 years)

Xi’an Jiaotong University

Rs.24.50 Lakhs

Rs.1.70 Lakhs

   Rs.26.20 Lakhs

Xinjiang Medical University

Rs.18.30 Lakhs

Rs.2.60 Lakhs

  Rs.20.90 Lakhs

Ningxia Medical University

Rs.7.85 Lakhs

Rs.1.84 Lakhs

Rs.9.69 Lakhs

Yangzhou University

Rs.13.65 Lakhs


Rs.14.29 Lakhs

Qiqihar Medical University

Rs.17.10 Lakhs

Rs.1.82 Lakhs

Rs.18.92 Lakhs

China Medical University

Rs.24.83 Lakhs

Rs.4.32 Lakhs

Rs.29.15 Lakhs

Jilin University

Rs.12.95 Lakhs

Rs.3.25 Lakhs

Rs.16.20 Lakhs

Nanjing Medical University

Rs.20.76 Lakhs

Rs.3.50 Lakhs

Rs.24.26 Lakhs

Dalian Medical University

Rs.27.48 Lakhs

Rs.6.72 Lakhs

Rs.34.20 Lakhs

Wuhan Medical University

Rs.24.36 Lakhs

Rs.6.3 Lakhs

Rs.30.66 Lakhs

Jinan Medical University

Rs.20.76 Lakhs

Rs.3.66 Lakhs

Rs.24.42 Lakhs

Anhui Medical University

Rs.18.10 Lakhs

Rs.2.40 Lakhs

Rs.20.41 Lakhs

Fujian Medical University

Rs.18.00 Lakhs

Rs.2.30 Lakhs

Rs.20.30 Lakhs

Ningbo Medical University

Rs.17.10 Lakhs

Rs.4.88 Lakhs

Rs.21.98 Lakhs

Tianjin Medical University

Rs.25.00 Lakhs

Rs.2.70 Lakhs

Rs.27.70 Lakhs

Nantong University

Rs.17.13 Lakhs

Rs.4.59 Lakhs

Rs.21.72 Lakhs


Beware of Fraud Study Abroad Consultants

Recently, there has been an uprising in the number of international students all around the globe. The education systems have become flexible, and more students are capable of enrolling in various institutes all around the world. However, with the new rise, there has also been a devastating rise in the crimes and scams regarding the ‘Study Abroad’ opportunities

Many of these fraudulent activities are:

  • Starting a website that correlates to the official university and lures students into the scam by getting payments.

  • Marketing Agents and con artists targeting students and charging extra money for their services

  • Fake establishment of an entire university

  • Universities not being thorough with their visa and other procedures

  • Universities that offer admission without permission of enrolling international students

  • Agents offering shortcuts and guaranteed admission to the students

  • Cheaper amenities and lower budget offers to study internationally

There are many other similar practices. The scammers and frauds usually target these common topics in a different, creative manner, the most. As a parent looking to send students abroad, or the student conducting research, you should be thorough. To help you avoid these frauds, here are some essential tips:

  • Check for the authenticity of the university. It is easy to visit the website and doing some research on the website. If you suspect that it may be a fake platform, you can contact the embassies and other government bodied administration services to double-check. Each institute receives a country’s certification and permission, check for it.

  • Consultants over Agents. Stay away from marketing agents. The marketing industry is cutthroat, and they only care about profits and money, filling their pockets. They will do anything to hit their sales targets. Hence, you should opt for a consultancy service. By getting a professional consultation, you are going to make the entire procedure smooth. They offer guidance from applying for the institute to preparing to leave with visa applications and budget estimation. They will help you get the best you can hope for.

  • There are no shortcuts. Remember that there is no shortcut method to get where you want to get. Finish the procedures thoroughly and make sure you fill all the relevant information. If you see the enticing fee structure that seems to be way cheaper, don’t fall for them. Then again, a consultant will be there to offer guidance. In case you didn’t opt for a consultant, then keep these things in mind.

  • Research. Conducting research, acquiring knowledge, and information is never a bad thing. It will always prove to be helpful. Thus, you should always conduct a thorough research about everything.

  • Two sides of the coin. Always remember that while there are good things, there are also bad things. Everything in this world has two sides. If we had not mentioned about frauds and scams, you might have never thought about it. Hence, it is important to keep in mind that there are always positives and negatives. Research both aspects of anything.

  • Don’t pay extra. There isn’t any government abroad that will ask you to pay entire fees in the first year, and it is a yearly structure. Authenticate any application fees before paying for it. Similarly, you shouldn’t pay things like tuition fees and other such essentials to a consultant. Make sure to have direct contact with fees, payments, and other important factors directly with the college or its official website.

The Chinese government has also issued certain laws and guidelines regarding their MBBS institutes. There are a new approval and moderation in the rolling for the institutes.

  • There is a list of 40 institutes allowed to enroll international students with the English Language

  • Chinese MOE (minister of education) is also consistently going to regulate the list

  • There are other institutes, but you require Chinese language proficiency for them

  • Chinese government releases lists of Institutes allowed to enroll international students, check it.

  • Students who are studying in universities other than the 40 mentioned in the list can continue their studies in English, but no more shall be admitted.

MBBS in Abroad

Studying MBBS in Abroad is catching quite a popularity. A couple of years ago, people didn’t feel like applying to international institutes for medical qualifications. However, since the new changes in the Indian education system regarding Medical colleges, it has grown in demand. The reason is due to the challenging curriculum regarding the preparation of exams to qualify for a well-established institution. There is also the fact that the studies of the medical field cost a lot in India. Hence, opting for abroad studies is one of the best options, especially in China.

Competitive Examination: Examinations like NEET and other competitive ones have become highly recognized and also act as the main source for the colleges to find students for admission. However, the chances of qualifying in these competitive examinations are around two percent for an average student. Thus, someone can't qualify easily. Most of the colleges not affiliated with the NEET system also expect students who performed well in NEET Examinations. There is also an entire new chain of entrance examinations for students. Thus, making the entire admission process hard. The attempt was to dispose of the donation system and integrate a fair admission system. While it is fair, it is much harder.

High Fees structure: Most of the colleges that do not require NEET qualifications usually have an immensely high fee structure. It starts around a minimum of 30 lakhs and reaching up to 70 lakhs for the MBBS degree. Hence, It is one of the most expensive qualifications in India. Most of the parents and students can not afford it and fail to pursue their dreams. Banks have a hard time providing such massive loans, and even with loans, the studies get tough, and there is still payment to be fulfilled.

Abroad Studies: Studies abroad is not as expensive as studying in India. Overall, you will save a lot of money if you apply for an institution. China seems to be thriving in the field of medical studies. It offers one of the cheapest structures of medical studies and has acquired advancements to be on par with the top universities all around the globe. Hence, if you are looking to study abroad, China might be a good option.

There are two types of modules for studying MBBS abroad. You can either choose a five-year degree course and one year of internship in India, or a complete six years with an internship abroad. In both cases, you will have some of the best feasible options available.

Medical Colleges in China

Another massive benefit of studying MBBS in China is that the institutes follow the European structure. The institutes in China stand on par with international standards, and the qualification is sufficient to work in any country as a medical professional. As far as modules are concerned, there are two ways a student can pursue MBBS in China:

  • Choose a five years degree and after that, do a one-year internship in India. After completion of the six years, they can apply for the MCI screening and get their license. You don’t have to pay much for the 6th year of qualification.

  • Choose a six-year degree where you will finish your entire syllabus and then move to India for one year of internship.

  • In either case, a 1-year internship is essential as it incorporates all the essential practical skills in a person and prepares them thoroughly as a poised individual.

  • After the internship, you will have to qualify for the MCI bar. It is the most crucial part of becoming a full-fledged medical professional.

  • While Syllabus follows the European structure, there are some very clear benefits of pursuing MBBS in China. You will have an opportunity to learn the Chinese language and its culture, and, most importantly, you will also become well-versed in Chinese medicine. From acupuncture to cleansing, you will also develop a completely new language.

Additionally, you get the benefit of turning Bilingual or Trilingual: A person capable of speaking more than one language, even three since you will also have command over English. Learning new languages is always a great way to make a diverse profile and stand out from the competitions. You have more options available for you as a medical professional who knows at least three languages, including your native.

HSK Examination:

Similar to the English proficiency test, there is a Chinese proficiency test. As students must learn Chinese, they also have to pass the HSK examination and achieve the certification. It is adamant proof that a person received a professional education in the language. Thus, adding more to the score points as a well-established individual.

Duration of Internships:

For the sixth year, students would have to take an internship regarding different aspects like Surgery, Medicine, and such. It is to ensure that they have diverse knowledge and may choose to pursue the field they found best, by the end of the internships.

Internship in Medicine and Surgery are primary and require at least four months (or 16 weeks) of internship in both, individually. It means that a person will spend the first eight months of their 6th year in those two.

Internship in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and internship in Pediatrics, both require two months, each, or eight weeks per internship. This would conclude the entire 6th year of MBBS. However, as an option, the student can also choose to spend an additional four weeks in an internship other than the ones stated, for extra benefits.

MBBS Admission in China

Education Pattern and Language Issues for MBBS in China

Education pattern in China does not differ too much from the standard MBBS modules. It is due to its regulations and following the European education system. Hence, while there are some obvious cultural differences and additional academics for students, it is still very comfortable. A student wouldn’t take long to settle themselves with the curriculum of a Chinese institute.

Entrance and Admission: There isn’t a high requirement for students to score to get admission into a Chinese institute for MBBS. The bare minimum requirement makes it one of the most enticing options for students around the world. You only have to pass the entrance test and show decent knowledge in the four core subjects. As long as a student passes, even with minimum marks, they are an ideal candidate for admission.

Fee Structure: The Chinese institutes have a yearly fee structure. Thus, you have to make the payments each year. It is also very convenient for those who can not sum up the entire fees at the beginning of the course. There aren’t any additional charges, usually, and the fees cover up everything. The fees are also very low compared to other international institutes around the globe, starting from only 2.5 lakhs per anum and reaching up to 70lakhs depending on the Grade of the institute.

MBBS in China Fees


Global Acceptance: Most of the institutes are MCI certified. More importantly, the qualification of MBBS from China holds global acceptance. So the person can work in any part of the world with it. They have to pass the MCI screening test, however. The institutes also have an astonishing 95% positive aspect, making China a highly preferred nation for MBBS Education.

The Chinese Language: As far as the language is concerned, a student does indeed require the Chinese language. There are around 40 institutes enlisted by the Minister of Education in China that can teach international students in English. However, other institutes would have to use the Chinese language. There are extra subjects included in the first two to three years of the MBBS to teach the Chinese language to the student. However, for other institutes, a student would have to learn the Chinese language and give the standard HSK test to qualify for the admission.

The way of Chinese culture: Apart from the integration of the Chinese language, students also learn additionally about the culture and heritage of Chinese. The language learning procedures also offer an insight into Chinese literature. Thus, a student is not only learning to become an MBBS professional but also learning about the entire Chinese culture. They also learn about various Chinese methodologies and techniques regarding the medical industry. From medicines and patents to techniques of pressure points, MBBS students learn all of them essentially. There isn’t any discrimination between an international student and local students regarding the learning of these procedures.

Subjects: Chinese MBBS qualification covers all the vital 19 subjects that are important for medical studies. There are also internships and practical classes offered to ensure that a student is nurtured adequately to become a professional. Of course, there are additional subjects, but they only help make the student a well-developed individual. Due to the academic routine, it is not a rigorous task that would exhaust a student.

Examinations: As far as examinations are concerned, while HSK is a proficiency test, it is not completely standard in many of the institutes. It is not important to qualify it, but it does show that the student is apt to receive education from the Chinese institutes due to language mastery. Apart from that, a student has to pass on the important subjects in the first two years, like anatomy, biochemistry, Physiology, and Pathology.

Laboratories: State of the art facilities that match modern innovations. China is one of the most technologically advanced nations, so the institutes have some of the most commendable equipment and facilities available around the world. A student will find everything they require in terms of labs and other facilities.

Internships: Similar to any other standard institute, the 6th year is marked for internship in the important specialties to make any student, a well-versed medical expert. You can choose to do it in China or return to your country to pursue the internship for a year and then receive the overall qualifications.

Accommodation During MBBS in China 

Much like any other place, there are two accommodation options for students in China. They can opt for on-campus or off-campus accommodation. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks, as listed below.

  • On-Campus: Hostel is one of the best methods to at least start your life in the new country. They will have most of the services available from cleaning to foodservice. However, you will have to eat whatever they serve in the cafeteria. But it is usually cheaper and has better security. You will also have ease of traveling to the campus without wasting too much time. There will be strict rules and regulations regarding the hostel protocols, and one will have to follow them.
  • Off-Campus: Getting an apartment is one of the best options if you enjoy freedom. However, as a first-year student, it is strongly advised that you aim for the hostel. Because, as a person entirely new to the country and its people, not knowing its customs, it is better if you first get yourself accustomed. But, if you think that you can handle it, get an apartment, and you can eat whatever you want and do whatever you want. Most of the lease for apartments are under one year of contracts.
  • Chinese Hostels have accommodation structures similar to Indian. There will be single rooms and shared rooms available. The price will vary according to the luxuries you are getting. Usually, internet costs and other amenities are included in the hostel’s entire cost. Only extra expense other than college and hostel is whatever you decide to buy. From clothing to extra food items, that will entirely depend on you, and you will need extra money.

It is better to start your life in a hostel as a medical student and gradually get accustomed to the culture and customs of China. After a year or two, you can easily move and rent an apartment. There are solo studio apartments for single living, or you can rent one with your friends(s). You will have a better knowledge of the roads and how everything works in China. Thus, it will be easier for you to adapt to the new Apartment life.

However, if you’re adamant about getting an apartment right from the first year, then take some extra time. Arrive in China earlier than the beginning of your academic year and start searching through the neighbors and inquire.

Expenses: The monthly expense of a student, including the food and other necessities, is around 7,000 to 15,000 INR per month. It seems cheaper than sending a student to study in a new city in India. However, it is roughly the same. Having some extra, emergency money is always better and appreciated because emergencies do fall, including sickness.

Visa for China

It is remarkably easier to get a visa for China than any other country. However, you sill have to fill all the mandatory information and provide the required documents and clear the tests. It is a good idea to apply for the visa at least two to three months before visiting China. However, for student visas, there are two types. There is X1 and X2 visa.

The X1 visa is suitable for candidates of MBBS and other degree courses as it is processed for those who have a longer course duration than six months. X2 visa is for those who have study courses lasting six months or less. In either case, you will need to do the following:

  • Passport Requirements: You will need to submit an actual password and keep a copy. The password should have 12 months of validity and two blank pages for Visa. If you have a new passport with a valid China visa time, you have to submit the new passport with the old one, to make sure it is up to date. 
  • Application Completion: You can visit the official visa website to download the latest form. Fill it over the computer for clear details as handwritten applications are invalid. All the fields are usually mandatory, but if something doesn’t apply then ‘N/A’ or ‘None’ would be acceptable choices for the sections. Makes sure that there aren’t any mistakes before you print a hard copy for signature. Use paper clips, not staples, as they are not accepted in applications.
  • Passport Sized Photograph: As stated above, you will need a collection of standard-sized full-face frontal photos with a white background (33 x 48 mm). It is important to have recently taken pictures (Under six months old) and printed on the actual photo paper instead of regular, thin papers as those get denied. Make sure you use a paper clip to attach the photo in a face-down position to avoid any damage to the photo. Don’t glue or stapler.
  • JW201 or JW202: As a student, you got one of the two provided by the Education Ministry of China. Make sure to attach the photocopy of either with the application form.
  • Admission Letter: The original letter and a photocopy of exceptional quality will be required to be sent with the application. There should be a stamp of the administration of the Institute. An invitation letter is not an Admission letter. Make sure to differentiate and receive correct documents.
  • Online Procedures: There is an online visa service request form required to be filled and submitted. It notifies the administration and offers them up to date contact information regarding you. One of the best parts is that you can send multiple visa applications with a single form. It is important to print two copies of the confirmation page after the formalities. One is for the applicant to keep and others to be sent with the visa application.
  • Processing Package: There are three different services you can pay for. Regular service costs 258$, and Express service costs 318$, and Express Plus service costs 373$. The difference in the service is the processing time, a review takes one day, and then regular processing takes 7 to 15 days. Express Service takes 5 to 6 days while Express plus only takes 2 to 3 days. Make sure to find out which options are available for you in your country and state. However, it only boosts processing time, and shipping time will be a separate concern.
  • Payment Options: You can pay by using any method from money order, to any module of a check. However, make sure that you’re using the right services to pay for the Visa. Personal and starter checks are not acceptable. You can pay using a credit card, and it would require an additional forum formality. After applying and payments, wait for the confirmation. You may be allowed to visit China 1 month before your Student Visa gets clarified, it will give you time to prepare for the new life. Some institutes take the responsibility of Visa application to themselves.

Education Loan and Financial Advice for Parents

Education is one of the schemes introduced by the banks for Parents to afford costly educations for students. It s a boon for those who fail to accumulate enough funds as banks can offer loans for the fees of any course. Depending on the requirement of the course, there are different documents one may have to present at the time of the education loan application.

How much can you get

From around 5 Lakhs to almost 30 Lakhs, parents can apply for the Education loan. However, there are different requirements for the eligibility check. The higher the loan, the more the procedure requirements, including the collateral in exchange for the money. Usually, a student can freely persuade their education and often get one year after completing the education course, to find a job. After that time frame, a student has to start working to pay the loan EMI. If they don’t have a job, they will still be required to start paying the installments.

Time frame to pay the loan

There are different installment splits according to the design of the loans. The loans under ten lakhs usually end in 5 to 10 years, while over ten lakhs, reaching 20 may require 15 to 20 years. So while it is a great option to afford costly education, one should only opt for it if they can pay the returns.

An important point to consider

You should only opt for a student loan or education loan if you’re sure that you can get the required returns. The EMI installments can be brutal and often end up being taxed in the future instead of helpful. You should have a decent income, because after completing education, paying installment for Education Loan is not the only thing. You’re going to have to consider factors like survival and maintaining a living standard. Hence, parents should only consider this option when they have a sustainable income that would enable them to pay the students loan, along with their ward in the future. As a student, you should also consider the amount you will be paying, whether it will be full of the half.

The loan should be a last resort

Understand that many people tend to get crushed under the pressure of EMI. Education Loans should be your last resort when you don’t have any other option, and you desperately require it. You can also apply for it if you see a prosperous future where education loan wouldn’t be a problem.

Apply for Loan if you’re going International

It is very easy to land a high paying job at an international platform. Hence, if you’re applying for Education Loan, apply for it without a doubt for international studies. Due to the currency factor, among others, it is far easier to pay the EMIs. Many people tend to easily repay the installments within a year or two instead of dragging it out for five or more. So it is a very logical option.

It is supplementary

Try to remember that loan is only supplementary and to fulfill the requirement of the money you do not have. Don’t try to rely on the loan completely. It should only be applied for the amount you lack. That way, you will be able to save yourself a lot of trouble and make life easier. Think about it, instead of completely sponsoring your education through loans. You should only sponsor the money you were not able to accumulate.

Take Seminars and Consultancy

Many seminars guide people around education loans, and you may also hire a professional consultancy service. Choose the consultancy that has the job of making life easier for you, not to benefit from you, and help the bank. There is a clear difference between the two mindsets, and you, as a parent with decades of experience, should be able to deduce it just fine. If not, then help them realize that the reason they are in the field is to help you, instead of the other way around.

Apply for Scholarship Programs:

There are several companies, banks, agencies, and institutes that have various scholarship programs. They cover entire education, and some include living expenses. It would depend on the student and how well would they perform, but it is better. Some scholarship programs reduce the cost of education marginally. Conduct thorough research and learn about every possible scholarship program and apply for them. But beware of the fake or fraudulent scholarship programs.

Disadvantages of doing MBBS in China

There aren’t many disadvantages to persuading MBBS in China, except for a few. You should be meticulous when deciding the institute, and studies should be your primary focus among everything else. Make sure that it is an MCI-approved institute. You’re learning Chinese medicine and procedures on top of the international exposures. However, there are still some drawbacks to doing MBBS in China:

  • Language Barrier: Many institutes in china require the Chinese language. There will always be the language barrier even when the selection is English as the medium. It is because of the nativity, and some students may have a harder time grasping people. Sometimes, new or inexperienced faculty are also hired without proper command over the English language. Regardless, if a student is asked to learn the Chinese language, they may pose similar problems of inability to understand and comprehend languages. All of these can pile up to make a major slacking problem in education, and a student may waste years without receiving apt knowledge.

  • Better options: Other countries and institutions are offering better courses and higher standards of education. While Chinese education is excelling in quality each year, it still fails to surpass world-class institutes and centers all around the world. Hence, if a student can qualify those, they will be able to do much better.

  • Exposure and prospects: Many other institutes from other countries have better exposure than China. It is because they are available in a diverse country that offers fantastic career opportunities. From China, a student may have to push a little extra and a little harder to reach the international markets for job applications. However, it is not impossible to do so. It is only a natural benefit that other countries and their institutes have.

Apart from these minuscule and mediocre disadvantages, there aren’t many drawbacks to persuading MBBS in China. It is still a much better option than pursuing medical education in India and other similar countries.

National Exit Test (NEXT) Coaching in China

NEXT is a licensing qualification any student who studies MBBS Abroad is required to clear in India. It enables them to practice the medical profession in India and also makes them eligible for post-graduate persuasion in India, like a master's in surgery and other fantastic options. NEXT is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is pursuing MBBS. It is a qualification test that any MBBS Student of final year can partake in. The examination is equivalent to the NEET examination and stands for National Exit Examination. It helps the MBBS students qualify for better prospects for the post-graduation. The examination also shuffles through the qualitative students who showcase skills, basic medical understanding according to MBBS qualification, and other potentials. It enables institutions to accept better-performing students. 

As it is a final year test, it requires a lot of preparation and guidance to qualify NEXT. It is on par with other highly competitive exams. Hence, there is a certain bar for standards established in the examination. However, it is quite possible to receive coaching for NEXT in China. Even if there is a lack of coaching centers and other such options in China, you will find it easier to prepare for NEXT with our platform.

  • NEXT is not Prominent in China: It is clear that NEXT is an examination set by the Indian education system. Hence, there is no relation to it with China. It lacks coaching centers and other guidance factors that are essential for the students to persuade MBBS in China. As we know that after the 5th year, Students can return to India for an internship, it is the perfect time to prepare for NEXT.

  • Online Guidance: If a student decides to stay in China for their final year, one of the best ways to go about NEXT coaching is by opting for it online. There are platforms, like ours, available to guide the students and prepare them aptly for appearance in the NEXT examination. Professional guidance from experienced staff and various methodologies are available that are flexible for the students of various designs, as no student is the same.

  • Self Preparation: Preparing for NEXT inevitably falls in the hands of the students. They have to determine how they are going to work to qualify. Surely, students can excel in MBBS and use their knowledge to qualify for the NEXT examination.

Roadmap to study MD/MS after MBBS in China

Once you’ve achieved MBBS qualifications, it is better to focus on the licensing tests like MCI, FMGE, and NEXT. These are the examinations that will help you in the following ways:

  • MCI: Screening test and examination to qualify as a Medical Professional.

  • FMGE: Examination to qualify for the international standard and post-graduation after MBBS.

  • NEXT: Indian examination to qualify for prestigious universities to pursue Masters after MBBS.

If you have chosen either FMGE or NEXT, then congratulations, you’ve made a great decision for persuading Masters. However, you still need to understand some important things.

Chinese Master Degree does not hold international recognition or MCI standards. As such, it is invalidated outside of china to practice the medical profession with a Masters's degree. Hence, it is a better option to opt for Masters in other international institutes or India that will help you achieve a better foothold on the international level of the profession. FMGE and NEXT, both are the examinations that will help you clarify for better prospects as a student aiming for masters in the medical profession. They will open a new frontier with rich career prospects and other options.

However, It can be hard to determine the right University for you. The master's degree you want to pursue and where should it be from. In such cases, the right consultant can help you in shaping your career and taking you into the right path.

How Right consultant can help in shaping your Career

Consultation is vital as it helps by offering invaluable insights and allows you to take the right course of action. There is counseling for anything, but the right consultation is essential to chape the career of a person. As such, it is important to choose the correct level of consultation. While there are a plethora of consulting firms available, one with proper exposure, resources, experience, and professional experts will be able to guide you in the best manner possible.

  • Covers every aspect: One of the best things about getting the right consultation is covering all the possible aspects of something. If you’re getting it for MBBS, they will help you understand and realize that you’ve paid attention to all the vital points. From living to applying for Visa, getting enrolled in college, and every other factor. Even the most minuscule areas are thoroughly covered.
  • Better Guidance for a career: Consultants will provide you with options to choose from. They will discuss with you and help you pick the correct destination, even if internationally. It will help you plan your career as you will be able to share your goals with them. They will make sure that you reach your dream position and practice the profession you always wished for.
  • Thorough Preparation: You will be prepared thoroughly. Right consultation will pay deliberate attention to the person and prepare them for everything. There will be a carefully laid out plan for each student individually. As such, instead of making a profit, they make the student. You will have the resources ready for you to work with, and they will help you understand how one should prepare for something. Whether it be any competitive examination, admission to a college, or landing a job, they will prepare you meticulously.

Our Process and Services

  • Counseling by our Experts

Experts with years of professional experience are at our disposal to offer you invaluable insights. They understand each student and form a rapport. We understand the value of your trust. By entrusting your future to us, you’re relying on our expert services. Hence, we work rigorously to offer impeccable counseling and services that match international standards. With us, you will always find a way with the ideal guide in any situation, for any question or confusion.

  • Selection of right Course, Country, and College

We will help you determine the course that you will excel in. By thoroughly analyzing your performance from tests and other proficiency assessments. We will be able to help you provide options that will suit you and enable you to choose the country and the college you should enroll in. With us, you can always find the best options that will ensure you have embarked on a journey to a prosperous career path.

  • Test Preparation Guidance

We excel in test preparations and assembling tests for the students. As we are a platform that helps each student give mock tests for competitions, we are capable of offering exceptional guidance in the preparation of Tests. Regardless of the course, the module of the competitive examination, you will receive complete preparation guidance. Our test preparation guides are available for international students, as well.

  • Test Preparation Platform

StandYou offers you an innovative test preparation Platform. Take tests, get professional guidance, and consultation while you also manage to make a personal assessment. Our interactive platform offers dashboards that contain progress reports and suggestions of colleges and universities across the globe. What’s more? You get rewarded each time for taking tests. That’s right, StandYou offers a cash prize for participating in the test and excelling. More importantly, you will always find some of the best-assigned papers that will prepare you for the most challenging competitive examinations available in India or international platforms.

  • Application Editing, Review, and Processing

Get your applications reviewed by the professionals so that you don’t miss a golden opportunity with an institute. We will help you make the essential changes to make it more professional and comprehensive that will ensure you catch the eyes of the administration anywhere you apply. Save the hard-earned money that you might potentially waste by applying too many times, or into several institutions. We will offer you consultancy and help you shortlist potential options.

Let us handle the processing procedure as you take a hike back and relax. Our experts will take care of the entire processing of the application and notify you when you receive a reply, so you don’t have to check it consistently. Don’t wait for the processing to complete, and utilize your time to excel better in other fields.

  • Scholarship Guidance

There is an extensive selection of Scholarship available all around the globe. It can get rather exhaustive to determine and choose the ideal scholarship program. There is also the potential of scam and fraud regarding scholarships. The main objective of the scholarship is to reduce the financial stress from the parents and make education affordable. Hence, StandYou will offer you complete guidance. From choosing the right scholarship program to qualifying for it, we will offer meticulous guidance. You wouldn’t have to worry about landing in the wrong place.

  • Interview Preparation

Often comes a case where you can qualify the application and get selected for the institute. But students tend to ruin their chances during an interview. They must show a presentable personality that would increase their chances. The purpose of the interview is to gauge the person’s potential and judge them personally. As such, it is important to incorporate all the essential information and personality traits that will win the extra brownie points. Or in other words, get you accepted to the institute or other fields, including Job.

With Standyou, you will discover new horizons to develop your personality and prepare for the interview. Our expert guidance will ensure that you don’t miss any vital point and prepare yourself for all the possible questions and scenarios. From active attention to command over the conversations, we will make sure that you ace any interview you step into.

  • Visa assistance and Loan Processing

    Applying for a visa requires a lot of resources, preparations, and focus. You can not afford to miss any important documentation. Even if you manage to get the application processed and accepted, you have to crack the interview. Student visas are not easier than any other stand visa process. Hence, you should prepare yourself completely. One of the best ways to make sure you have everything ready is by teaming up with StandYou.

If a loan application is your problem, we will be able to offer guidance there. From which bank to apply for, how much and the plans for future submission of installment, cover everything with us. We will make sure that you manage to acquire the loan approval and pursue your dream education on the international platform.

  • Travel and Medical Insurance Processing

    So you’ve got your Visa and other formalities done. Nothing stops you from pursuing your dream education qualification. However, there are often some other factors that a person forgets to take care of, like Medical Insurance and Travelling. But with us and our consultation, you will be prepared. Get the best medical insurance in case of any mishap, get covered for all the possible health issues that you may face in a new place. With traveling expenses in check, you will be able to have a better experience and arrive at your destination smoothly. Transaction to the new world, completely prepared, without any fear, and look forward to your goals as you persuade your future life.
  • Pre-departure briefing to help you get ready for your new country

Pre-Departure Briefing prepares a person for all the possible scenarios in the new, foreign lands. It will cover all the ‘what ifs’ and other factors. You will have all the vital information regarding the place you’re moving to. From where you’re going to stay in the localities, customs, gestures, and other essential factors, let us enlighten you. Regardless of the nation, the kind of environment, we will brief you and get you ready for the new country. Emergency numbers and other important assets will be at your disposal. You can move ahead without any problem, and if you do face a problem, then you will get an apt solution.

Why reserve seats for MBBS in China before April

The primary benefit of reserving a seat for MBBS in China is the fact that there aren’t any fees involving the procedure. You can register and make the call to reserve the seat. The main reason that one should make reservations is due to the cutthroat competition. People are aiming for the best possible education, and China is becoming a hub for people to gain apt medical knowledge and qualification. It is full of several additional benefits. Hence, in such cases, one needs to make a reservation. There are also application procedures that take place from May to June, and you will be able to apply for them knowing that you will have a seat waiting for you.

It adds a new sense of confirmation and confidence that you’re sure to have a seat in the institute. You will only have to pay attention to the ideal preparations and qualify for it bypassing the tests and other processes. Move forward with surety by applying for seat reservations in a Chinese institute. At least you wouldn’t find yourself lost, without a seat, when you apply.

About China

China is a vast nation with the world’s largest population and astonishing technological advancements. But is it all China is? There is more to the country than meets the eyes. It is not everything that is in the News, and it is a magnificent country. The rich culture, friendly people, ethical work environment, and favorable weather and climate make China. We can’t forget that it is also one of the safest countries in the world to reside in. So let’s shed some light into how China is, its various aspects.

  • Social Environment: People in China are generally friendly and very welcoming. You will find them helping you in every step. Despite being a foreigner, they won’t treat you like one. However, there will be obvious eyes falling upon you, looking at you as a foreigner. But it is the same anywhere, in any country. You will grow accustomed to it. The welcoming ambiance of people is rather warm and allows one to settle down easily. In other words, you wouldn’t have trouble with people in China.
  • Work Environment: There is a fair balance in the work environment, professionalism ooze in the code, and conducts. However, you won’t get to witness much of it until the final year of MBBS, or as an intern. Still, people are too busy to work and socialize. They are real, and you will get awarded according to your performance. In simple words, those who work will lead a better life than those who don’t take any initiative.
  • Safety in China: The news of China showcases a great and nice environment. You will find a great reduction in crime reports and rates, in general. China is undoubtedly one of the safest locations to move into. Sure, there will always be dangers as one can not predict human nature, but it still has fantastic security forces available to assist people.
  • Food and Cuisines: While China has traditional cuisines, there are other food items available in a mass for people of various choices. You will be able to enjoy various cuisines and wouldn’t find it hard to make a good living in China with its food choices. More importantly, it is better for you because of all the health benefits of boiled and nutritious food. Hence, it will overall help you become a better human.
  • Technologically Advanced: There is no doubt that China is, indeed, one of the most technologically advanced countries. What makes it better is the fact that it is available at a low price. You can afford better leisures of life easily with Chinese markets.
  • Density and Pollution: There is indeed a lot of pollution, but it is prevalent only in the most metropolitan city. The same statement is true for any metro city all around the world. The density of the population is huge, but if you’re from India, you won’t get bothered by the population much, and it will mostly feel homely if anything. Overall, these two might be the only minus points that are easily tolerable.
  • Transportation: You will find transportation available in every form in China. Easier to move and achieve, as well. There isn’t a traffic jam and other problems, and it is rare to find them. The traffic management and transportation service is certainly impeccable in China.
  • Duplication: If you don’t care about original goods, and you are consent with a copy of the original products and gadgets, China is the hub for you. It has countless copies of various products, from clothes to devices, and so on. Hence, it is often hard to find an original product. So if you’re moving to China, it is better to invest in cheaper, knock-offs instead of opting for originals.
  • Internet: Indeed, the Internet is strictly analyzed by the facilities in China. You will find it harder to work on the internet with the unavailability of Google services and others. However, China has a solution to their problems. You will not be missing too much as they have a substitution for every service, and you can still enjoy the internet just like any other country, however, on different platforms.
  • Quality of life: The quality of life in China is easy to maintain with average income. You can relinquish in various luxuries and leisure like Spas and several other beneficial treatments. It is possible to afford a better lifestyle there as a student than you could afford in India.

Important Tips before packing your bags for your dream destination- CHINA!

There are many things you can consider, and the points will never end. You can read guides and understand, and it is always great to discuss with the person who has been to an actual place. In other words, consultancy is one of the best ways to prepare for a life in China. However, you can also use these tips:

  • Get Educated: Read books and articles on China and get educated about its customs and cultures. Maps, geographical conditions, and what you should prepare, books usually cover all the essential information that you will need to learn about the demographics of China.
  • Learn the essentials: Learn about the tax structure, how the economy works, the customs and about the government. You’re moving to an entirely new country, and it is important to also realize the laws and other protocols in the countries to ensure you live in harmony.
  • Learn the language: Mandarin, also known as the Chinese Language, is always an asset to learn. It will especially help you in China to get along with people better and comprehend lessons among other things. It is vital to learn the language, whether you’re in an English medium institute or not.
  • Life to discover: If you’re living in China, live to discover and explore. You will get plenty of occasion and chances to move out of your secluded life as China is full of captivating sceneries. Gifts of natures, and rich culture. You can always explore life in China.
  • A new art: There are various arts and skills in China, that are exclusive. While you’re there, you can decide on a new form of art to learn. From cooking to fighting and actual artistic expressions, there are many ways you can go about it.
  • A new life: Take it as an opportunity to live a new life. You’re the master of your sails, and you can guide it. While it can be scary to live in an entirely new country full of strangers, take a deep breath. It is where you can build a new life like you always wanted. Don’t hang onto the old life, face forward into the future for new opportunities and a new chapter in your life.
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Apply for MBBS in usa through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of usa. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in bangladesh through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of bangladesh. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in egypt through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of egypt. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in uzbekistan through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of uzbekistan. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in uk through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of uk. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in bulgaria through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of bulgaria. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in romania through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of romania. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in tajikistan through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of tajikistan. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in poland through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of poland. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in kazakhstan through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of kazakhstan. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in australia through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of australia. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in armenia through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of armenia. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in belarus through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of belarus. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in malaysia through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of malaysia. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in hungary through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of hungary. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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Apply for MBBS in guyana through Standyou in the Top Ranked Medical Universities of guyana. Know the Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process and MCI Approval status.

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