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Why Study B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Qatar

1. Architectural Growth: Qatar has experienced significant infrastructure development and urbanization in recent years, with ambitious projects such as Lusail City, Qatar Foundation, and the FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums. This growth creates a demand for skilled architects who can contribute to these projects and shape Qatar's architectural landscape.

2. Modern Infrastructure: Qatar boasts modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure, providing students with a conducive learning environment. Studying in Qatar can expose you to innovative architectural designs, advanced construction techniques, and sustainable practices that are prevalent in the region.

3. Cultural Diversity: Qatar is a melting pot of cultures, bringing together people from various backgrounds and nationalities. This diversity can enhance your architectural education by exposing you to different perspectives, architectural styles, and design philosophies from around the world.

4. Internship and Job Opportunities: Qatar's flourishing construction sector provides excellent opportunities for internships and employment. Many architectural firms, engineering consultancies, and construction companies operate in Qatar, offering students the chance to gain practical experience and build a professional network while studying.

5. Collaboration and Networking: Qatar attracts professionals from various disciplines, including architecture, engineering, and design. Studying in Qatar allows you to collaborate and network with experts in the field, fostering valuable connections that can benefit your future career.

6. World-Class Education: Qatar hosts several prestigious universities and institutions offering architecture programs with international accreditation. These institutions often have well-equipped facilities, experienced faculty, and a focus on practical, industry-oriented education.

7. Cultural Heritage and Innovation: Qatar is proud of its rich cultural heritage, blending traditional Qatari architecture with modern design. Studying in Qatar provides an opportunity to explore the fusion of tradition and innovation, allowing you to understand and appreciate the importance of cultural preservation in contemporary architecture.

8. Global Exposure: Qatar's strategic location in the Middle East provides proximity to other Gulf countries, making it a hub for architectural activities and events in the region. Attending conferences, exhibitions, and workshops can expose you to international architects, renowned speakers, and cutting-edge architectural trends.

9. Scholarships and Financial Support: Qatar offers scholarships and financial support programs for international students, making it more accessible for students seeking to pursue B.Arch degrees. These opportunities can alleviate the financial burden and make studying in Qatar more affordable.

B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) Specializations in Qatar


Course Duration

Tuition Fees (Approx.)


Qatar University

5 years


Architectural Design, Urban Planning, Sustainable Design

Texas A&M University Qatar

4 years


Architectural Design, Urban Planning, Construction

Carnegie Mellon University

5 years


Architectural Design, Computational Design, Urban Design

Admission Intake for B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Qatar

1. High School Diploma: You will need to have completed your secondary education or an equivalent qualification.

2. Minimum Grades: Most universities will have specific minimum grade requirements for subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and English.

3. Application Form: You will usually need to complete an application form provided by the university or institution of your choice. This form may require personal information, academic history, and any other requested details.

4. Portfolio: Architecture programs often require the submission of a portfolio showcasing your previous design work, drawings, and any relevant projects.

5. Admission Tests: Some universities may require you to take admission tests like the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the Qatar University Admissions Test (QUAT).

6. English Language Proficiency: If English is not your first language, you may need to provide proof of English language proficiency through tests like the TOEFL or IELTS.

Top Universities in Qatar for B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)

University Name

QS World Ranking (2021)

Course Specializations (based on historical information)

Qatar University


Architecture and Urban Planning

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar


Interior Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and more

Texas A&M University at Qatar


Architecture and Urban Planning

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar



University of Calgary in Qatar



Tuition Fees for B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Qatar

1. Qatar University: The tuition fees for the Bachelor of Architecture program at Qatar University can range from approximately QAR 30,000 to QAR 45,000 per year for Qatari nationals and QAR 60,000 to QAR 90,000 per year for non-Qatari students.

2. Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar: Tuition fees for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar can range from approximately QAR 63,000 to QAR 67,000 per semester for Qatari nationals and QAR 75,000 to QAR 79,000 per semester for non-Qatari students. Please note that this is for the Interior Design program, and the fees for the Bachelor of Architecture program may differ.

3. Texas A&M University at Qatar: For the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program at Texas A&M University at Qatar, the tuition fees can range from approximately QAR 45,000 to QAR 50,000 per semester for Qatari nationals and QAR 60,000 to QAR 65,000 per semester for non-Qatari students.

Cost of Studying B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Qatar

Expense Type

Estimated Cost per Year (in QAR)

Tuition Fees


Accommodation (on-campus)

24,000 - 36,000

Accommodation (off-campus)

18,000 - 36,000


12,000 - 18,000


3,000 - 6,000

Books and Supplies

3,000 - 6,000

Health Insurance

2,000 - 4,000

Personal Expenses

6,000 - 12,000

Total (approximate)

48,000 - 84,000

Eligibility for doing B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Qatar

1. Educational Qualifications: Applicants should have successfully completed their secondary education or its equivalent, usually a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.

2. Academic Background: A strong background in mathematics, physics, and visual arts is often preferred. Some institutions may require specific subjects or a minimum grade in these subjects.

3. English Language Proficiency: Since English is commonly used as the medium of instruction in higher education in Qatar, proficiency in the English language is typically required. Applicants may need to provide proof of English language proficiency through standardized tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS, or other acceptable qualifications.

4. Portfolio: Many architecture programs require applicants to submit a portfolio showcasing their artistic and creative abilities. The portfolio may include samples of drawings, sketches, design projects, or any other relevant work that demonstrates the applicant's artistic and design skills.

5. Entrance Exams: Some universities may conduct entrance exams or interviews to assess the aptitude and potential of applicants for the B.Arch program.

Documents Required for B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Qatar

1. Application Form: Complete the application form provided by the university or institution. This form will typically ask for personal details, educational background, and contact information.

2. High School Transcripts: Submit official copies of your high school transcripts or equivalent educational certificates. These should show the courses you have taken and the grades you have achieved.

3. English Language Proficiency Test Results: If English is not your native language, you may need to provide proof of English language proficiency through standardized tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS. Check with the university for their specific requirements and minimum score criteria.

4. Portfolio: Prepare a portfolio showcasing your artistic and design skills. Include samples of drawings, sketches, design projects, or any other relevant work that demonstrates your abilities and creativity.

5. Letter(s) of Recommendation: Some universities may require one or more letters of recommendation from teachers, mentors, or professionals who can attest to your academic abilities, character, and potential as an architecture student.

6. Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose: Write a personal statement or statement of purpose that outlines your motivations, aspirations, and reasons for choosing architecture as a field of study.

7. Copy of Passport or Identification: Provide a copy of your passport or any other valid identification document.

8. Passport-Sized Photographs: Submit recent passport-sized photographs as per the university's specifications.

9. Application Fee: Some universities may require an application fee, so be prepared to pay the required amount.

Scholarships for B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Qatar

1. University Scholarships: Many universities in Qatar have their own scholarship programs for both local and international students. These scholarships may be merit-based, need-based, or a combination of both. It's advisable to check the websites or contact the admissions offices of the universities you are interested in to inquire about the availability and criteria for their scholarships.

2. Government Scholarships: The government of Qatar may provide scholarships to outstanding students pursuing higher education, including B.Arch programs. These scholarships are often competitive and awarded based on academic achievements, leadership potential, and other criteria. You can visit the official websites of relevant government agencies or the Ministry of Education in Qatar to explore scholarship opportunities.

3. Qatar Foundation Scholarships: The Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development offers various scholarships and financial aid programs for students pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in Qatar. They support students in various fields, including architecture. Visit their official website for information on available scholarships and eligibility criteria.

4. Professional Associations and Organizations: Architectural associations or organizations in Qatar may offer scholarships or financial support to aspiring architects. These opportunities can be industry-specific and may have specific eligibility criteria or requirements. Research and reach out to professional associations, such as the Qatar Society of Architects (QSA), to inquire about any scholarship programs they may offer.

5. External Scholarships: Explore external scholarship opportunities offered by international organizations, foundations, and governments that support students studying abroad. Some examples include the Fulbright Program, Chevening Scholarships, and various scholarships provided by international foundations or corporations. These scholarships may have specific eligibility requirements and application procedures, so be sure to thoroughly research and apply within the specified deadlines.

Jobs and Salary after B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Qatar

1. Architectural Designer: As an architectural designer, you would be involved in designing and creating architectural plans, drawings, and models. The salary range for architectural designers in Qatar is approximately QAR 7,000 to QAR 12,000 per month.

2. Project Architect: Project architects oversee the design and implementation of architectural projects, coordinate with clients and consultants, manage project timelines and budgets, and ensure the successful execution of projects. The salary range for project architects in Qatar is approximately QAR 10,000 to QAR 18,000 per month.

3. Urban Planner: Urban planners are involved in developing and implementing plans for the development and management of urban areas. They analyze land use, zoning, transportation, and infrastructure requirements to create sustainable and functional urban spaces. The salary range for urban planners in Qatar is approximately QAR 8,000 to QAR 15,000 per month.

4. Construction Manager: With a background in architecture, you can also work as a construction manager overseeing construction projects, managing contractors, ensuring compliance with design specifications, and ensuring project completion within budget and timeline. The salary range for construction managers in Qatar is approximately QAR 12,000 to QAR 20,000 per month.

5. Interior Designer: As an interior designer, you can work on designing and creating interior spaces for residential, commercial, or public projects. The salary range for interior designers in Qatar is approximately QAR 7,000 to QAR 12,000 per month.

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