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Why Study BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Saint Lucia

1. Cultural Immersion:

2. Inspiring Environment:

3. Academic Focus:

4. Tourism and Hospitality Opportunities:

5. International Perspective:

6. Potential Lower Costs:

7. Strategic Location:

BA (Bachelor of Arts) specialization in Saint Lucia 


BA Specialization

Course Duration

Annual Fees (USD)

Additional Notes

Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

Associate Degrees leading to BA

2 years (Associate)


Often partners with universities abroad to complete BA. Specializations might include areas like liberal arts, business, or hospitality.

University of the West Indies (Open Campus)

BA Specializations

3-4 years


Offers a range of BA programs through its open campus system. Specializations could include psychology, management, education, etc.



3-4 years


Saint Lucian students may complete degrees through partner international universities. Specializations and fees will vary widely.

Admission Intake for BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Saint Lucia

1. Fall Intake (September/October):

2. Spring Intake (January/February):

3. Summer Intake (May/June):

Cost of Studying BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Saint Lucia

Expense Category Monthly Cost (USD) Notes
Tuition Fees $1,000 - $5,000 (per semester) greatly depending on the institution and program. Some programs may have higher fees.
Accommodation $300 - $800 On-campus housing might be more affordable, but limited. Off-campus housing costs will vary based on location and type.
Food and Groceries $150 - $300 Eating out regularly will increase costs. This estimate assumes a mix of cooking at home and occasional dining out.
Utilities $50 - $150 Includes electricity, water, and internet. Can be lower if costs are shared in a roommate situation.
Transportation $30 - $100 Depends on the distance from the university and mode of transport. Public transport is generally cheaper.
Books and Supplies $200 - $400 (per semester) Initial costs might be higher due to one-time purchases like books or specific equipment for your course.
Personal Expenses $100 - $300 Includes laundry, toiletries, leisure, and other miscellaneous items.
Health Insurance $30 - $100 Mandatory for international students; costs vary by coverage.
Visa Costs N/A One-time and renewal costs for student visas, if applicable.
Travel N/A Consider the cost of traveling to/from Saint Lucia, especially during breaks.

Total Estimated Monthly Cost (excluding tuition and one-time expenses): $660 - $1,750

Eligibility for doing BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Saint Lucia

1. Academic Qualifications:

2. Standardized Tests:

3. Legal Requirements (for International Students):

4. Health Requirements:

5. Application Materials:

Documents Required for BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Saint Lucia

1. Academic Records:

2. Proof of Identity:

3. Standardized Test Scores:

4. Financial Documents:

5. Legal Documents (for International Students):

6. Health Records:

7. Letters of Recommendation:

8. Statement of Purpose:

9. Resume/CV (if applicable):

10. Portfolio (for specific specializations):

Scholarships for BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Saint Lucia

1. Institution-Specific Scholarships:

2. Government Scholarships:

3. Private and Non-Governmental Scholarships:

4. International Scholarships:

5. Online Scholarship Platforms:

Jobs and Salary after BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Saint Lucia

Job Prospects:

  1. Tourism and Hospitality Industry:

    • Roles: Marketing, public relations, cultural liaison, guest services management.
    • Opportunity: As a major industry in Saint Lucia, there are often positions for individuals with strong communication, cultural understanding, and service orientation.
  2. Government and Public Services:

    • Roles: Administrative positions, policy development, community outreach, and education.
    • Opportunity: BA graduates, particularly those in social sciences, can find roles in various government departments.
  3. Education:

    • Roles: Teaching, educational program coordination, or administration.
    • Opportunity: With further certification, BA graduates can become educators, either in schools or in community education programs.
  4. Media and Communication:

    • Roles: Journalism, content creation, social media management, public relations.
    • Opportunity: For those specializing in communication, languages, or arts, opportunities in local media, marketing firms, or freelance work are possible.
  5. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):

    • Roles: Program coordination, community development, research, and advocacy.
    • Opportunity: NGOs operating in areas like social development, environmental conservation, or cultural preservation often need individuals with strong research, writing, and interpersonal skills.

Salary Expectations:

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