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Why Study BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Saint Lucia

1. Focused Business Education:

2. Cultural Immersion:

3. Growing Economy:

4. Quality of Life:

5. Networking Opportunities:

6. Comparatively Affordable Education:

7. Strategic Location:

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) specialization in Saint Lucia


BBA Specialization

Course Duration

Annual Fees (USD)

Additional Notes

Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

General Business Administration

3-4 years


Check for transfer options to complete a BBA at a regional university. Focus might be on local industries.

Monroe College (Saint Lucia campus)

Marketing, Management, etc.

3-4 years


Offers a U.S.-based curriculum with specializations.

Open Campus, University of the West Indies


3-4 years


A regional institution offering a range of programs, possibly accessible from Saint Lucia.

Admission Intake for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Saint Lucia

1. Fall Intake (September/October):

2. Spring Intake (January/February):

3. Summer Intake (May/June):

Cost of Studying BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Saint Lucia

Expense Category

Monthly Cost (USD)


Tuition Fees

$1,500 - $6,000 (per semester)

greatly depending on the institution and program. Some programs may have higher fees.


$300 - $800

On-campus housing might be more affordable, but limited. Off-campus housing costs will vary based on location and type.

Food and Groceries

$150 - $300

Eating out regularly will increase costs. This estimate assumes a mix of cooking at home and occasional dining out.


$50 - $150

Includes electricity, water, and internet. Can be lower if costs are shared in a roommate situation.


$30 - $100

Depends on the distance from the university and mode of transport. Public transport is generally cheaper.

Books and Supplies

$300 - $600 (per semester)

Initial costs might be higher due to one-time purchases like books or specific equipment for your course.

Personal Expenses

$100 - $300

Includes laundry, toiletries, leisure, and other miscellaneous items.

Health Insurance

$30 - $100

Mandatory for international students; costs vary by coverage.

Visa Costs


One-time and renewal costs for student visas, if applicable.



Consider the cost of traveling to/from Saint Lucia, especially during breaks.

Total Estimated Monthly Cost (excluding tuition and one-time expenses): $660 - $1,750

Eligibility for doing BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Saint Lucia

1. Academic Qualifications:

2. Standardized Tests:

3. Legal Requirements (for International Students):

4. Health Requirements:

5. Application Materials:

Documents Required for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Saint Lucia

1. Academic Records:

2. Proof of Identity:

3. Standardized Test Scores:

4. Financial Documents:

5. Legal Documents (for International Students):

6. Health Records:

7. Letters of Recommendation:

8. Statement of Purpose:

9. Resume/CV (if applicable):

10. Application Form:

Scholarships for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Saint Lucia

1. Institution-Specific Scholarships:

2. Government Scholarships:

3. Private and Non-Governmental Scholarships:

4. International Scholarships:

5. Online Scholarship Platforms:

Jobs and Salary after BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Saint Lucia

Job Prospects:

  1. Tourism and Hospitality Management:

    • Roles: Hotel Manager, Guest Relations Officer, Tour Company Manager.
    • Opportunity: With tourism being a major industry in Saint Lucia, there are often positions available in hotel management, travel services, and event planning.
  2. Finance and Banking:

    • Roles: Financial Analyst, Bank Officer, Insurance Agent.
    • Opportunity: Opportunities in banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies are available, especially in more urban areas.
  3. Marketing and Sales:

    • Roles: Marketing Coordinator, Sales Manager, Public Relations Specialist.
    • Opportunity: With a BBA focusing on marketing, graduates can work in various sectors, helping businesses promote their services, especially those linked to tourism and exports.
  4. Human Resources:

    • Roles: HR Coordinator, Recruitment Officer, Training and Development Manager.
    • Opportunity: Larger companies and public institutions often need HR professionals to manage their workforce.
  5. Entrepreneurship:

    • Roles: Business Owner, Startup Founder.
    • Opportunity: Saint Lucia’s growing economy offers fertile ground for entrepreneurs, especially in sectors like tourism, retail, and services.

Salary Expectations:

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