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Why Study M.Arch (Master of Architecture) in Belgium

1. Architectural Heritage: Belgium is renowned for its historical and architectural heritage, with cities like Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent boasting stunning examples of medieval, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau architecture. Studying in Belgium provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in a diverse architectural landscape.

2. Architectural Innovation: Belgium has a strong tradition of architectural innovation and design excellence. The country is home to renowned architects and architectural firms known for their creativity and contributions to the field.

3. Multilingual Environment: Belgium is a multilingual country with three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. This linguistic diversity can be advantageous for international students, offering the chance to study in a language that aligns with their preferences and career goals.

4. Quality of Education: Belgian universities and architectural schools are known for their high-quality education and rigorous academic standards. The country is home to several institutions with strong architecture programs.

5. International Perspective: Belgium's central location in Europe makes it an ideal hub for students interested in international perspectives on architecture. You can easily travel to nearby European cities and experience diverse architectural styles and cultures.

6. Cultural Exposure: Belgium's rich cultural scene and vibrant arts community provide ample opportunities for cultural enrichment and exposure to various art forms, which can inspire and inform your architectural studies.

7. European Union Hub: Brussels is the de facto capital of the European Union, making it a hub for political, economic, and cultural activities. Students interested in urban planning, sustainable design, or policy-related aspects of architecture can benefit from this proximity.

8. Scholarship Opportunities: Some Belgian universities and organizations offer scholarships and financial aid to international students, helping to make the cost of studying more affordable.

9. Research and Innovation: Belgium is known for its commitment to research and innovation in various fields, including architecture. M.Arch students can engage in cutting-edge research and collaborate with experts in the field.

10. Quality of Life: Belgium is known for its high quality of life, safety, and excellent healthcare and public transportation systems, which contribute to a conducive environment for focused and successful studies.

M.Arch (Master of Architecture) Specializations in Belgium


Name of Universities (Example)

Course Duration

Approximate Tuition Fees (per year)

Architectural Design

KU Leuven, ULB Brussels

2 years


Urban Design and Planning

Ghent University, UCLouvain

2 years


Sustainable Architecture

VUB Brussels, UAntwerp

2 years


Interior Architecture

LUCA School of Arts, UHasselt

2 years


Landscape Architecture

Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, ULiège

2 years


Heritage Conservation

ULB Brussels, KU Leuven

2 years


Digital Architecture

UCLouvain, UAntwerp

2 years


Admission Intake for M.Arch (Master of Architecture) in Belgium

1. Fall Intake (September): This is the most common intake for M.Arch programs in Belgium. The academic year usually starts in September, and most M.Arch programs admit students at the beginning of the fall semester.

2. Spring Intake (February/March): Some universities may offer a spring intake for certain M.Arch programs, allowing students to begin their studies in February or March. However, spring intakes are less common than fall intakes.

Top 10 Universities in Belgium for M.Arch (Master of Architecture


Common M.Arch Specializations

KU Leuven

Architectural Design, Urbanism and Spatial Planning, 

Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain)

Architecture, Urban and Territorial Planning,

Ghent University

Urbanism and Spatial Planning, Landscape Architecture, 

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Architecture, Urbanism, Interior Architecture, 

University of Liège (ULiège)

Urban Planning, Urbanism and Territorial Development,

ULB - Université Libre de Bruxelles

Architecture, Urban and Territorial Development,

University of Antwerp

Architectural Engineering, Architectural Design,

Hasselt University (UHasselt)

Architectural Engineering, Interior Architecture,

LUCA School of Arts

Interior Architecture, Urbanism, Architecture 

Howest University of Applied Sciences

Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, 

Tuition Fees for M.Arch (Master of Architecture) in Belgium

1. EU/EEA Students: Typically, EU/EEA students benefit from lower tuition fees compared to non-EU/EEA students. Tuition fees for EU/EEA students can range from approximately €800 to €4,000 per academic year, depending on the university and program.

2. Non-EU/EEA Students: Non-EU/EEA students usually pay higher tuition fees. Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students can range from approximately €2,000 to €15,000 or more per academic year, depending on the university and program. Some highly specialized or international programs may have higher tuition fees.

3. Scholarships and Financial Aid: It's important to explore scholarship opportunities, as some universities and external organizations offer scholarships and financial aid to international students. These scholarships can help offset the cost of tuition and living expenses.

4. Additional Costs: In addition to tuition fees, students may incur additional costs for books, materials, health insurance, and living expenses, which can vary depending on the city and lifestyle.

Cost of Studying M.Arch (Master of Architecture) in Belgium

Expense Category

Estimated Cost (Annually) for International Students

Tuition Fees

€2,000 to €15,000+ 


€300 to €800+


€250 to €400+ 

Health Insurance

€100 to €500+ 


€20 to €50+ (Public transportation and occasional trips)

Books and Supplies

€200 to €500+ (Cost of textbooks and materials)

Personal Expenses

€100 to €300+ (Entertainment, clothing, etc.)

Residence Permit Fees

€100 to €250 (For non-EU/EEA students)

Miscellaneous Expenses

€100 to €300 (Emergency expenses and unforeseen costs)

Eligibility for doing M.Arch (Master of Architecture) in Belgium

1. Bachelor's Degree: You should have a recognized bachelor's degree in architecture or a related field. In most cases, your bachelor's degree should be equivalent to a Belgian bachelor's degree.

2. Academic Transcripts: You will need to provide academic transcripts from your previous studies, including your bachelor's degree program. These transcripts should demonstrate your academic performance and qualifications.

3. Portfolio: Many M.Arch programs in Belgium require applicants to submit a portfolio of their previous architectural work. The portfolio should showcase your design skills, creativity, and relevant experience.

4. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the language of instruction is essential. Depending on the program and the university's location (Dutch, French, or English-speaking region), you may need to demonstrate proficiency in Dutch, French, or English. This is typically done through language proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL for English-taught programs.

5. Entrance Exam or Interview: Some M.Arch programs may require you to pass an entrance exam or participate in an interview as part of the admission process. This is to assess your suitability for the program and your understanding of architectural concepts.

6. Letters of Recommendation: You may be asked to provide letters of recommendation from professors or professionals who can speak to your qualifications and potential as an architecture student.

7. Statement of Purpose: A well-written statement of purpose or motivation letter explaining why you want to pursue an M.Arch in Belgium and how it aligns with your academic and career goals is often required.

8. CV/Resume: A current CV or resume detailing your educational and professional background is typically required.

9. Visa and Residence Permit: If you are a non-EU/EEA student, you will need to obtain the necessary student visa and residence permit to study in Belgium. This process may involve demonstrating sufficient financial means to support yourself during your studies.

10. Health Insurance: International students usually need to have health insurance coverage while studying in Belgium. You may need to provide proof of health insurance as part of the visa application process.

Documents Required for M.Arch (Master of Architecture) in Belgium

1. Completed Application Form: You will need to fill out the university's official application form. This form can usually be found on the university's website and may be submitted online.

2. Academic Transcripts: Official transcripts from your previous academic institutions, including your bachelor's degree program and any other relevant coursework. These transcripts should demonstrate your academic qualifications and performance.

3. Bachelor's Degree Certificate: A copy of your bachelor's degree certificate or a certificate of completion. This document verifies that you have successfully completed your undergraduate studies.

4. Portfolio: A portfolio showcasing your previous architectural work. This may include design projects, drawings, sketches, and other relevant materials that demonstrate your design skills and creativity.

5. Language Proficiency Test Results: If the program is not taught in your native language or if it's a different language from your previous studies, you may need to provide language proficiency test scores, such as IELTS or TOEFL for English-taught programs.

6. Letters of Recommendation: Typically, two or three letters of recommendation from professors or professionals who can attest to your qualifications and potential as an architecture student.

7. Statement of Purpose/Motivation Letter: A well-written statement explaining your reasons for pursuing an M.Arch in Belgium, your academic and career goals, and how the program aligns with your aspirations.

8. CV/Resume: A current curriculum vitae (CV) or resume detailing your educational background, work experience, and relevant skills.

9. Copy of Passport: A copy of your passport or identification document.

10. Visa and Residence Permit Documents: If you are a non-EU/EEA student, you will need to provide documents related to your visa application and residence permit, including proof of financial means.

11. Health Insurance: Proof of health insurance coverage, which is typically required for international students.

12. Entrance Exam or Interview Documentation: If an entrance exam or interview is part of the admission process, you should provide any documents related to these assessments, such as scheduling confirmation or results.

13. Application Fee: Some universities may require an application fee. Make sure to check the university's website for information on any fees and payment instructions.

Scholarships for M.Arch (Master of Architecture) in Belgium

1. Belgian Government Scholarships: The Belgian government, through the Belgian Development Cooperation, offers scholarships to students from developing countries who wish to study in Belgium. These scholarships are often available for master's degree programs, including M.Arch programs. Check with the Belgian embassy or consulate in your home country for details on available government scholarships.

2. University Scholarships: Many Belgian universities offer scholarships and financial aid to international students, including those pursuing M.Arch degrees. These scholarships may be based on academic merit, financial need, or other criteria. Check the official websites of the universities you are interested in for information on university-specific scholarships.

3. Erasmus+ Scholarships: The Erasmus+ program, funded by the European Union, provides scholarships and grants to students for studying in European countries, including Belgium. These scholarships are often available for both EU and non-EU students and can support M.Arch studies.

4. Fulbright Program: The Fulbright Program offers scholarships for U.S. citizens to study in Belgium. While it primarily focuses on U.S. students, it's worth exploring if you are a U.S. citizen pursuing an M.Arch program in Belgium.

5. External Scholarships and Foundations: There are various external organizations and foundations that offer scholarships for international students pursuing higher education in Belgium. Examples include the DAAD (for German students), the Rotary Foundation, and the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program.

6. Country-Specific Scholarships: Some countries have bilateral agreements with Belgium that provide scholarships for their citizens to study in Belgian universities. Check with your country's education ministry or relevant government agency for information on such scholarships.

7. Private Scholarships: Private companies, organizations, and foundations may offer scholarships that can be used for M.Arch studies. Research and inquire about opportunities in your home country or region.

8. Online Scholarship Databases: Utilize online scholarship databases and search engines to find scholarships specifically designed for international students studying in Belgium. Websites like scholarshipportal.com and scholarship-positions.com can be useful for finding relevant opportunities.

Jobs and Salary after M.Arch (Master of Architecture) in Belgium

1. Architectural Designer/Architect: As a graduate with a master's degree in architecture, you can work as an architectural designer or architect in architectural firms, design studios, or construction companies. Your role may involve designing buildings, managing projects, and collaborating with clients. The salary for architectural professionals in Belgium can range from €30,000 to €60,000 or more annually, depending on your experience and responsibilities.

2. Urban Planner: If you have a specialization in urban planning, you can work as an urban planner, helping to design and manage urban spaces, transportation systems, and city development projects. Salaries for urban planners in Belgium typically range from €35,000 to €70,000 or more per year.

3. Interior Designer: With a focus on interior architecture or design, you can pursue a career as an interior designer, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces for residential, commercial, or hospitality projects. Interior designers in Belgium may earn salaries ranging from €25,000 to €60,000 or more annually.

4. Sustainable Design Specialist: Architects with expertise in sustainable design and environmental sustainability are in demand due to the growing emphasis on green building practices. Salaries for sustainable design specialists can vary but often align with architectural roles, ranging from €30,000 to €70,000 or more per year.

5. Project Manager: Experienced architects may transition into project management roles, overseeing architectural projects from conception to completion. Project managers in Belgium can earn salaries ranging from €40,000 to €80,000 or higher, depending on the scale and complexity of the projects they manage.

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