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Why Study MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Barbados

1. High-Quality Education: Barbadian universities and institutions offer MBA programs that adhere to international academic standards. You can expect a high-quality education with rigorous coursework and experienced faculty.

2. Global Perspective: Barbados is a multicultural society with a diverse student population, including international students. This diversity provides you with a global perspective and exposure to different cultures and viewpoints.

3. English Language Proficiency: English is the official language of Barbados, making it an ideal destination for international students who want to study in an English-speaking environment.

4. Networking Opportunities: Studying in Barbados allows you to build a global network of peers and professionals, which can be invaluable for your future career.

5. Caribbean Business Hub: Barbados is considered a financial and business hub in the Caribbean region, making it an attractive location for MBA students interested in the business landscape of the Caribbean.

6. International Business Opportunities: The island's strategic location and economic stability have made it a gateway for international businesses looking to expand into the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

7. Cultural Experience: Barbados offers a rich cultural experience with music, festivals, art, and a welcoming local population. This cultural immersion can complement your academic journey.

8. Beautiful Environment: Barbados boasts a tropical climate, pristine beaches, and natural beauty, creating an ideal environment for a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.

9. Tourism and Hospitality Management: For those interested in tourism and hospitality management, Barbados is a prime location to gain hands-on experience in this industry.

10. Low Crime Rate: Barbados is known for its safety and low crime rate, ensuring a secure and comfortable living environment.

11. Competitive Tuition Fees: In comparison to many Western countries, the cost of an MBA in Barbados is often more affordable, with various scholarships and financial aid options available.

12. Work Opportunities: As an MBA student in Barbados, you may have opportunities to work part-time or gain internships, gaining practical experience in your field.

13. Government Support: The Barbadian government actively promotes education and offers support to international students through various initiatives.

MBA (Master of Business Administration) Specializations in Barbados


MBA Programs

Common Specializations

Course Duration

University of the West Indies

MBA in Management, MBA in International Business

Specializations may vary by department.

Typically 1 to 2 years

Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP)

MBA in General Management, MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance

Specializations may vary by program.

Typically 1 to 2 years

Admission Intake for MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Barbados

1. Fall Intake (September): This is the primary intake for most MBA programs in Barbados and is typically the most popular. Application deadlines for the fall intake generally range from December of the previous year to April or May of the same year. Be sure to check with the specific university for their application deadline.

2. Spring Intake (January/February): Some universities in Barbados may offer a spring intake for MBA programs, though it's less common than the fall intake. Application deadlines for the spring intake are usually in the months leading up to the intake, from September to November.

3. Summer Intake (May/June): A few universities might offer a summer intake for specific MBA programs, but this is less typical. Application deadlines for the summer intake would typically be in the months leading up to May or June, usually from January to March.

Top Universities in Barbados for MBA (Master of Business Administration)


MBA Programs

Common Specializations

University of the West Indies

MBA in Management, MBA in International Business

Specializations may vary by department.

Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP)

MBA in General Management, MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance

Specializations may vary by program.

Tuition Fees for MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Barbados

1. For Local/Caribbean Students: Tuition fees for local or Caribbean students can range from approximately BBD 15,000 to BBD 30,000 per year for MBA programs. Some universities may offer reduced tuition rates for students from Barbados or neighboring Caribbean countries.

2. For International Students: Tuition fees for international students are typically higher than those for local students. International MBA students in Barbados can expect to pay anywhere from BBD 25,000 to BBD 60,000 or more per year, depending on the program and university. Some specialized programs or institutions may have higher tuition fees.

3. Executive MBA Programs: Executive MBA (EMBA) programs, designed for working professionals, may have different fee structures. EMBA programs often have higher tuition fees than traditional MBA programs due to their format and target audience.

4. Scholarships and Financial Aid: Many universities in Barbados offer scholarships and financial aid opportunities for both local and international students. These scholarships can help offset the cost of tuition. It's advisable to research and apply for scholarships early in the application process.

5. Additional Costs: In addition to tuition fees, students should budget for other expenses such as accommodation, books and supplies, transportation, health insurance, and personal living expenses.

6. Currency Conversion: Keep in mind that tuition fees are typically quoted in Barbadian dollars (BBD). You may need to convert these amounts to your home currency to better understand the cost.

Cost of Studying MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Barbados

Expense Category

Estimated Annual Cost (in Barbadian Dollars, BBD)

Estimated Annual Cost (in US Dollars, USD)

Tuition Fees (MBA)



Accommodation (Rent)

BBD 9,000 - BBD 18,000

USD 4,500 - USD 9,000


BBD 4,800 - BBD 7,200 (assuming dining out)

USD 2,400 - USD 3,600 (assuming dining out)


BBD 1,200 - BBD 2,400 (public transport)

USD 600 - USD 1,200 (public transport)

Health Insurance

BBD 600 - BBD 1,200

USD 300 - USD 600

Books and Supplies

BBD 600 - BBD 1,200

USD 300 - USD 600


BBD 2,400 - BBD 4,800 (personal expenses)

USD 1,200 - USD 2,400 (personal expenses)

Total (Approximate)

BBD 18,000 - BBD 34,800

USD 9,000 - USD 17,400

Eligibility for doing MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Barbados

  1. Educational Qualifications:

    • A completed Bachelor's degree from a recognized institution is typically required. The degree should be in a relevant field, but some MBA programs may accept students from various academic backgrounds.
  2. Work Experience (if required):

    • Many MBA programs, especially full-time and executive MBA programs, require applicants to have some relevant work experience. This can vary from a few years to several years of professional experience.
    • Some programs may admit students directly from undergraduate programs without work experience, particularly if they are focused on early-career or specialized MBAs.
  3. Standardized Test Scores (if required):

    • Some universities may require standardized test scores, such as the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examination), as part of the application. The specific score requirements can vary by program.
    • English language proficiency test scores (e.g., IELTS or TOEFL) may also be required for international students whose native language is not English.
  4. Letters of Recommendation:

    • MBA programs may request letters of recommendation from individuals who can assess your qualifications for graduate-level business studies. These letters are typically from professors or professional colleagues.
  5. Statement of Purpose (SOP):

    • Applicants may need to submit a statement of purpose (also known as a personal statement or essay) outlining their career goals, reasons for pursuing an MBA, and why they are interested in the specific program.
  6. Resume/CV:

    • A current resume or curriculum vitae (CV) detailing your educational and professional background, work experience, and any relevant achievements or leadership roles.
  7. Interview (if required):

    • Some MBA programs may require applicants to participate in an admissions interview. This interview could be conducted in person or via video conferencing.
  8. Application Fee:

    • There is usually an application fee that must be paid when submitting your MBA application.
  9. Visa Requirements (for international students):

    • International students planning to study in Barbados may need to fulfill visa and immigration requirements set by the Barbados government.
  10. Specific Program Requirements:

    • Certain MBA programs may have additional prerequisites or specific admission requirements based on the specialization or format of the program.

Documents Required for MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Barbados

1. Completed Application Form: Fill out the university's or business school's official MBA application form. Many institutions offer online application forms on their websites.

2. Academic Transcripts: Provide official transcripts of your previous academic records, including your Bachelor's degree and any other relevant qualifications. Transcripts should show your courses, grades, and the award of your degree.

3. Bachelor's Degree Certificate: Include a copy of your Bachelor's degree certificate or diploma to demonstrate that you have completed your undergraduate studies.

4. Work Experience (if required): If the MBA program requires work experience, submit a detailed resume or curriculum vitae (CV) that highlights your professional experience, including job roles, responsibilities, and achievements.

5. Standardized Test Scores (if required): If the university or business school requires standardized test scores, such as the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examination), include your official score reports.

6. English Language Proficiency Test Scores (if applicable): If English is not your native language or if you did not complete your undergraduate studies in English, you may need to provide scores from an English language proficiency test, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

7. Letters of Recommendation: Most MBA programs require two to three letters of recommendation. These letters should come from individuals who can assess your qualifications for graduate-level business studies, such as professors or professional colleagues. Follow the specific guidelines provided by the institution for submitting recommendation letters.

8. Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Personal Essay: Write a well-crafted statement of purpose or personal essay outlining your career goals, reasons for pursuing an MBA, and your motivation for choosing the specific program. Tailor your essay to the institution's prompts, if provided.

9. Interview (if required): Some MBA programs may require an admissions interview as part of the application process. Prepare for the interview and follow any instructions provided by the institution.

10. Application Fee: Be prepared to pay the application fee, which is typically required when submitting your application.

11. Passport Copy: As an international student, submit a copy of your valid passport as proof of your identity and nationality.

12. Passport-Sized Photographs: You may need to include passport-sized photographs with your application.

13. Financial Documentation: International students may be required to show proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses during their stay in Barbados.

14. Visa and Immigration Documents: Once admitted, you will need to fulfill the visa and immigration requirements of Barbados, including obtaining a student visa or permit.

Scholarships for MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Barbados

1. University Scholarships: Many universities and business schools in Barbados offer scholarships and financial aid to both local and international MBA students. These scholarships may be based on merit, need, or a combination of factors. Check with the university where you plan to study for information on available scholarships and application procedures.

2. Government Scholarships: The government of Barbados may offer scholarships or grants to local and international students pursuing higher education in the country. These scholarships can cover tuition fees, living expenses, or both. Contact the Barbados government or its relevant ministry for information on available scholarships for MBA students.

3. International Scholarships: Look for international scholarships offered by organizations, foundations, and governments that support students studying abroad. Examples include Fulbright Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships, and scholarships from organizations like the World Bank.

4. Corporate and Private Scholarships: Some private companies, organizations, and foundations in Barbados may provide scholarships to MBA students. These scholarships may be industry-specific or open to students pursuing MBA degrees in various fields.

5. Professional Associations: Certain professional associations related to business and management may offer scholarships or grants to MBA students. Membership in these associations may be required.

6. Online Scholarship Databases: Utilize online scholarship databases and search engines to look for scholarships that match your profile and area of study. Websites like, Fastweb, and can be helpful resources.

7. Employer Sponsorship: If you are currently employed in a relevant field, inquire with your employer about potential sponsorship or tuition reimbursement programs for further education.

8. Alumni Scholarships: Some universities have alumni associations that offer scholarships to current students, including those pursuing MBA degrees.

9. Merit-Based Scholarships: High-achieving MBA students with exceptional academic records or leadership qualities may be eligible for merit-based scholarships offered by universities or external organizations.

Jobs and Salary after MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Barbados

1. General Manager/Director: General managers or directors are responsible for overseeing the operations of an organization or department. They make strategic decisions, manage resources, and ensure the overall success of the organization. Salary ranges for this role can vary widely, but experienced managers may earn from BBD 100,000 to BBD 200,000 or more per year.

2. Financial Manager/Controller: Financial managers are responsible for managing an organization's financial operations, including budgeting, financial reporting, and investment decisions. Salaries can range from BBD 80,000 to BBD 150,000 or more annually.

3. Marketing Manager: Marketing managers develop and implement marketing strategies to promote products or services. They analyze market trends, oversee advertising campaigns, and manage marketing teams. Salaries typically range from BBD 80,000 to BBD 150,000 per year.

4. Human Resources Manager: Human resources managers oversee personnel management, including recruitment, training, compensation, and employee relations. Salaries can vary but often range from BBD 70,000 to BBD 130,000 annually.

5. Project Manager: Project managers are responsible for planning, executing, and managing projects within an organization. They ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Salaries can vary widely based on the complexity and scope of projects but may range from BBD 70,000 to BBD 130,000 or more per year.

6. Consultant: Management consultants offer expertise to organizations seeking to solve specific business challenges or improve operations. They often work for consulting firms or as independent consultants. Salaries can vary widely depending on experience and the nature of consulting projects.

7. Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner: Some MBA graduates choose to start their businesses or manage small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Barbados. Earnings can vary significantly depending on the success of the business.

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