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Why Study PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Portugal

1. Quality Research Institutions

2. Supportive Academic Environment

3. Funding and Scholarships

4. Diverse and Multicultural Experience

5. Language and Communication

6. Quality of Life

7. Career Opportunities

8. Strategic Location

9. Supportive Policies for Researchers

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) specialization in Portugal


Course Duration

Fees per year (EUR)

Noted Ph.D. Specializations

University of Lisbon

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Humanities, Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences

University of Porto

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Biomedical Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Arts

University of Coimbra

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Law, Pharmacy, Psychology, Sports Sciences

NOVA University Lisbon

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Technology and Innovation, Social Sciences, Health Sciences

University of Aveiro

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Telecommunications, Environment, Materials Science

University of Minho

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Nanotechnology, Education, Sociology

ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Business, Social Sciences, Technology

University of Algarve

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Marine Biology, Tourism, Health

University of Beira Interior

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Aerospace, Informatics, Health Sciences

Lusófona University

3-4 years

€2,500 - €3,000

Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Psychology

Admission Intake for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Portugal

Main Intake Periods:

  1. Fall Intake (September/October)

    • Most common intake period for PhD programs.
    • Applications for Fall intake generally open in the spring or early summer of the same year.
  2. Spring Intake (January/February)

    • Less common but available in some universities and specific programs.
    • Applications usually close in the late fall of the previous year.

Top 10 Universities in Portugal for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)


QS World Ranking (2023)

Noted PhD Specializations

University of Lisbon


Humanities, Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Social Sciences

University of Porto


Biomedical Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Arts, Humanities

University of Coimbra


Law, Pharmacy, Psychology, Sports Sciences, Health Sciences

NOVA University Lisbon


Technology and Innovation, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Environmental Studies

University of Aveiro


Materials Science, Telecommunications, Environmental Studies, Education

University of Minho


Nanotechnology, Education, Cultural Studies, Biological Sciences

ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon


Business, Social Sciences, Technology, Urban Planning

University of Algarve


Marine Biology, Tourism, Health, Agriculture

University of Beira Interior


Aerospace Engineering, Health Sciences, Informatics, Multimedia

Lusófona University


Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Health Sciences, Psychology

Tuition Fees for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Portugal

Public Universities:

Private Universities:

Cost of Studying PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Portugal

Expense Category

Monthly Cost (EUR)



300 - 600

Shared apartments are cheaper; private accommodation costs more. Prices in cities like Lisbon and Porto may be higher.


150 - 300

Cooking at home is cheaper; this range includes occasional dining out.


50 - 100

Includes electricity, water, gas, and internet. May be higher in winter due to heating.


30 - 60

Public transport passes; varies by city.

Health Insurance

20 - 50

International students need health coverage; some universities offer special plans.

Books & Supplies

50 - 100

Depends on course requirements; includes research materials and textbooks.

Personal Expenses

100 - 200

Entertainment, leisure, and other personal expenses.

Mobile Phone

10 - 30

Depending on usage and plan.


30 - 100

Unexpected expenses or specific needs that might arise.

Total Monthly Estimate: €690 - €1,440

Eligibility for doing PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Portugal

1. Academic Qualifications

2. Research Proposal

3. Language Proficiency

4. Letters of Recommendation

5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

6. Interview

7. Additional Documentation

Documents Required for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Portugal

1. Application Form:

2. Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume:

3. Academic Transcripts and Diplomas:

4. Proof of Language Proficiency:

5. Research Proposal:

6. Letters of Recommendation:

7. Personal Statement or Motivation Letter:

8. Writing Samples or Publications:

9. Identification Documents:

10. Visa and Residency Documents (for international students):

11. Proof of Funding:

12. Health Insurance Proof:

Scholarships for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Portugal

1. University Scholarships:

2. Government Scholarships:

3. European Union Funding:

4. Private Foundations and Organizations:

5. Industry Partnerships:

Jobs and Salary after PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Portugal

Career Paths:

  1. Academia:

    • Position: Lecturer, Researcher, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Professor.
    • Sector: Universities, research institutions.
    • Duties: Teaching, conducting research, publishing papers, attending conferences.
    • Salary Range: €30,000 - €60,000 per year (varies with position, institution, and experience).
  2. Research in Public Sector or Industry:

    • Position: Research Scientist, Research & Development Specialist.
    • Sector: Government research agencies, private companies, particularly in industries like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, engineering, etc.
    • Duties: Conducting specialized research, project management, product development.
    • Salary Range: €35,000 - €75,000 per year (can vary widely with the sector and type of research).
  3. Private Sector & Consulting:

    • Position: Consultant, Analyst, Project Manager, Specialist Roles in various fields.
    • Sector: Consulting firms, multinational companies, startups.
    • Duties: Providing expert advice, managing projects, analyzing data, strategic planning.
    • Salary Range: €40,000 - €100,000 or more per year (varies widely based on role, company, and industry).
  4. Public Administration & Policy:

    • Position: Policy Advisor, Program Manager, Analyst.
    • Sector: Government departments, public bodies, NGOs.
    • Duties: Developing policies, managing public programs, conducting analysis.
    • Salary Range: €30,000 - €60,000 per year (depends on the role and organization).
  5. Entrepreneurship:

    • Position: Founder, CEO, various roles in a startup.
    • Sector: Startups, self-owned businesses.
    • Duties: Running a business, product development, fundraising.
    • Salary: Highly variable; can be very high or very low depending on the success of the business.

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