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Ankit singhal
Ankit singhal

Aug 19, 2020 11:33:29


Everyone wants to show something big at a young age. So they can work as medical representatives in this area in which we can talk with highly qualified and respected doctors of the society and we can meet with very large people, in this area, sell those products which are human Is very beneficial for life, the most important thing is that you will never stop learning. A medical representative is a good option for those who want to do some work and want to become something. To become a medical representative, first of all, we need to know what it is and what the work of a medical representative:-

What is the first medical representative?

Medical Representative does a type of marking. It prioritizes its company's products. It does its marking. It increases sales of the company's products and brings the company to the top.

What is the work of a medical representative?

The Medical Representative is intended to promote products made in the company by the new FDA approved medical device; the product is marked again by the Representative. The Medical Representative's other clients may include doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. Raises awareness of medical representative products. The medical representative answers customer re-production questions. Medical representative wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives go to wholesalers or manufacturers to sell to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. They talk to customers about this and products Tell.

Duties of medical representative

  1. Use of MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE Business directory and identify needy customers.

  2. MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE participates in a wide variety of trade shows and conferences.

  3. It meets new customers to discuss their needs and talks about how specific products and services are able to meet their needs.

  4. MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE should emphasize on products that are beneficial to the customers' needs.

  5. Display the product capabilities and limitations of the medical representative again to the customers and attract them towards the product by answering all their questions about prices, availability, and product usage.

  6. Prepare sales contracts based on product prices and terms of sales and service agreements and cooperate with partners to exchange information with them.

The jobs of MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE will always be in high demand. Despite the emergence of automation in almost every aspect of the business, medical sales remain a large industry. And not only that, an aging population is relevant to the region, although it is true that this region is a highly competitive sector and it meets the demand of workload. If we are fully prepared for the challenge then it is possible to start building your career in this field and make a name for yourself immediately.

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Medical representatives may have several products for sale.

  1. Medical devices

  2. Medical equipment

  3. Pharmaceuticals

  4. Biotechnology

  5. Medicine

What is the educational qualification for Medical Representative?

A high school diploma is enough for many jobs for this job. After doing a high school diploma, you are sufficiently qualified to sell non-technical or scientific products Degree. You must have these degrees due to the inclusion of pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and industrial equipment in scientific and technical products. A degree in a field related to the product sold, such as chemistry, biology, or engineering, etc.

Training of Medical Representative-

A formal training program is held for people starting wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives by companies. This program runs for 1 year. In many programs, trainees move between jobs in plants and offices to know all the things related to production, installation, and distribution of the product. In others, trainees receive information about formal technical instruction at the plant and on-the-job training under the supervision of the sales manager of this field. The new entrants are trained on the basis of their sales with experienced workers. As long as it is fully familiar with the firm's products and customers, then they get more responsibility. And work in a field.

Some basic tips for working in this field-

1. Arrive at the hospital before the doctor:-

You may have to work long hours in this field, just like GPs and surgeons work long hours. Calling you inside a doctor and staying in front of people for hours establishes credibility in the eyes of people. And it differentiates itself from the competition in this field. By arriving at the hospital or office early, we will overtake our rivals. Also, get time to set and pitch the value of your product which can establish your contact.

2.Network and build relationships with new people:-

Professional networking is necessary for every field, the more the person whose business networking is, the more the person moves. Professional networking is very important in medical sales. Business networking makes the industry grow every day, so every person should make their network and relationship bigger.

Industry Connection: The more we get, the more we get in job opportunities. Being an expert in the art of networking is different from job seekers. If you do not currently have connections, then you will be able to prove that you are such a responsible Are individual. Make recommendations and character references fro

3. Always be patient -

We can sell our products directly to surgeons and general practitioners. Apart from this, there is a third consumer, about whom we should pay attention, that third consumer is a patient. Your product and competition should always suggest a problem that is right for the patient. Be it your product as a new 3-D printed implant or a piece of sophisticated equipment.

4. Be responsible for work-

Everyone wants to work with someone who is easy to work with. Company pricing, customer service, and quality may all be out of control. Take this responsibility in your hands to make it more flexible and responsive. If you are busy for some reason and it is difficult to give time to someone, then you can answer it by call or email. Focus on customer communication by trying for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. This is how you can focus on work during the day.

5.Should have knowledge of the place –

 No matter how experienced you are as a salesperson, you may have a different plan when you first arrive at the hospital, so you should make a complete plan before making your first visit. As you all know that 'First Impression is the last impression', keeping in mind the same thing, whenever you reach a hospital before you know about them to be a member of managers, clinicians, and other sales reps.

Information about the place includes the physical form of the place as well as the operating policy. All hospitals differ in their physical form with their policies; each hospital operates in a different way. So before going to any hospital, know about the operating system and make sure that no rules of that place are broken by you, especially for the employees.

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6.Removal of production by people –

You do not like to hear bad things about your device, company or other employees at this place, but as a sales representative, you have to see and hear all this, in this place the representative should go in front of them and explain to them. Those who are not dissatisfied with this product and the reason for their dissatisfaction should be understood. If a customer complains to you, it is your job to listen to their complaint and find a solution. Customers should feel that their complaints have been fully addressed.

Before you find a solution, make sure that you have fully understood the problem of the problem and ask them questions about it. And then find the solution. In this way, your work will become very easy.

7. Work online-

As we all know, everything will be online in the coming time. Looking at this situation, we should work online. According to a MedReps survey, 76% of recruiters in the digital critical age went online before deciding what to access. In this, the presence of everyone online shows an important role. Through online, you can connect more people from home. With this, through social media, you can access the company's products to more people.

Important qualities to become a medical representative


 There should be self-confidence in every medical representative. The Medical Representative has to give several wise sales presentations. The higher the self-confidence of a medical representative, the greater the effect on the front. Not only can this, with SELF CONFIDENCE, but a person does also even the most difficult tasks very easily.


Stamina is required in medical representatives. The more Stamina wins in medical representatives, the more he moves. If you have tolerance, then you will listen to the problem of the people and find a solution.

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