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Yisha Joshi
Yisha Joshi

Nov 09, 2020 11:38:26


Are you thinking about pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh but have few doubts about admission to Bangladesh? Here are details about MBBS admission in Bangladesh. Many medical students are aspiring to study MBBS from Bangladesh. The cost of studying as well as the quality of education are some of the most reasons why students want to pursue MBBS from Bangladesh. Due to this the rate of students wanting to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh has become high. Bangladesh is a very good country for those who want to study abroad for several reasons.

MBBS in Bangladesh 


The following eligibility factors are required and have to be satisfied to take admission for MBBS in Bangladesh:

  • An examination like HS is required to be qualified.

  • The aspirant should have passed the 10th class that is the SSC examination with the required grade “O”. The grade is taken from the top 5 scored subjects.

  • The aspirant should have passed the 12th class that is the HSC examination with the required grade “A”. The grade is taken from the top 3 scored subjects. 

  • Then the aspirant should have qualified for the NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) entrance examination. This is compulsory and every student who aspires to study MBBS from Bangladesh has to qualify for NEET.

Bangladesh Medical Colleges 


The following documents are required while taking MBBS Admission in Bangladesh:

  • Copy of your passport.

  • Six recently clicked passport size pictures.

  • Original documents like mark sheets, certificates, identity proofs, etc.

  • Original SSC mark sheet and certificate.

  • Original HSC mark sheets and certificate.

  • Original Birth certificate

  • Attested copies of all the documents.

MBBS in Bangladesh 


  • Bangladesh has colleges that are approved by MCI that is the Medical Council of India (MCI). Under the act of MCI, one can practice medicine in India too if the abroad college is approved by MCI. A screening test is conducted by the Medical Council of India (MCI) once the student has successfully taken the MBBS degree and wants to practice medicine in India.

  • Bangladesh has one of the best colleges in the world. The colleges come in the high ranks in the whole world medical college rank.

  • Many seats are available for students who want to pursue MBBS from abroad. Since in India, there is a lot of competition and the seats available are less as compared to the students wanting to do MBBS.

  • After completing the MBBS degree from Bangladesh the student has to take the screening test which is held by the Medical Council of India(MCI). And after clearing this test the student can practice medicine in India.

  • MBBS Admission in Bangladesh is not very costly. That it is very financially stable and affordable for the students.

  • Many scholarships are available for helping students financially.

  • MBBS in Bangladesh is considered as a good position in the world.

  • The environment as well as the climate in Bangladesh is very similar to that of India.

  • The campus environment and the teaching is very good in medical colleges of Bangladesh.

  • The country Bangladesh is very safe and the culture here is very good which makes a safe environment for the students.

  • Bangladesh is close to India which decreases the traveling time.

  • The teaching methods are very high which has made studying MBBS in Bangladesh interesting.

  • The FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) passing ratio of Bangladesh is very high.


The following is the list of top medical colleges in Bangladesh for studying MBBS which are approved by the Medical Council of India:

  • Enam Medical College

  • Green Life Medical College, Dhaka

  • Popular Medical College, Dhaka

  • Anwar Khan Modern Medical College, Dhaka

  • Medical College for Women and Hospital, Dhaka

  • MH Samorita Medical College

  • TMSS Medical College, Bogra

  • Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College, Gazipur

  • International Medical College, Gazipur

  • Southern Medical College, Chittagong

  • Jalalabad Raghib Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet

  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Sylhet

  • North Bengal Medical College, Dhanbandi, Sirajgunj

  • Eastern Medical College, Comilla

  • Ad Din Sakina Medical College, Jessore (Girls)

  • Ad Din Women’s Medical College, Dhaka

  • Jahurul Islam Medical College, Bajitpur

  • Monno Medical College, Manikgang

  • Mainamoti Medical College, Comilla

  • Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Tangail

  • Universal Medical College, Dhaka

  • Central Medical College, Comilla

  • Dhaka National Medical College, Dhaka

  • Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College, Dhaka

  • Delta Medical College, Dhaka

  • Bangladesh Medical College,

  • Prime Medical College

  • Rangpur Community Medical College

  • Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College

  • East-West Medical College, Dhaka

  • Dhaka Community Medical College, Dhaka

  • BGC Trust, Chandanaish

  • Barind Medical College, Rajshahi

  • Marks Medical College and Hospital, Mirpur, Dhaka

  • President Abdul Hamid Medical College,

  • Community-Based Medical College,

  • IBN Sina Medical College, Dhaka

  • Brahmanbaria Medical College

  • US Bangla Medical College

  • City Medical College

  • Zainul Haque Sikder Women’s Medical College, Dhaka


The following is the list of top 5 colleges in Bangladesh to make it more clear and easy for the students to take the decision regarding choosing colleges for MBBS in BANGLADESH:

  • The University of Dhaka 

  • Rajshahi University 

  • The University of Chittagong 

  • Shahjalal University of Science and Technology 

  • Bangladesh University of Professionals 


The following is the list of reasons why government colleges in Bangladesh are more preferred.

  • The teaching staff in government colleges of Bangladesh is great and the colleges are well equipped with high study techniques.

  • The government colleges of Bangladesh are approved by the Medical Council of India.

  • The degree from the government colleges of Bangladesh is recognized in the world.

  • English language is used for teaching in government colleges of Bangladesh which makes it easier for the foreign students.

  • Many scholarships are provided in the government colleges of Bangladesh.


The following are mentioned the steps to be taken or done for taking admission in MBBS in Bangladesh:

STEP 1: - Check properly whether you have passed the required eligibility GPA is required to take admission in colleges in Bangladesh.  

STEP 2: - Check properly all the colleges and take decision wise fully regarding which college you want to seek admission in.

STEP 3: - Once you decide the college you want admission in apply to those colleges. Admission forms are available on the official sites of the colleges or Bangladesh High omission or Deputy high commission. Fill the application form properly and put all the correct information if false information is put your application might as well get cancelled.

STEP 4: - Now if you have passed the eligibility, submitted all documents and the application form of the respective university you want, the college will go through all of them and revert back when they decide whether you are eligible or not.

STEP 5: - If you satisfy their requirements and are selected for the seat the college will send you an invitation letter. So stay in contact and check the mails from time to time.

STEP 6: - Once you get the invitation letter that you will have to pay the fees. As soon as you pay the fees you confirm your settings in the college.

STEP 7: - Now that your admission has successfully confirmed you have to apply for the VISA at Bangladesh High Commission. 

STEP 8: - Once you confirmed your admission, VISA you are fully ready to go and fulfill your dreams of studying MBBS from Bangladesh.


The fees of government colleges are the same for the Bangladeshi students and the students from foreign countries including India. The fees of government colleges of Bangladesh are around 8000 dollars to 10000 dollars per year. Since the MBBS degree is of 5 years in Bangladesh so the fees for five years of a government college is around 35000 dollars to 50000 dollars. That is a total of 25 lakhs to 35 lakhs in 5 years. But these fees are not the same for all colleges; it varies from college to college in the range.


Since you are thinking about taking admission for MBBS in Bangladesh it is very important that you know the syllabus for MBBS in Bangladesh. The following is the general syllabus of Medical council of India approved colleges and the top-ranked colleges of Bangladesh:

  • 1st examination of MBBS: Duration of 1.5 years with subjects Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry.

  • 2nd examination of MBBS: Duration of 1 year with subject’s Forensic medicine & community medicine.

  • 3rd examination of MBBS: Duration of 1 year with subjects Pharmacology, Therapeutics, pathology and Microbiology.

  • 4th examination of MBBS: Duration of 1.5 years with subjects Surgery and Allied subjects, medicine and allied subjects, Obstetrics and Gynecology.


The colleges in Bangladesh provide a very experienced and high standard education that is the degree of MBBS. The colleges are approved by the Medical Council of India and are also highly rated in the world chart by the World health organization (WHO). So once you have successfully completed the 5 years MBBS degree you have to do internships for at least 1 year. Later you can apply for the screening test in India and after you pass that screening test you can practice medicine in India too. But if you can’t pass the screening test in one try you can apply for the screening test again there is no restriction for the number of times you can apply for the screening test. Later if the student wants to pursue his or her post-graduation degree they can apply from India as well as other countries too.

If you still have any doubts about MBBS admission in Bangladesh you can consider a consultant or career guide. But learn all the details before applying and then make a decision. Stay connected to know more. 

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