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Nilesh Patil
Nilesh Patil

Dec 14, 2020 11:25:36


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Sometimes I feel that the concept of god is just an imaginary concept. But whenever I see a doctor who treated their patient very carefully and with responsibility, then I feel that somehow, I am wrong. Because efforts taken by the doctor to save their patient life is the most wonderful thing in the world. All we know the global pandemic of novel coronavirus and COVID-19 is a disease that occurs in the human body due to this virus. At all times, this virus is considered the most dangerous virus which affects the human respiratory system and due to it, there will be problems breathing in and breath out. That’s why to prevent many disasters due to the novel coronavirus, the entire world was going in under complete lockdown. Everyone’s business or jobs were stopped. But there are the doctors only who having the ability to fight against the virus and protect the people from death condition. While treating the people lots of doctors got infected and so many doctors were lost their lives or sacrifices their lives to save the life of their respective patients. This is the only thing that can affect every human being for importance or respect towards a doctor.

Whenever a student wants to be a doctor after completing the 12th standard with good marks and also got good marks in the entrance exam. But this is not over yet. The main part is ahead and that is taking admission. Choosing the right college for getting excellent knowledge is also affect the bright future of the student. If a student do a mistake here then he/she will not be able to stand again in the race of competition. And hence I am here to discuss a great point that is a question like is it ok to do MBBS after graduation in BDS? Where should we get admission for MBBS after completing the BDS? Is it a good thing to do an MBBS course in the Philippines after completing BDS in India? Which are the best colleges in the Philippines for doing MBBs course? Hello everyone myself Nilesh Patil and I am here to presenting or writing on the topic MBBS after BDS in the Philippines. We will discuss all the above points one by one. According to my opinion getting admission to MBBS in Philippines, the country is the best decision ever and why I am saying this I will explain in the following.

              Lots of students are unaware of the full form of BDS so we will start it from a very basic concept. First of all, BDS stands for Bachelor in Dental Surgery. This is the course of the medical field which is related to the teeth. You may say it as a graduate program to examine the teeth problem as a dental surgeon. In this program, the study of various types of dental problems, surgery, and also Denture can be covered. This is the best course to do after MBBS. This is all about the BDS. If you want to get admission in this field then you have to complete the 12th examination with a group of physics, chemistry, and Biology.  Criteria to be eligible to get admission for MBBS after BDS then your 12th board examination marks were also considered and you must have above 150 marks in total of physics, chemistry and Biology then and then only your group will be qualify. After that, you must have to attain the NEET examination to get admission in the best college for BDS course. If you will be able to crack this entrance exam then you will get admission in BDS. If these two things will be a goal in your mind at the start of the 11th then no one can stop you to get admission. Just you have to be a hard worker and also a smart worker.

              Now we will discuss many more things regarding the MBBS. As all of us know that there will be 5 to 6 years of MBBS course in India and also if we take a glance on another country then also there will be minimum 5.5 years MBBS course are presents. But do you ever know that you can complete this MD degree which is equivalent to MBBS in India in just 4 years? Because there is only one country which provides 4years of MBBS course and that country is nothing but the Philippines. In this country, you can complete your MBBS program in just 4 years. For taking admission in the Philippines country you have to appear personally in the entrance examination held by the Philippines to take admission in MBBS college in the Philippines. This entrance exam is known as the NMAT exam. If attain this exam and crack it then you will be selected for the entire admission process. Then you have to accept the letter and confirm your seat in college then college will ask you for the passport and visa verification. If this process is done then you may fly to the Philippines to get an MBBS degree Philippines. As compared to other countries the only Philippines country gives you an MD degree which is equivalent to MBBS in India in just 4 years. Which will save your money from wasting on the hostels' extra fees because your two years were canceled here. The basic knowledge will be provided and then they are going for the direct syllabus and the most important thing is there will be teaching in English they used to teach students in English because it will be better understandable and more reliable for every student who came there from a foreign country. Completing 4 years of MBBS course is much better than completing the same MBBS degree in 6 years. And another one this 4 years of MBBS degree is much more valuable than 6 years of MBBS degree. So according to, in my opinion, the student should go for the MBBS in the Philippines and complete their graduation because studying in another country is just an expensive thing ever and have to complete their respective BDS program that is a bachelor in Dental surgery. In the following, I will give you top colleges of medical for taking admission in the MBBS field and then BDS with their respective information.

1. University of Perpetual Help Rizal:

              Academy type: private

              Established: 1975

              Academic staff: 1500

              Students: nearly 18,500

              Campus: Urban

              Location: Las pines city, Metro Manila, Philippines

              contact no.: 0917 541 2430

2. Emilio Aguinaldo College- school of medicine:

              Academy type: private

              Established: 1957

              Academic staff: not known exact number

              Students: nearly 6,000

              Campus: Urban

              Location: San Marcelino St., Ermita, Metro Manila, Philippines.

              contact no.: not known but you can go through website

3. UV Gullas College of Medicine:

              Academy type: University of Visayas

              Established: 1919

              Academic staff: not known exact number

              Students: nearly 35,000

              Campus: Urban or you ma say it as rural

              Location: Corner Colon and D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City, Philippines

              contact no.: not known but you can go through the website

                      These are the top 3 medical colleges in the Philippines. If you are interested in this then you have to take a glance at it.

The most important thing is, lots of agents will say that you can study in any other country with 4 years of MBBS course then be aware of such fraud because they are lying to you. No other country is going to offer you 4 years of MBBs course so you have to be aware. Other countries take as freshers in the first year of MBBS and then you must have to complete your MBBS in 5 to 6 years. This is all about what I want to say and if you think about the MBBS after BDS then the Philippines is the best option from all aspects. Now I would like to stop. And wishing you all the best wishes for your bright future.

Thanking You Very Much….!

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