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About University

University of Perpetual Help: Aiming For A Better Future Of The Students

The University of Perpetual Help is a popular private medical university in the Philippines that holds a track record of providing top-notch quality of education for the past forty-five years. It helps in creating tomorrow's leaders through its unique academic programs, experienced faculties, and positive environment. The University has the highest USMLE and MCI exam passing rates. It has the fourth-highest number of accredited programs.

This University provides the best placements for medical graduates. A monitoring program is also available for the students on a regular basis. The students are trained specifically for research competitions and various quiz shows. Both offline and online classes are provided to the students to make them more responsible. The University has world-class faculties and staff to broaden the knowledge and skills of the students.


Infrastructure & Campuses

It was established on 7th February 1975 and has campuses in Manila, Cavite, Baccur, and Las Pinas. A graduate of this University calls themselves Perpetualites with Alumni Chapters in the USA and Philippines. The University is equipped with all the latest amenities and facilities for enhancing medical education. The University aims to build a community outside its classrooms, and here the students get the opportunity to address their interests, including Basketball, Street Dance, and so on. It spans across four hectares and is renowned for its state of the art facilities. The University comprises offices, laboratories, library, lecture halls, hostel, canteens, and hospitals to provide all the students' amenities under one roof.

Course Program Offered in University of Perpetual Help

The University offers various programs such as Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Computer studies, Criminology, Graduate school, Business & Accountancy, International Hospitality Management, Aviation, Basic Education, Maritime, Athletics and Juris Doctor.


Spotlight at University of Perpetual Help

  1. The University employs about fifteen thousand teaching and non-teaching staff and has around twelve thousand students.

  2. The University of Perpetual Help has been listed as the highest-rated University in the Philippines. It has been recognized by the MCI and WHO and holds a world ranking of nine thousand two hundred and eighty-three in thousands of universities certified by different departments and different countries.

  3. It offers seventy undergraduate and ten postgraduate academic programs along with its primary and secondary offerings.

  4. You can also get enrolled in the MCI screening test coaching provided by the University.

  5. The University focuses on the complete development of the students, from mastery of skills to character building.

  6. It is registered with CHED Philippines and is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

  7. It holds a sixty-seventh position in the country ranking, and there are around two hundred enrollments from South India every year at this University. Their MBBS degree is authorized all across the world.


University Campus and Accommodation

The University of Perpetual Help campus has modernized classrooms equipped with the latest equipment like projectors to improve students' performance in their theoretical and practical sessions. 24/7 wifi is also available on the campus as well as the classrooms. An on-campus accommodation facility is also provided to the students.


Students Life at "The University of Perpetual Help"

The University of Perpetual Help focuses not only on the student's academic growth but also on developing their soft skills by organizing various recreational programs. Many co-curricular activities are also organized here on a regular basis to give much-needed exposure to the students. You can also participate in debates, and quiz shows to develop your mind and intelligence level. You also get a chance to interact with students from all across the world over here.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 9247(₹ 675000)
Total Course Fees: $ 31850(₹ 2325000)

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