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About University

Manila Central University is a premium educational institute to study MBBS in the Philippines. It is a non-sectarian, private, and non-stock educational institute. MCU was started as a private evaluation class in 1904 and has ever since contributed greatly to general individual growth. Dr. Aljendro M. Albert founded the University, and the degree from this University is accepted all across the globe. The University offers more than fifty courses in the field of Science & Technology. It is a pillar in the field of health science and is highly recommended for professional programs.

MCU has been the Philippines ' leading health service organization for over a hundred years. It is devoted to creating morally upright and skilled doctors equipped with vital habits and professional ethics. The University is endorsed and acknowledged by the World Health Organization and the Medical Council of India.  It holds the forty-seventh position Nationally and is committed to increasing its position. The students are given the required expertise and full clinical training facilities.


Course Program Offered in " Manila Central University

Manila Central University offers a wide range of programs such as BS in Medical Technology, BS in Physical Therapy, BS in Nursing, Doctor Of Medicine, and BS in Pharmacy. The MBBS program offered by the Manila Central University is of 5.5 years. It consists of one year and a half year of Bachelor of Science in Biology or Bachelor of Science in Psychology, one year of internship, and four years of the medical study program.


Spotlight at Manila Central University

  1. The University is recognized by MCI, and degrees from this University are valid all across the globe.

  2. It also offers an internship program, which is beneficial for the students who want to have hands-on experience and practical knowledge about the courses.

  3. It focuses on enhancing the medical abilities of the students.

  4. It constantly improves its facilities and raises its standards to enable students to meet the medical world's challenges.

  5. The University has its own hospital, which is very conducive for hands-on practice on various patients.

  6. It has a huge library where you can find informative and instructive materials such as catalogs and books for medical students.

  7. The tuition fee is very low, which allows all types of students to study at this University.

  8. To encourage the students for medical courses, the University offers scholarship options such as free tuition fees, a 50% discount on tuition fees, etc.

  9. It holds 47th position Nationally and strives to increase its position each year.

  10. The enthusiasm and energy that the teachers have at this University are incomparable. Their dedication and devotion have brought immense success to the door-step.


University Campus and Accommodation

Manila Central University has a calm and safe environment, and it is well-equipped with all the modern facilities. It has a well-stocked library where you can read books and magazines related to different genres. It has modern classrooms, a canteen, a sports complex, and wi-fi to let the students explore their hidden potentials. The labs in this University are well-equipped, and the equipment and machines are well-maintained and updated. The teachers give proper assistance to the students to help them achieve higher practical knowledge.


Students Life at Manila Central University

The University has a very calm and pleasing environment, and it is equipped with all the major amenities for the advancement of students' practical as well as clinical skills. Since students from all across the world study here, you can experience different cultures, dialects, and traditions. More than nine thousand students from foreign countries like UK, Germany, USA, Ukraine, and India come to study MBBS over here.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 4 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 9476(₹ 691714)
Total Course Fees: $ 22705(₹ 1657499)

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