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About University


AMASOM, AMA School of Medicine, best medical universities of  Philippines . Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz started functioning of this university from 15th October 1980  . AMA is situated at  Makai City which is called heart of Philippines. The Philippines' business and financial capital where the highest concentration of international organizations,transnational,  local corporations and multinational embassies hold their offices. On the 8th floor The AMASOM main office is situated.  AMA College Makati, which is in Makati City,  located at 5486 South Superhighway, Bangkal, . Dreaming or shortlisting colleges/ universities in the Philippines then you can add AMA school of medicine for MBBS  to your list. BS and MD courses are the Medicine programs that the university offeres to us  .  Degrees offered in Philippines are similar to the degree being offered in Australia, India, U.K and other Commonwealth countries. The main focus of the university is to enrich the students in developing their clinical and practical skills in various fields like Pathology, Gross Anatomy,  Microbiology, and a lot more. AMA School of Medicine with renowned faculty members and top-quality education is one of the best place in Philippines. 


Year of Establishment
Courses Offered
MBBS/MD, Nursing, Medical Residency, Pharmacy,

Makati, Metro Manila, Cavite Campus

BS+MD Average Fee
Rs. 19,00,000 ($25,330)
Average Living Cost
Rs. 15000 ($200)
NMC and WHO approved
Students should get 50% aggregate in PCB(Physics, Chemistry and Biology) for Indian students. NMAT 40 Percentile
BS+MD Course Duration
6.5 Years (with internship)
Country Rank
Word Rank
Qualifying Marks
Number of Students
Not Required
Medium of Teaching

Universities in Philippines 

AMA school of medicine was founded on 15th October 1980, and it is located at the heart of Makati City. It is acknowledged by the MCI and registered with World Directory of Medical Schools. It aims to produce skilled medical practitioners who are trained to bring a revolution in the medical industry. The students are educated on an innovative case-based curriculum to make them lifelong and self-directed learners. The English language is the primary medium of teaching here, and its medical program includes a Doctor of Medicine(MD) and BS course. A hybrid curriculum is specially designed for the students to synchronize the basic science concepts and utilize case-based scenarios. 

MBBS in Philippines 

Key features

  1. The best and leading medical colleges in the Philippines. It has 2 campuses. One is in Makati and another is in Cavite (Manila). It is one of the best university

  2. AMASOM with  pool of brilliant and highly qualified faculty from an excellent academic background and specialized fields makes it more better than other.

  3. The lectures are held in English in the universities of Philippines , as English is common language known to majority of population . So it will not create any problem for foreigners to study and learn local language.  .

  4. They follow a case study and clinically oriented method of learning.

  5. AMASOM is affiliated with government hospitals and Private health institutions  for the practical learning an real time situtaton to be handeled

  6. AMASOM the best place for Indian medical students, large ratio of Indian students gives a feeling of studying in our own country  and it also offers a healthy environment.

  7. AMASOM aims to develop self-directed and lifelong learners , for that case-based curriculum is also there to make students more innovative and brings a competent medical practitioners  inside of them  or develop qualities that will prepare them for professional practice.

  8. High-quality education is provided here at low rates, and the university also offers flexible payment schemes.

  9. The university is equipped with advanced infrastructure and the latest technology equipment.

  10. A degree from this university allows students to prepare for their medical profession in India.

  11. A problem-based and clinically oriented approach is used to teach the students.

  12. It has instructional modules and non-traditional lectures.

  13. You don't have to give any type of donation to get admission to this college.

  14. This university is affiliated with private health institutions and government hospitals.

  15. The affiliated training hospital of this university is QUIRINO MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER.

Study in Philippines

Why MBBS at AMA School of Medicine?

The university is approved by WHO, CHED, and MCI and offers quality medical programs to the students. It has highly educated, and well-trained staff and faculty members committed to building the students into progressive thinkers and world-changers. The students' performance is analyzed through written examinations, clinical observations, practical examinations, and case attitude development.

There are so many advantages of studying MBBS at AMA School of Medicine and here are some of them to help you know about the benefits of studying MBBS from AMA School of Medicine, Philippines.

  1. AMA School of Medicine offers high-quality education standards to its students that also help in holistic development.

  2. The international standard education is offered at a nominal fee structure as the low-cost fee structure of AMA School of Medicine is affordable for many students.

  3. The small teacher-to-student ratio also helps the student get knowledge.

  4. Students are given all the modern kinds of facilities and even the laboratories are well equipped.

  5. The teachers and faculties here are well trained and are very knowledgeable and educated.

  6. BS and MD course format is followed in which 1 year of Internship is also included.

  7. Medium of teaching of entire course is in English.

  8. There are quite affordable and flexible payment facilities for the students.

  9. The AMA School of Medicine has a hospitals affiliation with both government and private health institutions hospitals.

  10. The MD degree offered by this institution is equivalent to the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)and is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) .

  11. The students can appear for the various licensing exams like USMLE, PLAB,  NEXT, NZREX . After graduating from AMA School of Medicine the Indian students will get a license to practice in India and other countries .

Courses Offered

The AMA School of Medicine offers quality medical courses and program  under highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The AMA School of Medicine Philippines is famous for its medical programs (MBBS/MD). Along with it, The Institute offers a BS+MD course that is equal to the MBBS study program. The course duration is 6 years of which 2 years is for the BS Program and 4 years is for the MD program.  Pre-med course, BS Nursing , BS Psychology are also offered with Doctor of Medicine in ASM.

The university offers MD and MBBS medical programs. The MD course is a four years program, and the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery equivalent to MBBS is a six years program. The first year of the curriculum has been designed as blocks or modules based on organ systems with related or similar functions.

 Am of AMA School of Medicine After MD is  to produce competent medical practitioners that last for 6 years. Lists of  the courses offered by the AMA School of Medicine:

  1. Medicine

  2. Pathology

  3. Pharmacology

  4. Internal Medicine

DOCTOR OF MEDICINE: Program Description

The main aim of the AMA school of Medicine is to prepare the student in such a manner that the medical practitioner will become innovative in their work too . Study of AMA school will focuses on the case- based scenarios and the practical knowledge of everything, which develops the self- decision taking power and it will remain in their memory life time. They believe in quality learning so that they can treat patient smoothly after understanding each and every problem. Their curriculum is designed in such a manner that they have combine knowledge of theory and the practical along with case studies.

In first year of medical course they have block based learning or  different modules to complete on various topics related to organs and it's functionality. First year goes with instructions only , in various fields like Biology, physiology and anatomy. They achieve their target by providing various lectures, case study discussions, problem solving sessions, team work.

With respect to second year and third year along with modules and assessments they focuses more on pratical, laboratory exercises and practice, in these year both clinical as well as  basic concepts has been shared among students. The students and teachers are divided in some ratio like 1 tutor on 20 students. For the small group discussions and more clearance of concepts

The curriculum for teh final year student is set in such a manner that they will be evaluated according to their skills and how they solve the problem, at this stage of learning they are pretty much knowledge but yet to practice that so they are allow to take practice from the hospitals and in final the students have to pass all the criteria to become doctor such as written examination, case-based discussion, pratical exercises or examination laboratory observation, attitude towards patient, team and staff.

AMA School of Medicine Eligibility Criteria

 Been one of the top preferred university and destinations for international students to pursue their Medical Degree Courses ,below mentioned eligibility must  required If you too want to study MBBS in AMA School of Medicine Philippines  . 

Students who are not able to fulfill the AMA School of Medicine Eligibility Criteria will be disqualified for the admission process. It is compulsory for them to complete it, as there is no entrance exam that will be conducted for shortlisting the candidates.

The age-An aspirant must be of   17 years old on or before 31st December of the admission year.

Qualifying Entrance- NEET, it is just like  an entrance exam for studying in top universities. Having a valid NEET card can make your admission procedure easier or you can get direct admission.

Minimum Qualifying

Unreserved 50%: An MBBS aspirant or say students of the general category must obtain minimum 50% marks in  Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to get qualified or apply in university.

Reserved 40%:Students from the lower or economically weak class, say SC and SEBC categories who have a 40 percent average in physics, chemistry, and biology are qualified to apply to university.

Medium Of Teaching-English: The student must have passed all subjects in his/her 12th standard and English is a compulsory subject.

Clear Record: Applicant must not have any criminal record in his /her academic studies.

Duration Of MBBS In AMA School Of Medicine

The AMA School of Medicine continues to offer pre-medical and Medical degree programs. A Bachelor’s degree in Medicine is earned through the AMA School of Medicine in 6 years. the program consists of a Pre-Medical course, an MD course, and a one-year internship.  Discussing some brief information about duration –

Detailed information


Degree Awarded: Doctor of Medicine (MD) equal to MBBS in India

After class XII:

Time period: 6 years (2 years pre-med BS course + 4 years of MD course)

After Bachelors: FOUR Years of Medicine known as the MD course.

Duration: 4 years


Duration of course: 2 Years

Program: For international or Foreign students , it is an Specialized program for those who wish to take the combined Bachelor’s degree and Medicine degree programs.


Duration of course: 1 Year

Program: Program where the Biology, Physics, and Chemistry , k-12 subjects of Indian Students are automatically credited.   Upon completion of the pre-med program, the students enter the Medicine program provided they pass the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT).

Fee Structure Of AMA School Of Medicine

The fee Structure of AMA School Of Medicine is approx 18,75,000 Rs as of April 10 2021 for Academics only.

While Talking in detail, For the BS Course Bs-1st year will cost you 300000 PHP, which is (4,50,000) in Indian rupees.

The BS-2nd year will cost you 200000 PHP, which is (3,00,000) Indian Rupees.

The total fee for the BS course is 500000 PHP, which is equal to (7,50,000) Indian rupees.

After the 1st and 2nd  year BS course, the applicant has to clear NMAT Exam, then 4 years MD which is equivalent to MBBS.

FEE for MD Courses

MD 1st year                                                                250000 PHP, (Rs 3,75,000)

MD 2nd year                                                               250000PHP, (Rs 3,75,000)

MD 3rd year                                                               150000 PHP, (Rs 2,25,000)

MD 4th year                                                                100000 PHP, (Rs 1,50,000)


The total fee of the MD  course is 750000 PHP, which is equal to 11,25,000 Indian rupees.  

AMA School of Medicine: MBBS Syllabus

Given below the syllabus ofAMA School of Medicine, Philippines. For the BS and MD course .

Syllabus For Pre-Medical BS Course


First Term

Second Term

Third Term

Fourth Term


-Calculus & Analytical

-Plant Morpho-anatomy
-Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

-General Psychology


-Developmental Biology

-Freshwater Biology

-Plant Physiology
-General Microbiology

-Animal Physiology
-Philosophy Of Man

-Fundamentals Of Genetics

-Education For Sustainable

--Cell And Molecular Biology

-Politics And Governance

-Systematic Biology
-Comparative Religion

-Rizal’s Life, Works, And Writings
-Research In Bio. Sc. (Thesis Writing)
-Radiation Biology
-Histology & Micro-technique

-Human Genetic

-Econ. / Taxation & Agrarian Reform


Syllabus for MD Course (4 Years)

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Gross Anatomy

General Pathology

General Medicine



Pharmacology and Microbiology


Pediatrics and Surgery


Parapsychology and Clinical pathology

Legal Medicine

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Neuro Anatomy

Principle of Medical practice

Preventive Medicine and Community Health

Psychiatry and Radiology


Preventive Medicine and Community Health

Surgery and Pediatrics


Preventive medicine & community health

Surgery and Psychiatry

Obstetrics and Pharmacology

Preventive medicine & Community health


Obstetrics and pediatrics


Principle of Medical Practice


AMA School of Medicine Student’s Life And Accommodation

Student’s  Life

Basically, AMA School of Medicine has three campuses in different parts of the Philippines. The university’s main campus is located in Makati. AMA School of Medicine, Baguio was opened in the north of Luzon, and AMA School of Medicine, Cavite will soon be created in the south of Luzon.

The university along with  a good infrastructure provides best facalities  for the BS and MD course   required for clinical and practical skills. There are many laboratories for Histology Microbiology, Parasitology, Gross Anatomy, and Pathology .

Students get to enjoy all the local festivals and extra-curricular activities while they are studying at AMA School of Medicine, Philippines. Apart from the academics curriculum, the students also enjoy Indian festivals there as well, because of the presence of many Indian students in the Philippines.

Modern technology is used for the students to get all the knowledge and lectures. The lecture halls, reading rooms are quite spacious and have all the facilities according to the student’s requirements. 


AMA School Provides hostel Facilities for international students.

Hostels are well-protected under the security agencies of the university, safety guards and CCTV cameras are installed.

Separate hostels for boys and girls.

The Hostels rooms are fully-furnished and air-conditioned, along with that students can also have basic facilities such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. 

Common hall on every floor and also a kitchen for self-cooking.

Hostel rooms have attached bathrooms and rooms are available in single, double or triple bed facilities. Both Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms are available, which students can choose from.

Infrastructure & Campus of AMA School of Medicine

AMAsom is situated in the business and financial capital of the Philippines, i.e., Makati. The campus is equipped with all the latest facilities and amenities, which are necessary for the developing ’ clinical and practical skills in the students. AMASOM has laboratories for different subjects. The classroom and laboratories of AMASOM are located on 7 th floor of the building. Having supportive faculty members and hostel facilities. Currently, ASM  main campus is in Makati including more 3 campuses  in the Philippines  . In Southern Luzon, ASM Cavite is  been established , and  Baguio campus of ASM  is opened  in Nothern Luzon . Also in Davao city campus in Mindanao  will be coming soon .

Here is the list of some activities on the campus for supporting students are anti-ragging, counseling services, healthcare services, hostel, medical, library, Auditorium, computer labs, sports equipment and hi-tech grounds, cafeteria, laboratory, hospital, and many more. 

AMA school of medicine has two campuses, one in Cavite and another in Makati. It is the leading medical college in the Philippines with a pool of brilliant faculty and world-class infrastructure. It has a fully-equipped library, labs, sports center, and canteen. The auditorium and lecture theatres are air-conditioned and spacious.

Hostel Facilities

The university provides on-campus accommodation for international students. The rooms are available in double, triple, and single bed facilities. It has separate rooms for boys and girls. The hostel rooms have all the basic facilities such as a telephone, refrigerator, television and washing machine. There is a common hall on every floor along with a kitchen where you can cook lip-smacking food.

Rankings and Accomplishments

AMA school of medicine is one of the most affordable and highly ranked universities in the Philippines. The MD degree at this university is recognized by the MCI and is equivalent to the MBBS degree offered in Australia, UK, India, and other Commonwealth countries. It brings together an elite cadre of investigators, clinicians, and educators. It was consistently ranked among the top medical universities in the Philippines by various ranking agencies.


Interested students can apply for direct admission to AMASOM through Stand You for

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Documents Required

All of the following documents are required  to proceed with AMA School of Medicine

  1. The student has to submit their school transfer certificate along with  mark sheet of 10th and 12th class

  2.  Certificate of Birth

  3. Academic Marksheets, SSC and HSC

  4. They are required to submit their NEET Scorecard Code of Conduct Certificate Copy of Passport School leaving Certificate.

  5.  Invitation letter from the  office of Medical University of Philippines.

  6. All documents must be authorized from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

  7. All documents must be Legalization from the Embassy.

  8.  the fee of Visa.

  9. The complete application form should  be filled out in Uzbekistan upon arrival 

  10. There must be passport size photos

  11. Student must have their health record and medical check-up Certificate

  12. There must be passport size photos

  13. Student must have their health record and medical check-up Certificate

  14. They have to submit their no criminal record Certificate

  15. A bank statement of the parent or guardian showing the first year of the medical fee structure has to be submitted.

  16. HIV negative certificate

AMA School of Medicine: Accreditation and Recognition

The AMA School of Medicine is recognized by various medical councils and reputed organizations like:

National Medical Commission (NMC)


The World Health Organization (WHO)

World Directory of Medical School

CHED(Commission on Higher Education)

MCI (Medical Council of India)

Scholarship in AMA School of Medicine

Scholarship for Indian Students

AMA School of Medicine offers three merit-based scholarships to Indian students for students who are enrolled in MD degree programs after the successful completion of one year BS program. The Scholarship covers a partial tuition fee based on the student's performance in the first year's BS degree program.

Value: The scholarship covers 50%, 20%, and 20% of the tuition fee depending on student performance in the BS degree program of (BS+MD) course

The general eligibility criteria to receive the scholarship is as follow:

The candidate must qualify NMAT EXAM.

The candidate must have scored at least 80%  throughout their academics.

Must be among the top three students in the class.

How to Apply for a Scholarship?

Students applying  for the Scholarship must fill by  the USN form available on the official website of the college. Once the admission process is complete and the visa is received, the student can fill in the scholarship form.

Students can claim for scholarship only when they are enrolled in the MD degree program after clearing the NMAT examination conducted after the  1 st year BS program.

Intake in AMA School of Medicine

For taking admission to the AMASOM, First of all, you have to undergo its eligibility criteria which are mentioned above. Fulfilling the eligibility criteria in Academics there is an admission procedure and certain documentation that an individual has to fill.

IN filling those documents Stand You will provide help and make ease in all this. The admission procedure is as follow:

General qualifications are required for foreign students as well as general students.

1. Student must have Bachelor's degree of either arts or science

2. Student must eligibile for  giving the NMAT  that is National  Medical Admission test

Documents required at time of admission

1. Application form along with processing fees

2. NMAT result

3. Transcript from the University from where they completed there bachelor's degree

4. Certificate of successful completion of there graduation or diploma

5. Certificate of eligibility must be there from higer education (CHED)

Add on documents for foreign students

1. Passport copy

2. Student visa copy , if the student have tourist visa then it must be converted into student visa.

3. Copy of quarantine stamp on passport

Process of admission

1. Every intresting student needs to fill the application form at its office.

2. Interview will be schedule for students with any of the board member of college .

3. All the documents will be submitted, as mentioned above.

4. Fees will be calculated and analysised as per the requirements and it is different for local and foreign student.

5 Accordingly, they have to make payment most preferred online transactions to there respective cashiers

About Manila City

Manila City founded on June 24  in year 1571, is a highly urbanized and civilized city in Philipines. Also known as, "The Spanish city of Manila . It  the capital of the Philippines. Manila was founded  by Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi.

The availability of public transport is 24x7 in Manila since it is the capital city of the Philippines. There are a no. of International flights from the Manila International Airport. So anybody can readily access the flight going to his/her country. Therefore it will not be wrong to call it the gateway of International flights of the Philippines. AMA School of Medicine is about 11 km from Manila International Airport. Nearby there is the Indian Embassy which shows that the college is located in a well-furnished area where safety is also taken into consideration for the Indian students who are pursuing their MBBS from here. Apart from that in Manila, there are a bulk of cabs, jeepneys , motorized tricycles,  LRT, and public buses are available all time for the people to get around their destination in the entire Philippines.

The Philippines climate is either tropical rain forest,  monsoon,  savanna or humid subtropical. The average temperature in the day is around 22.2 degrees Celsius to 31.6 degrees Celsius accompanied by humidity at 77%. Metro Manila has a tropical savanna climate with dry winters. There are  mainly 3 seasons in the Philippines summer season(hot and dry), rainy season, and  dry and cool season.  Tourists usually comes here from march to may.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 10274(₹ 750000)
Total Course Fees: $ 25685(₹ 1875000)

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