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About University

Baguio Central University is one of the most esteemed, MCI approved medical colleges in Baguio, Philippines. Ranking among the top 10 MBBS Colleges in the Philippines, it's well-known to provide quality higher education and various vocational courses. Following the motto of "Education For All in the Spirit and Atmosphere of Justice, Truth, and Equity in a Democracy," BCU was established in 1945 by Godofredo Fernandez as 'Centro Academy.' After subsequent changes in the name, the board of directors finally settled for the current name in 1977.

With subsequent success, the horizon for excellence expanded as the number of programs being taught soared. To help maximum students achieve quality education, the vocational education institution started providing high school programs and evolved into offering degree programs by 1951 and continued to do so by 2002.


Spotlight at Baguio Central University

  • The university comes under one of the world's top recognized institutions as it provides some unparalleled features for building a promising career.

  • Providing a thorough medical foundation, the university has an exceptionally qualified and experienced faculty of doctors, teachers, and professors.

  • The university provides a distinctive learning infrastructure complete with well-equipped labs and multiple recreational options.

  • The affordable fee structure, quick admission process, and great hostel facilities are other notable features.

  • The Commission of Higher Education has also recognized and accredited the Baguio Central University.


Course Program Offered in Baguio Central University

The university strives to offer quality education to its students. Its nine collegiate divisions include the College of Criminology, the College of Physical Therapy, the College of Liberal Arts and Public Policy, the College of Nursing, and the College of Administration. It provides 31 different programs covering the needs of maximum students. It offers both undergraduate, post postgraduate, and associate courses in disciplines like arts, education, sciences, mathematics, medicine, administration, tourism and hospitality, computers, etc.


University campus and accommodation

BCU has three campuses with world-class infrastructure and facilities. The main campus is the Bonifacio campus situated at – Bonifacio St, Baguio City. The second one is called the Magsaysay campus and is located on Magsaysay Avenue. The third campus is situated at Lower P. Burgos Street.

BCU has expanded its campus to various parts of the city to provide maximum feasibility and excellence to its students. The well-maintained campus and home-like safe atmosphere foster top-notch development and growth opportunities in students. With attractive state-of-the-art infrastructure, amicable yet brilliant surroundings, and dedicated staff, the institution provides the best accommodation for its international and national students. This gives them a nurturing environment to grow and explore themselves.


Student life in Baguio Central University

Along with a peaceful atmosphere and tons of extra-curricular activities that promote the student's holistic development, it's safe to say that a student would totally enjoy their time learning, exploring, and making the best of their careers at this university. The university comprises kind and helpful staff in both technical and non-technical arena. The high-end level of education that aims to impart great knowledge and the provision of scholarships for deserving students ensures the satisfaction of the students.

The moderate cool weather and the absence of a language barrier further add to the exceptional student experience. The campus has provisions for various recreational activities. Everything that a student would need can be easily found while studying at Baguio Central University. If you want to pursue the study of medicine abroad at a good affordable price while achieving excellence, Baguio Central University is the place for you.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

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