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About University

The Central Philippine University is a well known private research university in Iloilo City, Philippines. It was established in 1905 by a benevolent grant of the American philanthropist and industrialist John D. Rockefeller under the American Baptist Foreign Mission's auspices Society. It is known to be the first Baptist founded University in Asia and the Philippines.

It was established as the Jaro Industrial School and Bible School in 1905, through John D. Rockefeller's generous grants, an American industrialist. However, the origin dates back to 1901, when the American Northern Baptists created mission schools for the evangelical mission. The Baptists also bought a hospital that was operated by them. Throughout the years, the infrastructure grew, and new institutions added up. Campus life was halted abruptly when the Japanese invaded during World War 2, and some missionaries were martyred while protecting the Philippians. After the war ended, the college was reopened by the remaining members, and a push for the expansion of the University's programs happened.

Course Program Offered in Central Philippine University.

The University provides education in the fields of Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Computer Studies, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Pharmacy and Theology, Hospitality Management for Undergraduate studies. For graduate studies, it has College of Dentistry, College of Law, College of Medicines, College of Graduate Studies. It has been granted full autonomous status by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The University offers bachelor's, master's as well as doctoral degrees.

In the past few years, the institution has successfully established international collaborations. It has introduced an undergraduate degree in Business and Administration at the Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration in Vietnam.

Spotlight at Central Philippine University

  1. It ranks in the top 10 MBBS College and is one of the MCI approved Universities.

  2. In the National Ranking, the University is at 24th, while in the International Ranking, it's at 7148th position. 

  3. On the University's main campus, various apartment facilities are available. Dormitories and housing commons provide comfortable living conditions, which are equipped with necessary amenities.

  4. The core values of Central Philippine University are Faith, Character, Justice, Stewardship, and Excellence. Upholding these values is essential and a crucial part of every student and faculty of the University. 


Accommodation and campus

If you value the good quality of education and a pleasant atmosphere, The Central Philippine University will suit your requirements. The campus has a combined area of 200 hectares, which is composed of the Main Campus, and other campuses. The main campus's location is beautifully set between the Tigum River and Dungeon Creek. It stands away from city-life distractions and noises.

On the University's main campus, various facilities are available. Dormitories and housing common rooms provide comfortable living areas, which are equipped with necessary amenities. Two residential commons are Franklin Hall and Weston Hall and can accommodate up to 400 students.


Students Life at Central Philippine University.

The amenities available here make the student's life worth experiencing, but it is enriched even more by the month-long fete festival of lights and music. The festival is held every December and has become a tradition for more than a decade. The Christmas fest is flooded by tourists, who come to enjoy the dances, fireworks displays, and musical sounds. 

The University encourages various student organizations such as CPU Parliamentarian Society, CPU Handbell Choir, CPU Mountaineering Society, CPU Bahandi Singers. Apart from these, there are several religious and cultural societies and clubs. The University is also quite active in athletics. "Golden Lions" is the nickname, which represents the University in athletics. It has adequate facilities for sports such as a playground and gymnasiums. The campus also has an Olympic sized swimming pool.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

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